Ross, Dave: Egg-Foolery
1977 David Ross, Magic Media Ltd, MD
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 22 pages
              Ross: Egg-Foolery
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Comments: David Ross used to present a full "eggs-ordinary" act built around conjuring with eggs. This manuscript is a collection of his ideas and routines using eggs. While it is not thorough in detail, there are a lot of good ideas included. There is one page of line drawings to explain some of the apparatus described.

Contents (from book):

2 Forward by Walt Hudson
4 I Introduction: why use eggs?
4 II How to make a blown egg
5 III How to make an Egg Skin (for Egg on Fan)
5 IV How to make Plaster Eggs
5 V The Egg Bag: basic instructions for making  your own and an outline of an Egg-Bag routine with a good ending idea
7 VI Tear Apart Egg Bag: How to construct a variation that can be opened and shown empty
7 VII Easter Egg Bag: Using a bag switch to provide a bag full of eggs filled with confetti bouncing eggs, etc.
8 VIII Ovetta's Egg Bag: a netted egg bag that can appear empty or filled with an egg as desired
8 IX Ovetta's Egg Bag Finish: producing a rooster or chicken at the finale
9 X Some Other Egg Bags: definition only of Tarbell/Sterling bag, Gag Bag, etc.
9 XI Egg on Fan: Tissue paper turns into egg as it is bounced on a fan. Use your own egg shell (see above) or the Weller rubber egg skin.
10 XII Kling Klang Egg and Silk: Silk and Egg exchange places in a glass. The Magician in showing how it is done peels off the hole in the egg and breaks the egg into the glass!
11 XIII. Egg Production from a Bandanna
12 XIV Egg, Silk, and Glass: another variation with no exposure and the egg visibly rises through the handkerchief draped over the glass
13 XV The Egg Plant: Chalk talk idea to pull eggs off an egg tree
13 XVI Visible Egg to Silk: use a hollow egg as a pull
14 XVII The No Fake Card In the Egg: an almost impromptu effect. The corner of a card is found in the egg, and the corner matches the selected card
15 XVIII The Ring In the Egg: Finger ring vanishes to be found inside a raw egg (this is good!)
16 XIX Instantaneous Incubation: several ideas for egg to chick transformation
17 XX Some Egg Devices: Egg from Mouth, Egg Vase, and Absorbing News described briefly
17 XXI An Easter Fantasy: applying some of these ideas to an Easter-time show
18 XXII Multi-Colored Egg Production: quick idea
18 XXIII Making Easter Eggs: an idea for using plastic eggs to look real (better explained in the following section)
18 XXIV Some Ideas to Play Around With: confetti eggs, bouncing yolk, instant "fried" eggs
19 XXV Egg Gags: jokes and puns about eggs and chickens
21 XXVI A Few Routines: suggestions for combining some of the effects in this book
22 Illustrations