Dale Salwak: A Trip to the Orient
Salwak, Dale: A Trip to the Orient
©1963 Dale Salwak Enterprises
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 34 pages
Salwak: A Trip to the Orient
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Comments: Ideas on patter and presentation for your show. Includes patter and routines for many standard tricks of magic.

Contents (Partial contents only from first page of book ToC):

1 Opening Routines
3 Patter for the Rice Bowls
4 Patter for the Water Lota
4 Routine with the Miracle Glass
5 Patter for the Vanishing Bowl
6 Patter for Chen-Lee Suspension
6 Patter for Milk in Light Bulb
7 Patter for Cotton to Milk
8 Patter for Torn and Restored Paper
9 Novel Torn and Restored Paper
9 Card in Wallet Routine
10 TV, Card Frame Routine
10 Card Duck and Rising Cards
11 Card on the Ceiling Routine
12 Rope Routine
12 Patter for Billiard Balls
13 Egg Bag and Carpet Routine
14 Patter for Candy Factory
15 Dove Routine
15 Patter for Aerial Fishing
16 Patter for Fish Aquarium
16 Patter for Tissue to Canary
17 Patter for 20th Century Silks
17 Patter for Windsor Dye Box
18 Routines for Crystal Cylinder
19 Silk Routine
20 Silk Vanishing Tube Routine
20 Patter for Flame Clock
22 Patter for Die Box
23 Routine for Forgetful Freddy
---missing 24, 25---
26 Patter for Arrow Head
26 Patter for Abbott's Amputation
---missing rest---