Sardina, Maurice & Dariel Fitzkee: The Magic of Rezvani (La Magie Du Sorcery)
©1949 Dariel Fitzroy; Saint Raphael House
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 87 pages
The Magic of
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Comments: Translated from the French by Dariel Fitzkee. From the Preface, "Here is the book which amateur magicians have been looking forward to. One of originalities and novelties, and having undeniable special value," Dr. J. Dhotel.


3 Foreword To The Translated Version
5 Preface By Dr. J. Dhotel
9 Introduction

11 Part One Cards

11 General Observations
11 The Pack
11 Holding The Pack In The Left Hand
13 Manipulations
13 Complete False Shuffle
14 Dovetail False Shuffle, On The Table
15 Dovetail False Shuffle, Without Using Table
16 The Rifle Pass
17 The Cascade Pass
18 False Cut
18 To Slip The Cut
19 Palming A Card From The Bottom Of The Pack
20 To Steal A Card From The Crater Of The Pack
20 The Glimpse
21 Palming The Top Card From The Pack
22 Palming And Vanishing The Pack
23 Exchanges
24 The Double Lift
25 Changes
26 The Second Deal
28 The False Count
29 Stripping The Cards

31 Chapter II — Card Tricks
31 Stacking The Pack
32 Cards To The Pocket
32 Finale For The Cards To The Pocket
33 Another Finale For The Cards To The Pocket
34 Thought Card Found In The Pocket
35 Cards Identified By Touch
36 Card Caught In Flight
36 Cards Discovered By Touch
37 Card To Wallet
38 The Card Identified
40 Card Over The Heart
41 Reading Cards Through Envelopes
42 Spots Erased
42 Spots Removed And Returned
43 Six Card Repeat
44 Cards In The Bag
45 For Dry Fingers

47 Part Two - Miscellaneous Tricks

47 Chapter III - The Tomato Trick
47 Properties
48 Basic Moves
49 Presentation
53 Rezvani Ideas And Moves
55 Some Rezvani Passes
56 The Fourth Tomato
57 Disposing Of The Fourth Tomato
58 Loads
60 Color Changes

62 Chapter IV — Miscellaneous Tricks
62 The Persian Cups
65 The Ivory Marbles
67 Thimbles
68 Slates
69 The Portrait Of Grandmother
71 A Ball Holder
72 Knots From One Cord To Another
73 Passing A Cord Through A Pane Of Glass
76 The Sticks Of Buddha

78 Chapter V — Mental Effects
79 The Dictionary
81 Five Dictionaries
84 The Three Paper Billets
85 Another Billet Reading
86 Rezvani's Curtain Slate
87 Again The Dictionary