Al Schneider: Al Schneider on Coins

Schneider, Al: Al Schneider On Coins
©1975 Al Schneider
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 95 pages

©2004 Electronically published by Al Schneider

Schneider: Al Schneider on Coins
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Comments: Initially edited by John Braun; Photography by John Ghastin; Initial Cover by Frank Tougas

Contents (from book ToC):
4 Forward
6 Introduction
7 Chapter One: Six Properties Of Deception
11 Chapter Two: Vanishes
11 Schneider Vanish
15 Schneider Classic Vanish
18 Snap Back Vanish
19 Finger Clip Vanish
22 Chapter Three: Miscellaneous Moves
22 Pop-Up-Coin Move
26 Twirl Load
29 Hand Load
31 Chapter Four: Coins Across
31 Quick Silver
36 Quick Centavos
41 Crossed Cards I
48 Crossed Cards II
55 Chapter Five: Coins Through The Table
55 Three Halves Through
61 Quick Shot
64 Chapter Six: Box Routines
64 One Half Gone
68 Soc II
80 Chapter Seven: Hank Bits
80 One Coin Through
82 Coin Growth
87 Chapter Eight: Heavy Manipulation
87 Dynamic Coin
91 Tri-Vanish