George Schulte: Patter Paragraphs
Schulte, George: Patter Paragraphs
©1921 George Schulte, Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8", 36 pages plus ads
Schulte: Patter Paragraphs
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Comments:George's third book of patter (the others were Talks for Tricks and Magical Monologues). For each entry, the effect is outlines (no details of the trick are provided), followed by suggested patter lines.

Contents (from book):

6 Preface
7 Introduction
8 Opening Paragraphs: three clever quips for an opener
9 The Vanishing Gloves: quick patter
10 The Perfection Flag Trick: patter for three silks changing to an American Flag
12 The Mysterious Bowl of Fire: patter for production of a bowl of fire
13 The Multiplying Thimbles: some quick lines for a thimble routine
16 The Diminishing Pack of Cards: simple patter
18 Flowers From A Paper Cone: patter
20 The Card Wand: patter for corner of card selection found in broken egg
23 Twentieth Century Handkerchief Trick: patter for flag vanishing to be found between two other tied silks
25 Handkerchiefs Dyed by Magic: patter for white handkerchiefs gaining colors in a paper tube
27 The Wonderful Egg and Bag Trick: egg bag routine patter with the sucker explanation
31 The Sliding Die Box: patter for the standard trick
35 Marvelous Pigeon Catching: patter for catching a pigeon in an empty net
36 Closing Paragraphs: a quick ending line
37 Advertisements