Seabrooke, Terry: Seabrooke's Book
©1986 Magical Publications, Pasadena, CA
Hardcover, w/dj, 112 pages
ISBN 0-915181-15-0
Seabrooke's Book
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Terry Seabrooke: Seabrooke's Book

Comments: Illustrated by Paul Butler. Subtitled "Around the Workd With a Baking Tin". Essays and effects by the comedy magician Terry Seabrooke, with an emphasis on adding presentation to your magic.


9 Publisher’s Note (Mike Caveney)
11 Introduction (Billy McComb)
13 Foreword
15 It Started Like This: Brief autobiography of Terry
23 The Magic Convention: advice on attending
28 Those Linking Rings: comedic 7 ring routine (key, chain of 3, chain of 2, single)
36 Bullet Thru Card: chosen card - or not - is found with a bullet hole; lots of gags
39 Cigarette in the Coat: audience participation and lots of opportunity for comedy
46 - The Cigarette
46 - Smoke
46 - The Coat
47 - Stealing the Thumb Tip
48 Terry’s Tennis Ball: Instant hand puppet
49 Burnt Note in Wallet: full comedic routine and bits of business
65 What Do You Mean My Dressing Room is a Nail!: funny article on dressing rooms
72 The M.C.: Tips and advice on being a good Master of Ceremonies
73 - The Running Order
74 - The Start of the Show
74 - The End of the Show
75 - The Band
75 - The Room
76 - The Show
77 - Final Thoughts
78 Looking for Laughs: advice and a couple of ideas
79 The Neck Spiker: How to generate laughs from this commercial effect
80 The Pipes & Plugs: Idea for spicing up the Chinese Sticks
82 Visible Sawing Thru: idea for changing the premise to a humorous one
83 The Chattering Teeth: card selection found by toy teeth
85 An Object Lesson: a simple mentalism routine with an assistant
87 Is It Really Close-up Magic?: Essay on close up magic
88 Half and Half: comedy quickie with a spectator's dollar bill
89 Give Me a Card: a packet card trick with an easy, and good, out
91 Give Me a Ring: spectator's borrowed ring transposes from one glass of liquid to another
93 Mindreading Can: Comedy card revelation bit
95 Seabrooke’s Cards Across: Full routine with bits of business
99 As Others See Us: perspectives of others
99 - The Musical Director
100 - The Stage Director/Producer
103 On Stage: article about staging
103 - Lighting
103 - Prop Decoration
104 - Stage Curtains
104 - Audience Participation
105 - The Dead Spot
106 The Plebeian Prestidigitator: humorous article on BAD advice
110 Curtain Call