Sellers, Tom: Magical Mixture
©1943 L. Davenport & Co., England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 32 pages
Magical Mixture
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Comments: The Magic Wand Series


3 Preface
4 Contents
5 Magnetised Cards
5 Blue Sympathy: cards
6 Dissolving Knots
7 Cups And Balls Notion: water finale
8 Parasol Exchange Tube
9 The Egg Bag Again: a net bag
10 Diminishing Coins: gimmicked coins
11 Double Fan For Fan Workers
11 The "TS" Knife: for note in envelope
12 The Match Jumper: matchstick
12 The Quickie Handkerchief Tube
13 Postal Order Restoration
14 Note In Beer Bottle
15 A Useful Card Flourish
15 Tip For The Miser's Dream: procuring coins using a brush
16 Borrowed Note In Candle
17 Productive Goblets
18 A Useful Thumb Tie
18 The Change-Over Aces
19 Magic Links: chain links become linked in glass
20 The Patriotic Vial: paper pellets turn into Union Jack
21 Two Cards Rise
22 Passe Passe Handkerchief
23 Cigarette Through Handkerchief
24 Torn And Restored Strip
24 You Can't Keep A Gcod Man Down: topical card trick
25 The Shooting Card
26 New Slate Writing
26 Ace, King And A Pocket
27 Creepy Creepy 20th Century: 3rd silk visibly creeps into bag and is found tied
28 Birds And Cases: Jumbo card stage effect
29 Night-Cap: drinking from a candle-stick
30 Rabbit And Hat: cardboard rabbit stunt
31 The Mystic Imp: performer names card thought of
32 Advertisement: books