Sharpe, Alton C: Expert Hocus Pocus
©1973 Louis Tannen, Inc. 2nd printing
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 160 pages
Alton Sharpe:
              Expert Hocus Pocus
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Comments: Photography by Edward Watkins of Dallas


7 Photograph of Author
9 Foreword
11 Introduction
13 Remarks by Alan Keith: Chicago, 1960
15 A Word About the Author and the Book (Bob Parrish)
17 Young Man from Texas (C.R. Tracy): 1948
19 Preface
21 Dedication
23 Acknowledgment

25 Chapter 1: Magical Openings
27 The Devlish Watch: pocket watch finds its way back to the chain
29 A Smart Opening: gloves and silks
30 The Proverbial Opener: Jardin Ellis / Tommy Martin Glass of Liquid production
32 Thread It: another method for the glass production
33 Jackie Gould's Idea: using foil
33 Snap! Snap! Snap!: barehanded production of handkerchiefs
34 The Ring and the Rose: a borrowed finger ring vanishes and a rose is found in its place, the ring is in an envelope
37 A Phantom Tube Becomes a Small Illusion: gold fish

39 Chapter 2: Money Magic
41 The Bill in Cigarette Mystery
44 An Infallible Illusion: another version
47 Billo: bill removed from spectator's cigarette
48 The Modern Banker: novel hat load for coins

55 Chapter 3 Card Magic
57 My Version of Cards to Pocket
62 Master Card in Wallet: described mainly how to gimmick the wallet
65 Riser's Aces: a four Ace effect
67 The Twenty Card Trick: cards across
72 The Rising Cards: Jan Martin's mechanical deck
74 The Impromptu-Promptu Rising Cards: using a wristwatch reel
78 Sharpe's Ultra Deck Switch: using a leather card case
80 Initialed Transposition: initialed card transpo
82 Split-Second Revelation: a quick peek
83 A Lesson in Misdirection: Three cards pass to counted packet
85 Doubleback-Doubleface: deck appears to be all backs
86 Affinity Unrefuted: selection and its matches reverse in deck
92 Red and Blue Enigma: selection in blue deck matches reversed card in other deck
95 The Spectator Stab: deck stab thru newspaper
99 Hide and Seek: sleight of hand cards
111 Cardflight: red and blue deck effect by Don Alan
113 Marlo's Perfection Card Switch: for one or several cards

127 Chapter 4: Rope Magic
127 A Bit of History
131 Night Club Rope Routine: a cut and restored routine

139 Chapter 5: The Chinese Linking Rings
141 My Oriental Ring Mystery: uses 2-linked, 1 single, 1 oversize single, and 1 key; 10" rings recommended.

149 Chapter 6: The Vanishing Bird Cage
151 Repeat Vanishing Bird Cage
152 Holding Cage in Sleeve: method to use as an opener
153 Unbelievable (Harry McDaniel): idea with a rope
156 Alan Keith's Presentation
158 Letter from Okito

159 Chapter 7: A Glittering Panorama of the Magic World
161 A Pageantry of Memories: an essay of magicians