Shute, Merlyn T: Cups Cups Cups
1980 Morrissey Magic Ltd.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 44 pages
              Cups Cups
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Comments: Illustrated by Sid Lorraine. Republished many times. Merlyn T. Shute explains the Cups & Balls in great detail, especially valuable for the beginner, but helpful for the advanced performer as well. The chapters are less complete routines, and more sequences of moves that will teach the cups and enable the performer to arrange his or her own unique routine with what has been learned. Some routines refer to use of the Morrissey Combo Cups & Balls set which includes a Chop Cup as one of the cups in the set of three. These routines could be adapted to a standard non-Chop Cup set. This book is mandatory for anyone owning the Morrissey Combo Cups, and is recommended for anyone else.


1 One Ahead: Explores the one ahead principle using three standard cups and no palming.
7 Ye Olde Shelle Game: explores the walnut shell & pea game as it relates to the cups. Introduces palming, principle of diversion, and history. Describes the basics of the walnut shell and pea routine
13 Another Opening: An opening routine introducing some advanced moves. Uses the Combination Cups (2 regular, one chop cup)
18 The Slip and Flip: Unstacking the cups mouth down even though balls are hidden "nested" between them
21 The Flip: loading a palmed ball as the ball on top is "flipped" into the air
23 Before the Beginning: Some "flourishes": cup through cup, wand ball production, wand through cup
27 Dealer's Choice: Sequence where the spectators choose where the balls will end up
31 Stairway to the: A sequence using a "shovel" move
34 Variants: Discussion and routine with two standard cups
38 And Then There Were Three: A routine adding some opportunity for flourishes
41 Have Cup - Will Travel: covers lateral travel of the ball between the cups, based on a John Mendoza handling
43 To Cup It Off: Thoughts on ending the routine, using large loads