Shute, Merlyn: The Little Things
©1982, Morrissey Magic, Ltd.
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 50 pages
Shute: The Little
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Comments: This is a book of how to use several of the gimmicks and fekes used in magic, not what to do with them. That is, it describes several gimmicks and fekes, provides good detail on their proper use, but is not a book of routines other than some general outlining of what a routine should include.

Contents: (Note that in my copy page 8 is on the back of page 5. However, according to the table of contents in the book, I do not appear to be missing any pages)

1 G*I*M*A*C: The difference between a gimmick and a feke described.
3 The Secret World of the Thumb Tip
3 - The Fit
4 - Like a Sore Thumb: how to wear it
5 - The Steal: essential moves
8 Mirror Mirror Off the Wall: constructing a practice mirror
11 How to Conquer The Slob: start your act in silence, and a Dye Tube presentation to use
12 - Palming the Dye Tube
13 - Stealing the Dye Tube
16 - The Spider Gimmick
18 - Double Dye Tube
20 The Hank Ball: two handlings
26 The Okito Coin Box: history and description
27 - Standard Box: characteristic handling
29 - On the Hand
31 - Objections
31 - Gimmicked Okito Coin Box: a Boston Box & idea for a rattle feature
33 - Table Turnover
35 - Variations
36 Nickels, Dimes, Half Dollars: Miser's Dream
40 - Kellar Coin Catcher
41 - Coin Pail
42 - Professional Coin Pail
45 - European Style Coin Pail
46 Midget Pea Can
46 - Liquid Appears
49 - Alternatives