Rev. Daniel Shutters: Magic Ministry
Shutters, Rev. Daniel: Magic Ministry
© Daniel Shutters
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 58 pages
Daniel Shutters: Magic Ministry
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Contents (from book ToC):

1 Constant Presence Of God: Egg Bag
2 Man In Christ Is A New Creature: Thumbtip
3 Heart Hardened: Spiked Coin
4 Trust: Folding Half Dollar
5 Christ Can Change Your Life: Kings And Aces
6 Gathered In My Name: 20th Century Silks
7 Offerings For World Missions: Thumb Tip
8 Fear: Glorpy
9 Places At The Table: Arrow
11 Power Of A Promise: Sponge Balls
12 Going To Church: Color Changing Handkerchief
13 A Visitor To Church: Two Thumb Tips
15 Miracle Of Fish And Bread: Six Card Repeat
17 Effects Of Baptism: Rope To Silk
18 Refiner’s Fire: Salt And Pepper
19 Hot Or Cold: Paddle With Cross
21 New Creation In Christ: Hat Tear
22 Elijah And The Widow Of Zarephath: Magic Water Jug
23 Water From A Rock: Thumb Tip
24 Christ In The Sacraments: In-N-Outer Box
25 Compromise Is Better: Arrow
27 Prayer: Rope
29 Fruits Of Peace: Silks In Net Tube
30 Water Into Wine: Red Food Coloring
31 Too Much Temptation: Run Monster Run
32 Our Resurrection: Thumb Tip
33 Strangers Until We Meet: Two Handkerchiefs
34 One In Christ: Beads Of Prussia Or Beads Of Sheba
35 The Conversion Of Paul: Spirit Slates
36 The Lioht Of The World: Vanishing Candle
37 Offerings Without Strings Attached: Aztec Box Or Bean Box
39 Stand Against The Devil: Rope and Ring
41 Stereotyping: Three Card Monte
42 Preparing For Christ’s Coming: Dove Pan And Puppet
43 Sharing Your Talents: Flowers From Fingertips
45 Manna From Heaven: Thumb Tip Rope To Silk
47 God Works Unseen Through A Person: Glorpy, Thumb Tip
48 Gambling: Cards
49 I Am In The Midst Of Them: Cards
51 Repentance And Forgiveness: Rope
55 Fear And Trust: Super Needled Balloon & Wand
57 Value Of A Christian Education: Coloring Book