Simmons, Ken: Scotch and Soda Part 1
1982 Ken S. Simmons. Magic City
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 30 pages
Simmons: Scotch and Soda Part 1
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Comments: Part 1 of a 3-part series set featuring a Wizard on the cover. Good ideas for your Scotch and Soda, Gin and Tonic, or similar set. The entire series is recommended if you can find them.


v Preface
1 Origin
2 About the Coin Set
3 How to Tighten the Coin
3 The Classic Palm
3 The Finger Palm
4 The Thumb Palm

5 Routines
5 The Standard Routine: spectator holds half and Mexican Centavo coin. Magician bets he can magically remove one coin. The Centavo coin turns into a quarter!
9 A Basic Vanish (from Lloyd E. Jones' Dime and Penny): In the spectator's hand
10 Fadeaway Coin (Lloyd E. Jones): Two coins are shown, one is removed and rubbed into nothingness
10 Fadeaway Followup (Lloyd E. Jones): Vanishing the half (pumpkin seed vanish)
11 The TeeTotaler Coin: Coin rises in glass of beer (IT)
12 Invisible Flight: Copper and Silver coins are in the left fist. Right makes a fist. Instantly, one coin vanishes from left and appears in right.
13 Invisible Flight II: As above, uses sleeve to load right
15 Coin Flight: Coin vanishes and appears under selected card
16 Instant Location (Ed Andres): Coin vanishes and is found in middle of deck, over selected card.
17 Watch! Coin vanishes and appears under the watch
19 Coin Through the Table: Two coins are rubbed on the table, one passes through
21 Visible Coin Through Table: Coins are placed under a glass and visibly go through the table
23 Hand Penetration: Centavo penetrates spectator's and performer's hands, landing in spectator's other hand
25 Double Transition: Card and half dollar are shown on both sides. The half is placed on the card on the table. A centavo placed in the left hand vanishes, and is found under the card. Card now covers half and centavo. Centavo vanished from under card, and appears back in the hand.
28 The Ring Mystery: Centavo on half are placed on the table and covered with a ring (a bang ring). Centavo vanishes. Half is placed on top of the ring and back on the table. Centavo appears. Ring is examined, and half and Centavo are placed under the ring again. Centavo turns into a quarter!
30 Ring Mystery: as above, with a quarter transposition.