Simmons, Ken: Scotch and Soda, Part 2
1986 Ken Simmons; Magic City
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 53 pages
Simmons: Scotch & Soda Part 2
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Comments: Illustrated by Tom Neary. More good routines for Scotch and Soda. Recommended.

Contents: (articles by Ken Simmons unless noted)

1 Acknowledgments
3 Information
5 Undercover Change: Copper to Silver by brushing coins with cards
8 Being Bold: Showing both sides of the un-nested coins
10 Palm to Palm Switch (Dave Neighbors): good one handed switch
13 Filling In the Gap (Ed Andres): Fixing the 'hollow' sound
14 A Tumbling Display (Ed Andres): Move to apparently show both sides of the insert
16 Pick Up Vanish (Ed Andres): Two coins are in one hand. One is picked up and the other vanishes
18 A Bold Idea: Use the Insert as a C/S coin
19 Routines
21 Two, Two, and Two: a long routine featuring two hands, two cards, and two coins
26 An Explanation(?): The "standard" routined is explained, except the quarter and copper coins mysteriously exchange places!
28 Foreign Exchange: Half Dollar and Mexican Centavo shown. When rubbed, the Centavo turns into a quarter.
29 Rapid Transit (Jerry Stoll): Copper and Silver are placed in a clear glass. Another clear glass is held in the other hand. Both glasses are shaken, and the copper coin vanished from glass A to appear in glass B.
31 The Flash Silver and Copper (Gerald Bruning)(fr. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic): Copper coin vanishes when wrapped in a paper with a half dollar and paper is lit.
32 Jimmy Valentine Picks a Lock (Steward James)(fr. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic): C&S are 'locked' in a handkerchief by passing the ends through a lock. One coin is magically removed.
34 A Change of Pace (Ed Andres): Copper, Silver, and Quarter are shown. C&S are placed in the spectator's hand. The Quarter is dropped through the magician's fist twice, and turns into a copper. The spectator opens her hand to find a Half and a Quarter.
37 The Necromantic Change (Ed Andres): A fast, visual Copper to Silver change
38 Twentieth Century Centavo (Ed Andres): Four halves and One Centavo are shown. Two halves are held by the spectator. The Centavo is placed between the other two halves, and disappears, to be found in spectator's hand.
42 Flight for One (Ed Andres): Centavo vanishes and appears under a playing card
44 Silver Influence (Ed Andres): Silver and Copper become two Silvers
46 Simply Spellbounding: Half to Centavo to Half again.
49 Coin Penetration: Centavo penetrates a selected card
51 Scotch and Soda Pure Method I (Ed Andres): Scotch & Soda with no gimmicks