Skinner, Michael & Jeff Busby (editor): Michael Skinner's Intimate Magic
1982, Jeff Busby Magic Inc.
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 37 pages
Busby: Michael
              Skinner's Intimate Magic
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Comments: Nice book of close-up magic. Jeff Busby released an errata sheet with line drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt to more clearly show the moves for Bewildering Ball Vase, as the photos in the manuscript are very dark.


i Introduction (Jeff Busby): July 1982

1 Drawing Room and Platform Effects
1 Thought Projection Pack: Stand up mental routine with cards
3 Slow Motion Coin Vanish: vanish under test conditions; must be wearing a jacket
6 A Multitude of Surprises: a full coin act with appearance, color change, and jumbo coin climax
8 Thrice Severed...Trice Restored: cut and restored rope
12 The Wonderful Coin Trick Revisited: a comedy coin vanish

15 Close-Up Effects
15 Bewildering Ball Vase: a routine for your Ball Vase set (you'll need a 2nd set as well)
22 Power Poker: Exhibition of Gambling Skill; uses two decks
25 The Transfixed Card: Michael's version of Card on Ceiling
28 All-Fair Card Through Newspaper: Michael's version
32 Quadruple Torn Cigarette Paper: cigarette paper is restored, torn in half again, and becomes two papers
35 Cigarette Paper Transposition: cigarette paper with hole in it transposes with another