W.E. Skinner: Wehman's Wizard's Manual

Skinner, W.E.: Wehman's Wizard's Manual
©1892 W.S. Trigg
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 86 pages plus ads

©1895 Henry J. Wehman

W.E. Skinner: Wehman's Wizard's Manual
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Comments: "A practical treatise on Mind Reding according to Stuart Cumberland and the late Washington Irving Bishop; Ventriloquism as practiced by Valentine Vox and others; Sleight of Hand - Secrets and methods of performing many marvelous mysteries, such as have astonished the public of all Nations"

Contents: (from ebook version):

4 Ad: The Treasure Casket of Mysteries

5 Chapter I General Instructions
5 The Mystic Wand
6 The Magician's Clothes
6 Magic Tables

7 Chapter II Simple Tricks With Cards
7 United by a Single Cut
7 To Discover the Value of Certain Cards on the Table
8 Card Change Places at Command
8 To Name Successively All Cards in Pack
9 To Tell Whether The Number Is Odd Or Even When Cards Are Cut
9 To Make A Card Vanish Prom The Pack And Be Pound In A Person’s Pocket
9 Simulation Of Mind Reading

10 Chapter III Simple Card Tricks for Parlors
10 Prevision With Cards
11 Repairing Pairs
12 To Tell Which Cards Have Been Turned Around In Your Absence
12 To Name a Card Chosen
12 A Card Chosen By One Person Appears At Number Named By Another
13 To Name Four Cards Which Have Been Selected

13 Chapter IV Scientific Manipulations With Cards
13 To Palm a Card
14 Two-Handed Pass
14 To Force a Card
15 Other Movements

15 Chapter V Card Tricks Requiring Skill
16 Miller's Sword Trick
17 To Nail a Certain Card to a Door
17 Card in Boy's Pocket

18 Chapter VI Card Tricks Requiring Apparatus
18 The Independent Card
18 To Change the Aces
19 To Tell Court Cards When Blindfolded
19 Flying Cards
20 The Walking Card
20 La Houlette - Rising Cards

21 Chapter VII Simple Tricks With Coins
21 To Palm a Coin
21 Le Tourniquet - The Pass
21 The Ring of Money
22 To Stick a Cent to the Wall
22 To Change One Coin Into Another
23 To Tell When Blind-Folded Which Side of a Coin Falls
23 To Pass Marked Coins Into Two Oranges in Succession
24 To Make Two Coins Change Places
24 Heads or Tails
25 Intelligent Coin

25 Chapter VIII Illusions With Rings
26 The Mysterious Ring
26 Kellar's Great Ring Trick
28 The Wizard's Ring
29 The Traveling Ring

30 Chapter IX Illusions With Watches
30 The Educated Time-Keeper
30 The Smashed and Restored Watch

31 Chapter X Illusions With Handkerchiefs
31 Knotted Handkerchief
32 The Revolving Handkerchief
32 Vanishing Handkerchief
33 The Handkerchief Which Cannot be Tied
33 Rope and Handkerchief
33 Magic Plumes
34 Handkerchiefs Transformed
34 The Wizard Handkerchief
35 Candy Produced From a Handkerchief
36 Magic Egg And Handkerchief
36 Handkerchief and Lemon
37 Eggs Brought From a Handkercheif
37 Mysterious Handkercheif and Numbers
38 To Cut a Coin From a Handkerchief

38 Chapter XI Tricks With Dice and Dominoes (from Modern Magic)
39 To Tell the Numbers on a Pair of Dice
39 To Change the Numbers on Dice
39 To Tell the Number of Dominoes Moved
40 To Tell the End Numbers on a Row of Dominoes

40 Chapter XII Miscellaneous Tricks
40 The Mysterious Rose
40 To Pass an Egg Into a Bottle
41 How to Eat Fire, to Bend and Walk on Red-Hot Iron
41 The Chinese Ropes and Rings
42 The Magical Mirror
42 To Extinguish Three Candles and Light Three Others At Command
42 To Change an Egg Into a Bird
43 To Pull Yards and Yards of Paper From Your Mouth
43 Blood Writing on the Arm
43 Vanishing Knife
43 Eatable Candles
44 The Magic Blackboard
44 The Egg Bag
44 To Produce Eggs From a Person's Mouth
45 The Magic Blow Mill
45 To Produce Bowls of Fish and Fire From a Borrowed Shawl
46 To Cause A Person’s Name Written On A Piece Of Paper To Be Found In An Eqg
46 The Mysterious Pigeon
46 To Pass a Five Dollar Note Into a Lighted Candle
47 The Inexhaustible Bottle
48 Cure For Troublesome Spectators
48 To Eat a Peck of Paper Shavings, and Convert Them Into a Ribbon
48 The Poker Puzzle
49 Magical Illusions
49 The Erratic Egg
49 The Two Communicative Busts
49 The Chest That Opens at Command
49 How to Eat Tow, and Set It On Fire in Yout Mouth
49 How to Tell The Number That Any Person Thinks Of
50 The Enchanted Cock
50 To Make Fire Burn Under Water
50 To Produce a Mouse From a Pack of Cards
50 To Tell the Hour of te Day or Night by a Suspended Quarter
50 An Amusing Trick For The Drawing-Room, And A Good Subject For A Wager
51 A Self-Working Turnspit
51 The Magic Snuff Box
51 To Cook an Omelette in a Hat
51 An Explosive Bottle
51 An After-Dinner Feat
52 To Take A Dollar Piece Out Of A Vase Of Water Without Wetting Your Hands
52 The Wonderful Swan
52 A Card Nailed To The Wall By A Pistol Shot
53 The Magnetized Cane
53 The Invisible Visible
53 The Invisible Coin
54 Prince Rupert's Drops
54 The Obedient Dime
54 Knocking the Head Against the Door
54 How to Lift a Flint Glass With a Straw
54 To Put A Ring Through Your Cheek, And Then To Bring It On A Stick
54 The Mysterious Coin; Or, How To Make Cents Pass Through A Wine Glass, A China Plate, A Table, And Fall Into The Hand
55 To Make Water Remain In A Vessel With Holes In The Bottom Op It
55 The Conjuror's Joke
55 How to Melt Metal in a Walnut Shell
56 The Magic Cups
56 To Pass a Quarter Into a Ball of Worsted
56 To Change The Color Of A Liquid In A Glass Several Different Times
56 The Magical Mirror
57 The Awl Which Does No Harm
57 The Restored Ribbon
57 The Self-Turning Cross

57 Chapter XIII Miscellaneous Tricks
57 To Cut an Apple Into Quarters Without Damaging the Peel
57 The Impossible Omelet
57 The Sign of the Cross
58 The Visible Invisible
58 The Second Sight Trick
58 Go If You Can
58 The Card Changed by Word of Command
59 To Take Away Any Middle Object Without Touching It
59 To Furnish Ladies With A Magic Supply Of Tea Or Coffee, At Their
Selection, From One And The Same Jug
59 To Change Water Into Wine
60 To Furnish a Treat to the Gentlemen
60 The Double Meaning
60 To Give a Party a Ghostly Appearance
60 Candles Extinguished and Lighted by Pistol Shots
60 The Gun Trick
61 How to Cut Off Your Nose
61 The Dancing Egg
61 The Magic Bouquets
62 The Magic Shrub
62 To Make Water Rise from a Saucer Into a Glass
62 Fireside Mesmerism
62 The Magic Knife
63 Tricks With the Magic Lantern
63 The Turn Wonder
64 Magical Appearance Of A Globe Of Water Full Of Fish
64 To Find Six Times Thirteen in Twelve
64 The Link Boys
64 The Conjuror's Stroke
65 Rings and Double Ribbons - A Japanese Trick

65 Chapter XIV Miscellaneous Tricks
65 To Shoot a Small Bird and Bring It to Life Again
65 To Draw Two Figures With Crayon On A Wall, One Of Which Will Light A
Taper, And The Other Extinguish It
65 The Tape Trick
66 The Magic Oracle
66 The Magic Star
67 The Magic Book
67 A Man Always Upright
68 How to Tell Anybody's Age
68 How To Remove A Man’S Shirt Without Taking Off His Coat Or Vest
69 The Shower of Money
70 The Vanishing Gloves
70 The Miraculous Casket
71 The Flying Glass of Water
72 The Rabbit Trick
73 The Chinese Rings
75 The Birdcages From the Hat
75 The Magic Drum
76 Chinese Marble Trick
78 The Aerial Suspension
78 Fire-Eating
78 The Butterfly Trick

80 Chapter XV Tricks with Hats
80 On Skill
80 The Cannon-Ball
81 The Distribution
82 The Shower of Cups
83 Multiplying Balls
84 Bundle of Firewood
84 Reticules
84 Dolls
84 Bird-Cages
85 Chinese Lanterns

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88 Ad: Wehman's Practical Mesmerism
89 Ad: Wehman's Books