Don Sminke: It's Not What You Do, But How You Do It!
Sminkey, Don: It's Not What You Do, But How You Do It!
©1989 Clown Capers, MD
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 73 pages
Don Sminkey: It's Not What You Do It's How You Do
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Comments: Magic routines with Standard Props

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Dedication
9 Preface
11 Forward

13 Chapter 1 Routines
13 The Vanishing Gloves
17 Instant One-Hand Knot
19 Linking Rings
23 The Egg Bag
27 Bunny Tip Top
31 Witch Switch
35 Torn And Restored Newspaper
43 Vanishing Candle

49 Chapter 2 Rabbit Productions/Vanishes
49 Circus Wagon
53 Gift Box Rabbit Production
55 Rabbit Wringer

59 Chapter 3 General Hints And Ideas
59 Card Stand
61 Balloon Pump
61 Whistle Gag
62 Wiz Whistles
65 Simple Music For A Home Party
66 Portable Pa System
68 Happy Birthday Banner
69 Know Your Nose

71 Chapter 4 Dealer's List