Samuel Patrick Smith: Kiddie Patter & Little Feats
Smith, Samuel Patrick: Kiddie Patter and Little Feats
©1993 SPS Publications, FL
Hardcover, no dj, 200 pages
ISBN: 1-881099-02-4
Samuel Patrick Smith: Kiddie Patter and Little Feats
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Comments: Entertaining pre-schoolers with Magic and Funny Stuff

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Dedication
7 Acknowledgments
15 Introduction

19 The Customer Is Always Right
21 Can the Magician Come Out and Play Today?
22 Different Strokes for Little Folks
27 Taking Stock of Livestock
30 Sammy’s Rabbit Theory
33 Tricks Are for Kids, But Which Tricks?
36 Five Big No-Nos
41 Keep It Simple
43 Big Laughs for Little Laughers
46 Getting Them to Respond

49 Routines, Gags, & Funny Business for Children
51 The Imagination Cap and the Shrinking Glove
59 Seymour the Seal
67 Ernie the Elf
75 Alice the Alligator
83 Rocky the Raccoon
91 Maxwell’s Blooming Bouquet
99 Monster Hat Farewell
107 The Egg, the Bag, and the Magic Hat
123 Farmyard Frolics
135 The Magic Candy Box
145 Puff the Magic Rabbit
155 Crayons to Silk
161 More Cash Surprises

173 Conclusion
179 Recommended Reading and Magic
181 - Recommended Reading
187 - Recommended Magic
195 - Magic Not Recommended
199 About the Author