Spillman, Steve: My Hands Can Be Yours
©1973 Steve Spillman, Pub by Lloyd Jones, Magic Limited, CA
Softcover, perfect-bound, 79 pages
My Hands Can Be
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Comments:50 items of interest to the contemprary close up performer. Edited by Bascom Jones.


iii Introduction (Charlie Miller)
iv Preface

1 Tricks With Unprepared Cards
1 Direct Discovery Aces: Spectator touches backs of four cards in a ribboned deck and chooses the 4 Aces
1 Direct Discovery Aces (Dai Vernon): without the need for a table
3 The Calico Crimp: a card location with sample effect
4 The Hijackers: direct version of the Jack Sandwich effect
5 Riffle Force 1st Method
5 Riffle Force - 2nd Method
6 Chameleon Colors: Steve's rendition of Andrew Shivas' Colorblynd
8 Monkey Monte: A packet version; from Magick No. 45, 1972
10 Notes on the Open Travellers: some tips for Larry Jenning's routine in Alton Sharpe's Expert Card Mysteries
12 Spillman Side Steal
13 Card to Pocket Plus: a peeked at card is revealed by its mates
14 Everywhere and Nowhere: on Hofzinser's classic
17 The Paper Clipped Card: paper clipped card turns into selection
19 The Curious Card Change: difficult to describe but worth it
21 Bottom Card Blind: slip cut
21 Ideas With the Bottom Card Blind
21 - Culling the Aces
21 - Cutting the Aces
22 - Follow the Card
23 Instant Mate: Spectator says stop at a card, the mate of the selection is found face up
25 Follow-Up: good routine for after Paul Curry's Out of This World; from Magick No. 61, 1972
27 Foot Flight: signed selection vanishes from under foot to the pocket
28 Coincidental Occurrence: spectator and performer choose the same card

29 Tricks With Prepared Cards
29 The Shiner Card Case: a use for Chrome Mylar
30 You Do As I Do - One Deck: uses Shiner Card Case and Calico Crimp
31 House of Cards: magician makes a strong house of 6 cards, spectator's fails
33 Ghost Card: selection skids across the table
34 Another Dimension: card reveal using a wooden puzzle; from Magick No. 49, 1972
36 Jumbo Card Change: Jumbo card trick
38 The Marked Deck: deck is marked on the edge for this humorous reveal
40 Thumb Print Transposition: two card transposition
42 The Carpenter Card: selection ends up nailed to a board
44 Spin the Bottle: spun bottle points to selection along with kiss marks

46 Tricks With Miscellaneous Objects
46 Challenge Vanish: sponge ball; from Magick No. 43, 1972
47 Challenge Vanish Revisited: another version
48 Challenge Penetration: sponge ball through handkerchief
49 Methods of Reproducing the Sponge: two methods
50 Blow Sponge: sponge ball is blown to join another in the right hand
51 The Eye Popping Pop Top: trick for the old removable can pop tops
53 Dollar Delusion: Magician gets envelope with the silver dollar

55 Tricks With Prepared Objects
55 Button Control: lesson in sound misdirection
56 Money Machine: a dime is dropped in and a prize comes out
57 Cigarette Suspension: cig is removed from case and suspends in the air
58 Al Wheatley Revisited: The Soup Can & making your own
60 Oriental Tea Cup: another version
61 Handling Chop Cup
62 Color Changing Load: red ball changes to yellow in a Chop Cup or Cups & Balls routine
63 Glass of Wine Production: from under a handkerchief
65 A Touch of Salt: a variation of the ball vase
67 Sugar Daddy: a clever paddle effect with a Sugar Daddy candy
69 The Electric Nothing: a gag for the Rigid Rope
70 Rated "X": cut and restored film strip
71 - Home Movies: patter idea #1
71 - Sawing a Woman in Half: patter idea #2
72 Thoughts on Linking Pins: more ideas for Jerry Andrus' Linking Pins
72 - A Practical Carrier
73 - Safety Pin Climax
74 Presto: torn and restored card trick
78 Smoker's Swindle: matches transpose from box to cigarette box