Spitari: The Wizard's Annual 1914
Spitari, Laurance W.: The Wizard's Annual 1914
©1913 Associated Wizards of the South, Southampton
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 72 pages
Laurance Spitari: The Wizard's Annual 1914
Image courtesy Hawthorn Book, U.K.



1 Editorial (Spitari)
11 The Cultivation of a Conjuror (d'Harville): essay
24 My Lady’s Powder Puff (Spitari): powder puff vanishes to reveal a bowl of candy
27 The Conjuror — A Complete Story (Spitari): a story in 3 chapters
33 Seasonable Effects (De Vega): Introduction
34 - For the Amateur (De Vega): a borrowed ring is heard to drop in a glass, yet is found in pies
36 - For the Concet Artist (De Vega): a small Father Christmas figure transforms into a large one
37 - For the Illusionist (De Vega): stage act in which a snowman comes to life
40 Exposers of Magic (The Woman in the Audience)
41 Concerning Houdini
43 Another Egg Bag (Spitari): an ending for your egg bag trick, using a paper bag
44 Audiences (Spitari): essay
46 The Almost Human Glass of Water (Spitari): a cylinders and glasses routine
49 A Neat Opening Effect (Spitari): vanishing gloves, etc.
50 Disillusionment (De Vega): a story
53 The “Pop” Pass (Spitari): coin move
54 The Unique Billiard Ball Box (Wilford Hutchinson): a six door die box using a ball
56 HA Large Silk Flag (Spitari): how to make one cheap
58 A Transformation Card Combination (Chris Van Bern): with a card rise and more
60 A New Colour Change (Chris Van Bern): for cards
62 Oswald Williams — The English Wizard: some biographical sketches
66 Pitters of Patter (Spitari and Chris Van Bern):
66 - Opening Patter: two styles
68 - The Materialising Sketch Frames
68 - My Lady's Powder Puff
69 - The Almost Human Glass of Water
69 - A Novel Opening
70 - A New Colour Change (Chris Van Bern)
70 - A Transformation Card Combination
72 Resolutions (De Vega): ending note