Jim Steinmeyer: The Conjuring Anthology
Steinmeyer Jim: The Conjuring Anthology
©2006 by James H. Steinmeyer
Hardcover, 526 pages
Jim Steinmeyer: Conjuring Anthology
Image courtesy Jake Austin

Comment: The collected and complete Conjuring articles published in MAGIC Magazine from 1992 to 2004.

Contents (courtesy Jake Austin):

XI Introduction, by Jim Steinmeyer

1 1. The Incessant Newspaper: A sleight-of-hand torn and restored newspaper.
8 2. The Efficiency Stamp: A signed postcard transported by magic.
16 3. The Lustig Money Machine: Printing currency using only the crank from a printing press.
24 4. The Jellybean: A prediction of the number of jellybeans in a jar.
30 5. Making Time: Or a demonstration in going back in time.
38 6. Cigars Sala Bim: A routine with cigars and roses, ala The Great Dante.
43 7. Held Up: A new version of the famous Hold-Up trick.
50 8. The Tassel of Abundant Enterprise: A box with three tassels, a variation on the famous Chinese sticks.
56 9. Smaller & Smaller: The Diminishing Cards
62 10. The Vicarious Cocktail: Two versions of a deadly cocktail imbibed by one person, felt by another.
70 11. The Plate Glass Mystery: An illusion using a lady and dangerous shards of glass.
77 12. A Lesson in a Lesson in Magic: Or how to make a handkerchief disappear.
84 13. The Headline Prediction: The newspaper headlines foretold and sealed in a locked box.
90 14. Headline Prediction, the Sequels: Two more versions of this famous prediction.
96 15. The Short-Change Repeat: A demonstration in short-changing suckers.
103 16. Linking Five Rings: An elegant demonstration of one of magic's oldest deceptions.
110 17. Good Enough to Eat: Popping corn in a hat, a milk pitcher, and baking cookies in a pan.
116 18. The Coins & Glass: The coins that fly through the air invisibly.
121 19. Onward & Upward: The Rising Cards from a suspended card case.
129 20. Opening with an Egg: The Egg Bag routine, with the climax of a giant egg.
136 21. Eclectic Horticulture: Growing a candy tree.
143 22. Chinese Food: Or a borrowed bill in a fortune cookie.
150 23. Marvyn Roy's Bill in the Light Bulb: A masterful lesson in a classic routine.
157 24. The Inside-Out Production Box: An unexpectedly deceptive box trick.
162 25. Ten Cards Up the Sleeve: A classic routine, with modern variations.
172 26. Dowsing & Divining: Mentalism based on dowsing, and a prediction using a music box.
178 27. The Psychic Trust: A hands-off version of the burned bill problem.
184 28. The Perforated Brick: A glass rod through a solid brick.
189 29. Rice & Water: A new approach to the Rice Bowls.
194 30. Two Mene Card Tricks: A Case of Collusion and Sextabulous, two card predictions.
201 31. Strange Power: Electricity that attempts to please, by changing color.
207 32. The Five Senses: A demonstration in just how we're fooled.
214 33. Voodoo Economics: A torn and restored envelope, using borrowed bills as victims.
218 34. The One-Man Band: Or closing with the Afghan Band routine.
223 35. The Purse Trick: An old racecourse swindle, a new handling.
230 36. Contagious Red: The color that affects three different objects.
237 37. The Pickpocket Challenge: Or just how you can lose your banknotes.
243 38. The Thespian Card: A single card that can take on the part of any other card.
250 39. Any Idiot's Silk Trick: A cut-and restored effect, according to the instructions.
256 40. The Return of the Century: The wonderful 20th Century Silk routine, in reverse.
263 41. Three Problems in Prognostication: The Psych-Writer, Expecting a Coincidence, and the Balloon Rack.
272 42. Phun with Physics: A time travel routine with a little metal box.
278 43. Frozen Confetti: A new, no-mess confetti, by magic.
282 44. Fantastic Cords: A borrowed coat through two ropes.
289 45. Houdini's Grandmother: A close-up version of this classic effect.
294 46. The Doll and Doll's House: A tiny toy doll's house, and the doll inside.
301 47. The Hypnotized Stack & Other Tricks: With the Trilby Deck and the Shuffled Prediction, Svengali-inspired tricks.
309 48. The Video Mix: A videotape penetrates through another videotape.
315 49. Sventalism: Two more unexpected Svengali card effects.
319 50. Apples and Oranges: In which the magician mixes the two, and makes a magical transference.
326 51. The Accommodating Kettle: Different drinks poured from one tea kettle.
333 52. The Three-Space Mystery: An illusion with three intersecting tubes, leaving no space for a lady.
339 53. The Indian Rope Excuse: Or a demonstration of just how the trick is supposed to look.
345 54. Playing for Keeps: A challenging burned bill routine.
355 55. The Two-Dictionary Test: A surprising bit of mentalism using thousands of words.
363 56. The Stapled Card as Escape Artist: A signed card makes its way inside a stapled envelope.
369 57. The Cut & Restored Instructions: In which the magician follows directions and is mystified.
376 58. Napkins for Actors: An especially deceptive version of this classic effect.
384 59. Pushing the Envelope: A prediction using three envelopes on a ribbon.
391 60. The Princess Caraboo Deck: The famous Princess Card Trick with a new formula for deception.
400 61. Building a Better Slot Machine: In which a human slot machine is successfully foiled.
410 62. The Allergic Card Trick: A hands-off effect where the spectators do all the work.
416 63. Fan Mail: A letter from heaven and a letter from hell come to the rescue of the magician.
425 64. Deceptivity: An opening bit of mentalism demonstrating the nature of deception.
431 65. The Great Silverware Scam: Or a surprising way to set the table.
436 66. I Know What You're Thinking: A demonstration in mindreading to open the show.
443 67. True Tales from the Newsstand: A story told using a stack of magazines.
448 68. The Light Bulb Variations: In which a lit bulb takes center stage for the magic.
457 69. The Snow Job: Or the famous Sand trick performed with colored confetti.
463 70. Life in the Left-Turn-Only Lane: Proof that no one knows where they're going.
472 71. (An Extra Routine) Death by Playing Cards: a new solution to a classic problem.
482 72. (An Extra Routine) Stabbed in the Pack: Bill Taylor's impromptu Card Stabbing effect.
487 73. The Rings in the Loaf of Bread: Orson Welles' and Doug Henning's routine.
496 74. (An Extra Routine) The Criss-Cross Illusion: An interesting principle applied to a dramatic puzzle.
508 75. Conjuring Takes Its Bow: About creating your own conjuring.
517 Index: By names and objects used in the descriptions.