Jim Steinmeyer: The Magic of Alan Wakeling
Steinmeyer, Jim: The Magic of Alan Wakeling
©1993 Jim Steinmeyer, Hahne
Hardcover, w/dj, 8.5x10", 346 pages

©2006 Carroll & Graf, NY Edition
Softcover, perfect-bound
ISBN: 978-0-78671-807-8
Steinmeyer: The Magic of Alan Wakeling
Hahne Edition
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Jim Steinmeyer: The Magic of Alan Wakeling
Carroll & Graf Softcover Edition
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Comments: "The Works of a Master Magician"

Contents (from book ToC):

11 Author's Preface

17 Introduction: Mark Wilson. Steve Dick, Don Bice, Mike Caveney. Norm Nielsen,
Earl Nelson. Ricky Jay. Channing Pollock

29 The Billiard Balls
30 With Benson In Hollywood
33 The Apparatus
34 The Philosophy
36 The Routine: Two Balls And The Flourishes
41 From Two To Three
45 The Third To The Pocket And The Fourth Ball
49 Vanish Of Ball Four: Production Of Number Five
50 The Display And Clean-Up
53 With Vernon And Frakson

57 Nightclub Specialties
58 Wakeling And Roy
62 The Rhapsody And The Cowboy
65 The Phantom Cigarette
69 The Color Changing Gloves
72 The Wakeling Top Hat
74 The Double Action Pull

77 The Liquid Sand Routine

81 Magical Fishing
81 Helen Wakeling
82 The Routine And Apparatus
86 The Goldfish In The Light Bulb

89 The Fan Act
90 A Fantasy In Fans
93 The Barehanded Fan Production
101 The Egg On The Fan
102 The Fan In The Bag
104 The Mutilated Fans
108 The Billiard Balls And Finale, An Additional Ending
109 Variations On The Fan Act And Illusions
110 The Traveling Fan

117 Clairvoyance
117 Psychic Blackjack
118 The Code And Routine
122 Preparing For Blackjack

125 The Wakeling Egg Bag
125 John Daniel
126 The Bag And The Billiard Ball
127 The Patter And Handling

135 The Magical Traveler
136 China: The Egg On Fan
137 France: The Original Hip Steal

141 An Introduction To Illusion
141 With The Great Dante
146 The Dantes And The Art Of Illusion
148 A Magic Circus
154 The Magical Puppet Theater
158 The Elusive Clown
164 A New Grand Finale
166 The Wakeling Crushing
170 The Secret And Apparatus

181 The Bar Act
182 Opening: Flaming Wine And The Jumping Grasshopper
187 Drinks For The Audience
188 The Challenge Of A Modem Bar Act
193 The Flaming Glass Of Wine
194 The Grasshopper In The Light Bulb
198 The Series Of Drinks
200 Variations On The Bar Act

203 Numerology: A Close-Up Act
204 The Numeroloqist Entertains
205 Phase One: The Number Tiles
206 Phase Two The Dire
209 Phase Three: A Subconscious Impression
211 Additional Effect: The Numeral Cubes
213 Additional Effect The Name Matrix
216 The Final Phase: The Color Matrix

223 Close-Up Specialties
224 Cords And Coins
227 Card In Wallet- An Autograph Exchange
230 Aces Front

237 Stage Specialties
237 The Handcuff Escape
243 The S-Chain Handcuff
244 Joker Poker
247 The Cotton Ball Routine

253 The Wakeling Sawing
255 The Wakeling Routine
260 A Lady Divided
262 The Secret

271 A Career In Illusion
271 With Mark Wilson
275 Inspirations And Originations
275 The Split Barrel Cannon
277 The Giant Rising Cards
282 The Flitter Girl
285 The Wringer Box And Cannon
288 The Modem Backstage
293 The Parisian Costume Trunk
297 The Double. Substitutions Trunk
300 The Aquarian
302 Excalibur
304 The Atomization
307 Gneillusion
308 Divided In Four
310 The Girl Through Glass
313 The Hindu Rope
314 The Spiker
316 The Mark Wilson Spirit Cabinet
319 The Spirits Return
323 The Take-Apart-Flip-Over
327 The Seance Post
329 The Electric Maiden

335 Appendix: Notes And Sketches On Pure Energy, Costume Trunk, Challenge Stack Of
Boxes, “Tea Canister" Illusion, Find The Jack, Suspended Rising Card
Illusion, Black And White Routine, Floating Ball Routine, The Tiger Crushing