Colonel Stodare: Hand-Book of Magic, or Conjuring Made Easy
Stodare, Colonel: Hand-Book of Magic, or Conjuring Made Easy
©1862 G. Hill, Printer, London
Hardcover, 32 pages
Colonel Stodare: Handbook of Magic

Comments: "Comprising - Wonderful And Extraordinary Feats Of Parlour Magic. Surprising Deceptions. Paligenesy; Or The Art Of Reviving The Dead, And Make The Image Of A Deceased Person To Appear." Some descriptions are not highly detailed.

Contents (from LearnedPig ebook edition, page numbers do not correspond to original):

1 How To Cut A Handkerchief And Restore It Again
1 How To Make Money: coins increase in spectator's hand
1 The Magical Dancers: experiment in air pressure
2 Bonus Genius, Or Hiccius Doccius: small doll vanish
2 The Tape Trick: thumb tie
2 The Magic Book: an early descripiton of the Magic Coloring Book
3 The Bowls Of Fish: stage production
3 The Salamander: Prof Sementini's experiments in the human body being able to withstand heat
4 The Magic Spoon: a melting tea-spoon
4 The Hatched Bird: a bird emerges from a broken egg
4 The Money Box: general description of a coin vanishing box
5 To Cause Wine To Issue From A Funnel After It Has Been Drunk: apparatus described
5 To Wash Your Hands In Molten Lead: don't do this, uses Mercury!
5 The Inexhaustible Bottle: two methods briefly described
5 The Dancing Egg: an egg dances on a cane
6 The Long Pudding: a gag with a sort of Slinky
6 The Locomotive Pyramid: an object moves by itself on a table
6 The Hen And The Egg Bag: a bag for producing multiple eggs and then a hen
7 To Name All The Cards In A Pack: one by one, putting deck behind your back
7 To Make A Watch Stop And Go At The Word of Command: using a magnet - could damage some watches
7 The Ring And Handkerchief: borrowed wedding ring through handkerchief
8 To Walk Upon A Hot Iron Bar: using chemicals
8 To Make A Bird Appear As If Dead, And To Roll About As You Please
8 To Make A Ball Or Loaf Of Bread Dance Upon A Table: using mercury
8 Water Bewitched: science experiment water rises into a glass
9 To Make Water Freeze By The Fire-Side: using snow and salt
9 How To Make The Pass: for cards; also mentions the Long Card
9 The Artificial Spider: making an animated spider figure
9 Curious Experiment With A Glass Of Water: chemistry
10 To Produce A Mouse From A Pack Of Cards
10 A Hundred Different Names Being Written On The Cards, To Tell The Particular Name Any Person Thought Of
10 To Make An Egg Tumble: another use for mercury
11 To Make A Party Appear Ghastly: spirts, salt and fire
11 To Make A Phantom Appear On A Table: using a magic lantern and mirror
11 The Magician's Whispering Gallery: a mechanical illusion; spectator A whispers into ear of a pasteboard figure, and spectator B as a 2nd figure hears the voice
12 Paligenesy; Or, The Art Of Reviving The Dead, And Making The Image Of A Deceased Person Appear In A Glass Jar: illusion with mirrors
13 The Candle Lighted By Electricity: chemistry experiment
13 The Transposable Pieces: an early Copper/Silver coin routine
13 To Name The Rank Of A Card That A Person Has Drawn From A Picquet Pack: the remaining cards aid performer in calculating a card selection
13 To Tell The Amount Of The Number Of Any Two Cards Drawn From A Common Pack: similar to the above
14 Candle Bombs: glass beads burst in a candle flame
14 Water Colder Than Ice: using sea salt
14 Exploding Salt: chemistry
15 Engraving In Relief Upon An Egg Shell: using Vinegar and tallow
15 The Rose Produced By Magic: clever illusion of a rose appearing and vanishing in a clear vase
15 To Place A Lighted Candle Under Water Without Extinguishing It; Or, A Handkerchief Without Wetting It: science experiment
16 To Make Artificial Fire Balls: chemicals
16 To Make A Stone Float: with a cork
16 Indestructible Paper: using alum and water
16 To Make A Magic Picture: similar to the rose in vase illusion, a picture appears in a frame under heat
16 To Make An Artificial Earthquake And Volcano: chemical experiment
17 The Burnt Writing Restored: making your own carbon paper for reproducing writing
17 The Miraculous Portrait: electrified picture shocks the spectator but not the performer
18 The Divining Card: using a Long card
18 The Penetrative Shilling: coin in nest of boxes
19 To Make A Room Seem All On Fire: chemical experiment
19 To Produce Fire From Cane: using Chinese Rattan
19 The Conjuror's Joke: a glass of water challenge
19 The Perfection Of Puzzles: beer and water stay separate in a glass
20 How To Cut Off Any Person's Nose: using gimmicked knife and sponge
20 How To Make Pancakes In A Hat: using the described apparatus
20 The Wonderful Swan: a cork swan with a magnet moves about the water
21 To Change Water Into Wine: using two bottles
21 The Egg In The Phial: chemical experiment
21 How To Command A Card To Jump Out Of The Pack, And On The Table: using IT
22 Several Different Cards Being Fixed On By Different Persons, To Name That
On Which Each Person Fixed
22 How To Produce A Pair Of Live Pigeons From An Empty Hat: animal production
22 Ventriloquism: quick description, not a lesson