Mark Strivings: Anatomy of a Successful Magic Show
Strivings, Mark: Anatomy Of A Successful (And Virtually Bullet-Proof) Magic Show
©2000 Mark Strivings
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 44 pages
Strivings: Anatomy of a Successful Magic Show
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ii Preface & Acknowledgments

1 Introduction
2 What do I mean by Bullet-Proof?
6 The Case

8 Routines
8 The Pom-Pom Pole
12 The Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle
15 The Dental Floss
17 The Magic Coloring Book
19 The Wrath of Renfield
19 The Chicken Egg Bag AKA Climax Egg Bag
20 Mouth Coil Routine
20 Sketch-O-Magic
20 Trevor Lewis's Cards Across
21 Spot Bag
22 The Nothing Grinder AKA Spikes Through Balloon
23 Pavel's Crazy Knot
25 Wands
29 The Extra Stuff

31 Routining
40 My Show Format
40 Trick Selection (The What If's)
42 Some Thoughts on Balloons

43 The Last Word (for Now)