Don Tanner: 50 Tricks and Ideas With Spring Flowers
Tanner, Don: 50 Tricks and Ideas With Spring Flowers
©1958 Don Tanner
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 14 pages

Was also produced in a smaller, 5.5x8.5" edition
Don Tanner: 50 Tricks and Ideas with Spring Flowers
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Comments: Lightly illustrated with a few line drawings. Don's first manuscript ended at 25 ideas & tricks with one bonus item, and then he sent 25 more. Don also wrote a later book Flowers that Bloom With a Spring, which I don't have, but suspect is an improved version of this book.

Contents (from book):

1 Poor Man's Botania: instant growth of flowers in a pot
1 Flower to Card: flower changes to card selection
2 The Magical Seed Packet: seeds in packet change to flowers
2 Aerial Florist: stage entrance; bill to flowers
3 The Flowering Pagoda: using Grant's Double Load Pagoda
3 Oops! Too Much Flower: comedy ending for baking a cake
3 Magical Hot House: using a Crystal Silk Cylinder
3 Slate Magic: flowers appear in a vase drawn on a slate
4 Artist's Dream: variation of above
4 It's a Steal: method to steal a bundle
4 Genuine Florists: using a florists newspaper
4 A Real Seed Catalog: similar to above
5 A Bouquet for This Trick: selected card found attached to a bouquet produced from a wooden cut-out of a vase
5 A Seedy Trick?: comedy bit
5 Another Steal: for loading a bundle into a cone
5 Potent Seeds: spring flower bit for children
6 A Flowering Tree?: Christmas idea
6 Magical Appearance: from a fan of cards
6 At Last - A Wand: producing a bouquet from a wand
7 Dig That Crazy Carnation!: buttonhole flower comedy bit
7 Educated Papers: torn tissues to flowers
7 Nest of Boxes: production idea
7 Your Flowers?: production idea
8 The Hot House Again: idea for U.F. Grant's Little Silk House
8 Out of Thin Air: production idea
8 Be My Guest!: idea
8 Sacks Alive - It's In the Bag!: another card revelation
9 Stuck for a Title Already: using a Devil's Napkin
9 No Eggsplanation Necessary: using an Egg Bag
9 In Your Hat: rope lowered into hat comes out with flowers
10 Doll House Deception: adding flowers to doll house illusion
10 On the Air: floating flowers
10 It's Done With Mirrors: mirror glass
11 Fun With a Foulard: production idea
11 Out of Your Hat: production
11 Fire Flowers: flashy production
11 Got a Light?: idea with matches
11 Oh, Shucks: another card revelation
12 See Number 29: Egg Bag idea
12 Boom Boom: sort of a bang gun
13 One for the Wife: idea
13 Surprise!: production idea
13 All Balled Up: cups and balls finale
13 Nothing Up My Sleeves - Now!: idea
13 Hu-Gardenias: idea for Jean Hugard routine
13 A Bloomin' Idiot: production idea
13 Now Where's That Ticket: running gag
13 Dig That Silly Sunflower: idea for assistant
14 Won't He Be Surprised!: comedy idea
14 Your Card - a Bouquet: another card revelation
14 We Close With an Opener!: a production