Tarbell, Harlan: The Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 2
1927 Tarbell Systems, Inc.,
Hardcover, w/dj, 416 pages

1942 Louis Tannen
1975 D. Robbins & Co.
Tarbell Course In Magic Volume 2
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Comments:  Volume 2 contains lessons 20 to 33. Favorites include: 47 PL Vanishing Wand, 55 Silk Producing Wand, 60 Magnetized Wand, 118 Passe Coins: hand to hand with shell/Phantom Coin, Chapter 25: Card Sleights: palming, bottom, 2nd deals, 265 Rising Card using Bottomless Glass, 274 Unbreakable egg (devil's napkin), 278 So-so egg bag routine, 288 Egg bag routine, 295 Billiard Balls: Adam & Eve, 317 Silk Vanish using hank ball, 327 20th Century Silks


17 Lesson 20: How to Please Your Audience:
17 Imagination, Originality, Human Nature, Timing, Humour, Sincerity, Good Taste, Keeping Up With the Times, Proper Speech, Pantomime, Proper Dress, Magicians Should Be Artists, Personality and Magnetism, Make Up, Showmanship, (Blank's) Milk is Good Milk, Even the Cream Rises in the Can, Showmanship of Individual Magicians (a brief history of many magicians), Your Interest in Magic.

47 Lesson 21: Magic With Wands
47 The P-L Vanishing Wand: Performer taps a wand on the table to show it is solid, then wraps it in paper. The wrapped wand is then torn to pieces, and the wand is produced from inside the performer's jacket. Includes suggestions on a threaded wand.
50 The Wandering Wand and Envelopes: Two long envelopes are shown. A wand is placed in one, yet it disappears and is found in the other envelope Uses similar gimmick to PL wand.
51 Wand from Pocketbook: A long wand is drawn from a previously empty purse.
53 Cigar from Pocketbook: A large examinable cigar is pulled from a previously empty small purse.
54 Wand From Card Case: A wand is extracted from a card case.
55 Simplex Handkerchief Producing Wand: A piece of paper is rolled into a tube. A wand is pushed through the tube to show it is empty. Silks are then produced from the tube.
56 Vanishing Handkerchief Wand: A sheet of paper is formed into a cone. A silk is pushed into the cone with a wand. The silk vanishes.
58 The Rising Wand: A wand rises by itself in the performer's hand.
59 Sure Grip Magnetized Wand: A wand clings to the performer's palm without visible support. Even a handkerchief between the wand and the hand doesn't prevent it from clinging.
60 Tarbell's Magnetized Wand: A wand mysteriously hangs from the performers hand in various positions and can even be passed from hand to hand.
63 Edward's Magnetic Wand: A silk is touched by a wand and clings to the wand. Sponge balls do likewise. Three cards selected from a deck of card are pulled out by the "magnetic" wand.
67 An Emergency Magnetic Wand: A tip for a simplified version.
67 The Penetrative Wand: A wand can be pushed into the spectator's body, swallowed almost completely, or pushed into a boy's head.
69 Card In the Egg Wand: A card is selected and torn. Spectator keeps one piece. Rest of the pieces are vanished. An egg is tapped by the wand, broken open, and the card is found inside, restored except for the missing piece.
72 Rising Ring On Wand: A borrowed finger ring rises on command when placed on magician's wand.
75 Ireland's Growing Wand: A match sized wand changes to a 5" wand and then a large wand.
76 Frank Kelly Vanishing Wand Routine: A wand is vanished in a sheet of paper, to wind up hanging on the spectator's back (uses P-L wand)

79 Lesson 22: Double Paper Mysteries
79 Superba Paper Cone for Handkerchief Vanish: Paper is folded into a cone. A handkerchief is placed inside, and the top of the cone folded over. The handkerchief disappears.
82 The Ghostly Silk: Paper is rolled into a cylinder and a silk is placed inside. Performer apparently removes silk and puts it in pocket, but it is still in the paper. Next, someone from backstage apparently removes the silk, but it is still there. Finally the silk disappears, to be found in a formerly empty glass.
85 Puffing Rice in a Cone: A paper is folded into a cone. Rice in a dish is shown, and a handful is dropped into the cone. Puffed rice is poured out of the cone!
86 The Two Way Paper Cone: How to construct and 11 ideas for using it.
91 Royal Paper Cone: Vanish or produce small objects, like a torn playing card.
92 Century Card Vanishing Paper: Vanish one or a few playing cards
92 Acme Coin Vanishing Paper: Vanish or produce a coin.
94 Modern Coin Vanishing Paper: a variation of the above.
96 Coin Through the Saucer: Using a vanishing paper to have a coin penetrate the center of a glass saucer and land in a glass.

99 Lesson 23: Magic with Coins.
99 Miser's Dream: Coins are produced from the air and thrown into a hat.
108 Hand to Hand Flight of Four Coins: A gold coin in the left hand attracts silver coins in the right hand one by one.
112 The Passe Coins and Glasses: Five coins are counted into a glass and held in one hand. The other hand holds an empty glass. One by one the coins pass from the one glass to the other.
118 The Passe Coins from Hand to Hand: Four coins pass one at a time from one hand to the other. (Uses shell)
122 The phantom Coin: two quick tricks using a shell
123 The Coin In the Magical Envelopes: A borrowed, marked coin is wrapped in newspaper and handed to the spectator. Upon opening, however, the paper had changed into a paper envelope, with another envelope, with a third envelope inside. The marked coin is found inside. This is repeated. The envelopes are offered to the spectator as a souvenir, but change back to the normal newspaper.

131 Lesson 24: Cigarette Magic.
131 The Push In Vanish: A cigarette is pushed into the hand and vanishes.
132 The Pick Up Vanish: a lighted cigarette is taken from the right hand by the left and vanishes, to be produced elsewhere.
133 The Pivot Vanish: A cigarette is patted into the left fingers and the hand closed. The cigarette vanishes.
134 Front and Back Hand Palm: Both sides of hand are shown empty, yet a cigarette can be produced.
135 Throwing Vanish: A lighted cigarette is thrown into the left hand and found to vanish.
136 The Pull Away Vanish: Cigarette held in closed hand, and is pushed in by right. When the hand is opened the cigarette has vanished.
137 To Vanish a Cigarette Up the Nose
137 To Produce Cigarette from Ear
137 To Swallow a Cigarette.
138 Vanish and Production by Paul Fox: Cigarette vanishes from left hand. Both hands shown empty, cigarette is found behind left hand.
139 The Multiplying Cigarette: A second cigarette is produced from one.
141 The Change Over Palm: Both hands are shown empty, yet a cigarette can be produced.
141 The Burning Cigarette and Silk Handkerchief: A lit cigarette is placed in left hand and turns into a silk.
143 The Phantom Cigarette: An imaginary cigarette is placed in the mouth. A box of matches is produced, and match lit and brought to the mouth. Suddenly a real cigarette appears which is lit.
144 The Vanishing Cigarette: A lit cigarette is placed in the hand an vanishes.
146 The Vanishing Pencil: As above but with pencil
146 The Dollar Bill in the Cigarette: A bill is borrowed and the number noted. A cigarette is selected and placed in the mouth. The bill is made to vanish and appears inside the cigarette.
150 Catching Cigarettes in the Air: Miser's Dream with cigarettes.
152 An Odd Cigarette Vanish: A box is shown with cigarettes in it. Cigarettes are taken one at a time from the box and placed in another. The second box is then shown to be empty!
154 Cardini's Floating Cigarette: A borrowed cigarette is placed in a tube. A hoop is passed over the tube, yet the cigarette rises and falls inside.
156 Lighted Cigarette from Box: A lit cigarette is removed from a case.

157 Lesson 25: Sleight of Hand with Cards
157 Back and Front Hand Palming: Cards are produced although empty hand is shown front and back.
161 Simplified Back and Front Palm: Paul Fox method.
162 Production of Cards One at a Time from Back of Hand.
163 Production of Cards One at a Time from Front of Hand.
165 To Vanish Cards One a Time and Reproduce Them.
167 Flash Card Production: A paper "tambourine" is created and is obviously empty, the performer plunges his hand through and produces a card fan.
170 Producing Fans of Cards
172 Color Changes with Cards: the phantom pip, back hand color change, open finger color change, slap change, push up color change, thumb steal color change, double card change, slip up color change, top card change (4 methods), modern card change, single hand card change.
185 Bottom Dealing: three methods
188 Second Dealing: five methods
194 Flourishes: The ribbon drop, the cascade, production of cards from the mouth, cascade production from boy's nose, the one handed cut

199 Lesson 26: Selected Card Mysteries
199 Any Name Called For: A packet of cards is taken by the spectator, and the same number of cards is then counted off the remainder of the deck. This bottom card is memorized. Performer picks up deck, and spells of three or more names. The spectator places his stack of cards back and does the same, resulting in finding his selected card.
201 Ten Card Color Change: Ten black cards and ten red cards are counted to the table. The red cards are placed on the black cards face up and shown. The black cards are now dealt and then the red cards. Blacks now change to red, and red to black. The cards then change to suit the way they are dealt.
205 Double Detection: Spectator cuts deck behind his back and reverses the bottom packet. The performer can name the two facing cards.
208 A Clever Card Discovery: A deck is shuffled and the top card remembered. Cards are removed from the bottom, the same value as the memorized card, and placed on top. The cards are then cut. The performer can find the selected card.
210 Baker-Walsh Telephone Mystery: Over the phone, the spectator is asked to shuffle the deck and look at the bottom card. This same value of cards is now dealt from the top of the deck to the bottom, and performer can now find the card.
211 McCaffrey's Variation of the Telephone Mystery: with full patter.
215 Prophetic Card Discovery: A prediction is written on a paper. A spectator selects three cards as instructed, and cards are added to each pile to make the value of the pile equal ten. The cards are then added together, and that number of cards are counted down in the remaining deck. The performer has predicted the found card.
218 The conjurer's Touch: A deck is shuffled and a card removed. The deck is placed in the performer's pocket. The suit of the card is named, and immediately a card of the same suit is removed from the deck. The number is named, and immediately a card of the same value is removed.
220 A Mysterious Discovery: Deck of cards spread in a row. Spectator picks up 1-10 cards and moves them to the other end, remembering one of the cards. Magician spreads cards back out and moves spectator's wrist over the cards. He stops and the selected card number is the same value as the number of cards move. He moves and stops again, this time at the selected card
223 Marvello: Two spectators think of numbers and as the cards are dealt, they remember the card at the selected number. The numbers are now announced, and the performer counts out the cards and places the selections aside. Two random cards are then removed and placed in an envelope. The random cards change places with the selected cards.

229 Lesson 27: Rising Cards.
229 Cardini's Rising Cards: Five cards are selected and returned to the deck. They rise one at a time with the last two rising at once. The deck may now be examined.
234 Rising Deck from Card Case: The entire deck rises from the case.
235 A Pack Full of Pep: As above.
237 The Rising Cards and Card Case: Card are cut and three cards are selected from one half and placed in the other. The entire deck is now placed in the case and the three cards rise one by one.
241 Rising Card from the Pocket: A card is selected and returned to the deck. A card is poorly transferred to the pants pocket, and when questioned, the performer points to his shirt pocket, where the Ace of Diamonds rises. The spectator says this is not the card, but on a second look, it is the spectator's card.
243 Rising Cards from Glass Goblet: Three cards are selected and put back in the deck. The deck is put in a glass, and a hoop passed to show no attachments. Yet the cards rise from the deck. The cards and glass can be examined.
250 Howard Thurston Rising Cards: Four cards are named. Deck is shuffled and placed in a goblet. The four cards one at a time soar up to the performer's hand, high above the glass. The cards are thrown to the audience.
255 Superba Rising Cards: Selected cards rise from the deck in a glass to the performer's hand high above.
257 Thurston's Floating Card: As above, but the last card actually floats in the air, and can be waved all around, finally to rise to the hand.
259 De Kolta Card Fountain: Three cards are selected and returned to the deck which is placed in a goblet. All the cards begin to fly out except the three chosen cards.
261 Harry Stork Card Fountain: As above.
263 Jean Hugard's Card Fountain: As above.
265 Tommy Dowd's Rising Cards: Cards are selected and returned to the deck. The deck is placed in a glass, with another glass placed on top. The cards rise into the other glass, and may be removed by spectator.

269 Lesson 28: Egg Magic
269 Humpty Dumpty Outdone: Egg and handkerchief are examined. Egg is dropped into handkerchief, and then broken by the spectator. Spectator reaches in to remove egg, and it is whole.
274 Tarbell's Unbreakable Egg: As above, uses a double handkerchief.
277 The Egg Bag: Discusses some brief history. Provides a routine in which an egg transports between a handkerchief and an egg bag in mysterious ways. Describes how to make a Tarbell Style egg bag and "devil's handkerchief".
288 Fool-zum Egg Bag Routine (Percy Abbot): Uses silken egg bag and an ungimmicked duplicate. Bag is pushed through metal ring, egg is produced. At the end, the bag turns into an egg, which is cracked open into a glass.

295 Lesson 29: Billiard Ball Manipulation. Provides some basic discussion
295 Adam and Eve: Billiard balls (shell) multiply and vanish in the hand to the patter of a story of Adam and Eve.
306 The Multiplying Golf Balls: just a description
307 Special Adjuncts for Ball Manipulators: how to make a holder.
308 Rainbow Billiard Balls: Red white green and yellow balls appear and change color in this routine. (4 colored balls, one shell)
313 A Mysterious Ball Transposition: Green ball wrapped in green handkerchief and placed in glass changes places with red ball wrapped in red handkerchief placed in another glass. (2 color balls, one shell)

317 Lesson 30: Handkerchief Magic
317 The Handkerchief Ball: Sleeves are rolled up, yet a rolled up handkerchief vanishes, both sides of hands being shown empty. The silk reappears.
322 Soup Plate and Handkerchiefs: Folded newspaper and soup plate are placed on a chair. Two silks are vanished, and appear under the soup plate.
325 Two Soup Plates and Handkerchiefs: Two empty plates are shown and put together mouth to mouth. Two silks are vanished and found between the plates.
327 Twentieth Century Silks: Two silks are knotted together and placed in a silk goblet. Another silk is vanished, and is found tied between the other silks.
331 Handkerchief to Billiard Ball: A silk handkerchief tucked into the hand turns into a billiard ball.
333 The Elusive Rainbow: Humorous 20th Century Silks: silks knotted and knot placed in mouth. Third silk vanished into performer's head, and when silks pulled, it appears between the other silks. A billiard ball also appears, is vanished in the head, and also appears from the performer's mouth.
337 Spot the Red: As above.

339 Lesson 31: Rope Magic
339 Type of Rope Used: short description.
339 Christopher's Three Knots in a Rope: Three knots appear in a six foot rope. One is blown and vanishes, the second is untied to show it is real, the third is visibly pulled off the rope and thrown to the audience.
342 Christopher's Jumping Knot: A knot is tied in the end of a rope and held under the foot. Suddenly the knot jumps to the top of the rope.
344 Tannen's Ring, Knot, and Rope: A finger ring is borrowed, wrapped in a handkerchief and handed to a spectator to hold. A rope is held between the foot and the hand, and the handkerchief is waved at the rope. The ring appears knotted in the center of the rope.
347 Christopher's Thread to Rope: A length of thread is produced and a knot is magically tied, but when other can't see it, it changes instantly to a rope.
349 Self Untying Rope: follow up to Thread to Rope mystery. Rope unties itself.
349 Christopher's Cigarette to Rope: Lighted cigarette is placed into left fist. It turns into a 5 foot rope.
353 The Phantom Knot: A knot tied in a rope disappears with a simple pass of the hand.
355 Hindu Knots: Rope is coiled and placed on table; when pulled up, it is filled with knots. It is placed on the table again, and the knots vanish.
358 Chefalo's Knot: Double knot disappears on command.
358 Tarbell's Triple Chefalo Knot: A system of interlaced knots are untied even though the ends are held by a spectator.
359 Hocus Pocus Cut and Restored Rope: Two ends are tied, and the loop shown. It is double coiled and cut, and the knot is cut away. Rope is tied again. The knot disappears, healing the rope.
362 A Novel Knot Steal: A false knot that does not have to be slid off.
363 Magician's Cut and Restored Rope: Rope is brought up in a loop and cut, both pieces being shown. The rope is restored.
366 Perplexo Cut and Restored Rope: Good follow up to above.
367 Himber's Rope Mystery: Impromptu cut and restored rope.
368 Ted Collin's Panama Rope Mystery: A rope is cut into four pieces and restored.
371 Rope Routines: a very short suggestion for a full routine.

373 Lesson 32: Ghostlite Mysteries (luminous paint)
373 Ghostly Card in the Dark: Floating pips in the dark form the selected card.
375 Date on a Borrowed Coin: As above, revealing the date.
375 A Selected Word: a forced word from a book revealed.
375 Spirit Answers: use a glowing alphabet.
376 The Phantom Die: A side of a die is selected and placed face up by the spectator, then placed into a bag. The magician opens the bag, removes the die, and divulges the number.
376 The Magazine Test: Spectator selects page in weekly newspaper and notes top line. Magician takes paper, turns to proper page, and reads the selection.
378 The Phantom Tray: Ash tray held behind back; spectator places item there, concentrates on it, and removes it. Magician can reveal item.
379 The Evil Eye: create a floating evil eye
379 Spooky Lights: lights appear from nowhere and move about in darkened room.
380 Apparitions of Spirit Articles: Glowing objects.
381 Ghostly Faces: luminous masks
381 Ectoplasm: Mysterious substance projects from mouth.
382 Ghost Materialization: full size ghost appearance.
383 Spirit Lights Under Test: Light flashes from impossible conditions.

387 Lesson 33: Illusions
387 The Mystery of King Tut: Magician wraps self in blanket to mimic mummy. Assistant protests and show magician how to do it. A man from audience joins and the three argue. Suddenly the man removes his costume and is found to be the assistant. The blanket is opened and a girl appears!
395 Who and Which: Hindu magician ties girl in sack and places screen around her. After moving around a bit, the sack is opened and found to be the magician, the Hindu costume is removed and found to be the girl.
401 Who and Which Simple Method: as above.
403 Three Kings and a Queen: Three large playing cards are held flat and carried one at a time to center of stage. A real "queen" appears from within them!

408 Lesson 33A: Mental Magic by Karl Fulves
408 The Optical Force: A card is selected by spectator one, another by spectator two. They turn out to be the two black kings.
409 Demon Digits: Three random digits chosen by a spectator are revealed (mathematical).
410 Ultra Die: A die is rolled, and a deck of cards with reversed cards predicts the rolled die.
412 Liars Convention: Three spectators select cards and two exchange them. Each time the magician can determine who exchanged cards.
414 Clocks and Cards: The magicians watch is set, and found to match the times drawn on clock cards.
416 Roughing It: Five cards are placed face up in the deck and spectator thinks of one of them. Magician behind his back turns over all but one: the selected card.