Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course In Magic Volume 4
1927 Tarbell System, Inc.
Hardcover, w/dj, 416 pages

1948 Tannen Magic
1976 D. Robbins
Tarbell Course In Magic Volume 4
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Comments: Volume 4 of 8. Some Favorites: Cigarette 27, Paper Cups 39, 41, 43; Soap Pitchman 46, Koko Blocks 64, Cut & Restored Tie 69, Lesson 47 on thimbles, Snooty Snake card revelation 113, Jumping Cards 123, Red & black Transpo, Lesson 54 linking rings, Cut & Restored Ribbon 317, King Solomon's bands 335, and Penetrative Silk 355.


xiv Ethics Among Magicians

21 Lesson 46 Novelty Magic
21 Christopher's Telegram to Flowers
23 Christopher's Flaming Napkin (flashpaper)
25 Instantaneous Flower Production
27 Bert Easley's Impromptu Cigarette Production (about a dozen)
29 Smoke Up Your Sleeve: smoke blown down 1 sleeve comes out the other
32 Impromptu Hydrostatic Glass: Water suspends in upside down glass
34 Freezing a Glass of Water: cellophane illusion
36 Isely's Anti-Gravico: device allows upside down pop bottle to retain liquid
39 Water Production from Paper Cup: Water from nowhere
41 Water In the Hat: Water poured into hat: hat is okay
43 Berland Cup & Water Transit: Cup of Water transfers from Bag to Hat
46 Soap Pitchman: Money placed in bar of soap, but spectator always loses
51 The Stamp Album: Magic Coloring Book
54 Dell O'dell Stamp Album presentation
55 John Booth's Album of Stars: Color Album and picture frame
62 Knife and Paper Squares: paddle trick
64 Koko and the Jumping Block: ABC blocks & shell
69 Cut and Restored Necktie
71 Jack Gwynne's Color Changing Rabbit

73 Lesson 47 Thimble Magic
73 16 Thimble routine
75 Preliminary Special Practice: Thumb palm, back & front palm, production, change over palm
79 Thimble Act Routine: slow thimble vanish, 2nd finger hideaway, production, pull away vanish, two in one color change, head & mouth vanish, jump hand to hand, outline of act and more
97 Miser's Dream with Thimbles
99 Some interesting vanishes

103 Lesson 48 Swallowing Needles & Razor Blades
103 The Needle Mystery: Needles & thread swallowed and come out threaded
108 Threaded Razor Blades in Mouth: with a John Booth Suggestion

113 Lesson 49 Unique Card Magic
113 Kolma Tarbell Snooty Snake: spring snake reveals card
116 Flash Card Change: Two cards selected, returned, and deck placed in glass. Handkerchief covers glass and first, then second card revealed.
119 Tarbell Card on the Necktie: Selected card appears on spectator's necktie
120 The Yankee Doodle Card: spectator selects card by whistling Yankee Doodle
122 Joe Berg's Flip Up Card: Cards are riffled, selected card rises half way out
123 Pop Up Cards: Cards appear suddenly or shoot up from hand
124 The Jump Up Card: Selected card jumps from hand to hat held above deck
125 Revolver Card: Selected card shoots from deck
126 Audley Walsh's Side Spinner: selected card spins sideways fro deck into hat
127 Audley Walsh's Long Distance Spinner
128 The Floating Queen: card floats behind fingers
130 The Vanishing Bird Cage Card: Card disappears in hands
132 Mendes' Shooting Card: Selected Card shoot from case while held by spectator

135 Lesson 50 Novelty Rising Cards
135 Modern Rising Cards from Envelope: 3 cards rise while in envelope on easel
139 Enchanted Cards and Envelope: As above
142 Bewitched Rising Cards and Envelope: As above, but in hands
145 Mysterious Bookmarks or Rising Cards from Book
148 A Book and a Card: impromptu
150 Rising Cards Through Hat
152 Rising Cards Out of Hat
154 Tarbell's Haunted House Rising Cards: small metal haunted house

157 Lesson 51 Card Transition
157 The Flying Cards: cards pass from one packet to another
158 Tarbell Flying Cards: as above
165 The Passing of Three Selected Cards
166 Flying Cards and Envelopes: variation using envelopes
170 Wilder's Flying Cards: as above
172 Hen Fetsch's Surpasso: Selected cards end up in alternate envelope
174 Ships That Pass In the Night: flying cards with red/blue backed decks
177 Red and Black Transposition: ten reds change with 10 blacks (roughing)
181 The Cards Up the Sleeve: 12 cards to pocket, one at a time
187 Cards Up the Sleeve (Shoulder Method): as above, but from shoulder of coat

192 Lesson 52 Mental and Psychic Mysteries
192 Himber's Transcendental Book Test
196 Hen Fetsch's Double Knockout: 4 numbers called out, total predicted
200 Grant's New Slate Test: 4 number total predicted
202 Answer to a Mentalist's Prayer: Special envelopes allow instant detection
206 Distant Mental Communication: objects determined by remote assistant
209 The Yogi's Prediction: Paper sealed in envelope, Yogi reveals number, city, etc.
211 Rapid Mental Transference: A number sealed in envelope is revealed by magician
214 Superbe Prediction: nail writer
216 Telepathic Pictures: Magician and spectator draw the same picture
219 Man Mind Reading Act: with billet switch
224 Modern Crystal Gazing Act: gimmicked tray
231 Excelsior Mind Reading Act: full act with several methods used
244 Telepathic Deck: One way force, Svengali, others
246 Psychic Paper: Guessed number found printed on colored paper
248 The Quick and the Dead: Center tear approach, carbon paper, others
259 Ralph Read's Tapping Pencil: Pencil held still "taps"

264 Lesson 53 The Thumb Tie
264 Ten Ichi Tump Tie: full routine
271 Modernized: Uses one cord instead of two
272 Tip Top Thumb Tie: ties thumbs first
274 Chow Sen Thumb Tie
275 Frank Ducot Thumb Tie: uses two cords
276 Jack Miller Thumb Tie: Frank Ducot variation
277 Tarbell's Simplex Thumb Tie
279 Tarbell's Li King Thumb Tie
280 Tarbell Tape Tie
281 Tarbell's Chinese Thumb Tie: tape, not really tied
283 Mel Forrester's Rubber Band thumb tie (good!)

284 Lesson 54 Chinese Linking Rings:
284 Eugene Laurant 11 ring routine (2 extra singles, 1 extra key). Uses 1 key to show "dead" sound when rung. Rings are linked, examined, clash link, figures, all unlink at end.
306 Weber's Emergency Routine: 2 singles: chain of 2, no key
311 Jack Miller's Spinning Rings: flourish
312 Tomy Dowd's Odin Ring Count: a 4 ring count
314 Tomy Dowd's spinning ring unlink

317 Lesson 55 Magic With Ribbon
317 Cut & Restored Ribbon. TT
320 Card on Ribbon Mystery: thru envelope
323 Dollar Bill on Ribbon: as above
326 Ghostly Ribbon: ribbon cut through envelope
328 Spirit Communication: Magic slate type prediction
333 A Wandering Ribbon: pink ribbon vanishes, appears in blue envelope
335 King Solomon's Marriage Bands: Afghan bands
337 Whamsy Cut & Restored Ribbon: duplicate

341 Lesson 56 Silken Trickery
341 Carlyle's 20th Century Silks: 3rd silk appears knotted between
344 Al Baker's 20th Century Silks: Uses dye tube, black art well
347 Al Baker's Sympathetic Silks: 2 methods
350 A Remarkable Giant: ribbon becomes tied between silks
352 Jack Miller's Knotty Silk: dissolving and appearing knot (nice)
355 Penetrative Silks: silk penetrates bar
357 Cords of Phantasia: Grandma's Necklace for stage, 3 methods
365 Instant Handkerchief Spread: fold to produce large silk
366 Flash Silk Production: instant production (thread)
368 Carlyle's One Hand Silk Production: special gimmick
370 Carlyle's Multiple Silk Production: 1-2-3-5-8! Special pockets

375 Lesson 57 Slate Mysteries
375 Double Slate Writing: Flap slate
375 Two Messages on Slates: how to force 2 messages
383 Al Baker Slip of Paper Force: envelopes
386 Numbered Double Slate Writing
389 Simplex Double Slates: no flap
390 Single Slate Writing: flap
391 Transfer Single Slate Writing
392 A Visible Message: onion juice
392 Dobrin's Double Locking Slate: hinged flap
394 Larsen & Wright Double Message
396 Jack Miller Slate Routine: 2 slates
399 Multiple Slate Writing
402 A Spooky Message (similar to Tenyo product TEN of HEARTS slate)
406 Message on Paper: On paper between slates
408 Chinese Comedy Slate Message
411 White Chalk of Many Colors

413 Lesson 58 Illusions
413 David Bamberg's The Girl From the Light