Harlan Tarbell: Tarbell System Incorporated Magic Correspondence Course
Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell System Incorporated Magic
©1926-1929 Harlan Tarbell, Chicago, IL
Softcover, 8.5x11", 1,243 total pages
Harlan Tarbell: Tarbell System Inc. Magic
              Correspondence Course
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Comments: Tarbell's 60 lessons delivered as a correspondence course from 1926-1929. Note that these lessons are not identical to the 8 volume hardcover library of The Tarbell Course in Magic, which was compiled in 1941 (by Louis Tannen, Harlan Tarbell, and Ralph Read), although there is certainly some overlap (information courtesy Genii's Magicpedia).

Contents (from Conjuring Arts Research Center edition of the book):

Lesson 1

1 The History of Magic
1 Magicians in the Bible
1 Magi or Wise Men of the East
2 Greek Mystics
2 Influence of Magic In Rome
2 New Era In Magic
2 Beginning of Records
3 Merlin at King Arthur's Court
3 Land of the Arabian Nights
3 Modern Magic
3 First Scientific Magician
4 Magic as a Science
5 My Service to You
6 Apparatus
7 My Institution
7 Professional Attitude
8 Study In Earnest
8 Practice Faithfully
8 Don't Overlook The Smallest Detail
9 Simplicity of Tricks
9 Naturalness of Performing
10 Your Hands Must be Held in a Natural Position
10 Practice Every Day
11 Patter Is Important
11 Be Sure of Your Trick
12 Principle: Angle of Visibility
13 Trick No. 1 The Dissolving Coin: borrowed coin vanishes from glass of water

Lesson 2

1 The History of Sleight of Hand
1 Two Divisions of Magic
1 Ancient Vs. Modern Magic
2 The Romans Versed in Conjuring
2 Sleight of Hand in the Middle Ages
2 Forerunners of the Modern School
2 Modern School of Legerdemain
4 Power of Suggestion
4 The Power of Suggestion As It Works On Yourself
5 The Power That Suggestion Has Over You In Magic
6 You Put Your Audience Under Its Influence
7 Mystery of the Burning Cigarette: lit cig vanishes in a handkerchief
8 - The Thumb Tip
10 The Asbestos Palm: as above but without the handkerchief
12 Burning a Borrowed Handkerchief: center is burnt unharmed
14 The Enchanted Paper: strip of ribbon vanishes and is later revealed

Lesson 3

1 Necromancy and Divination
1 Necromancy
1 Among Wild Natives of Australia
2 Among Ancient Romans
3 People Willing to Believe
4 Principle - Art of Misdirection
7 Metal Ring on a String: a metal ring is removed from a string
9 The Patriotic Rings and String: magician magically removes selected color ring from string
12 The Vanishing Ring of String: a knot vanishes from a string

Lesson 4

1 Development of Superstitions
1 Divination Foundation for Superstitions
1 Magic in Savage Lands - Superstitions in Civilized
2 Incantations - Modern Curse
2 Charms - Mainstay of Sorcery
2 Charms Among Moderns
2 Spells to Overcome Evil Influences
3 Some Common Superstitions
4 Review of Principles - Lessons 1, 2, 3
5 Chinese Paper Mystery: torn and restored
8 Wintertime In China: wet tissue is fanned and flies like snow
12 Japanese Torn and Restored Napkins: usual method of torn and restored
14 An Explanation to Audience of How the Napkin Trick is Done: a sucker explanation

Lesson 5

1 Magic and Religion
1 Earliest Religion
1 Origin of Magic in Religion
2 White and Black Magic
2 Origin of Necromancy
2 Greek Oracles
3 Magic Develops Your Personality
5 Hindu Paper Tearing: another torn and restored
8 Milady's Parisienne Hat: torn and restored hat
12 The Patriotic Paper Balls: red, white, and blue balls become mixed in bowls

Lesson 6

1 Magic and the Science of Medicine
1 Origin of the Art of Healing
1 Inseparably Bound Up With Magic
1 Magic of Influence of Planets
2 Methods of Earliest Doctors
2 Mystic Charms and Signs Used
3 Magic a Great Aid in Business
3 You Make Lasting Impression
3 Invaluable to a Traveling Salesman
3 Magic a Wonderful Hobby
4 Lesson 6
4 Kellar's Cut and Restored Cord: spectator cuts
7 Comedy Version of Germaine Cord Effect: another cut and restored
10 An Impromptu Cut and Restored Cord Effect: spectator cuts

Lesson 7

1 The Rope and Tape Principle
2 Coats, Tapes and Rings: long rope penetrates rings and two boy's coats
9 Coat, Ropes and Rings: modification of above
13 The Prisoner's Escape or Hanging Oneself With Ropes: ropes penetrate the neck
16 The Magic Orange: ropes tied around an orange penetrate the orange
19 Walking Through Tapes: spectator walks through ropes
21 Another Tapes Release

Lesson 8

1 The Relation of Magic to Other Sciences
1 Astrology - Foundation for Astronomy
1 Magic Influence of Mars
2 Modern Development
2 Alchemy - Foundation for Chemistry
3 Science of Pharmacy
3 Science of Physics
4 Magic is Educational
4 Increases Thinking Powers
5 Lesson 8
5 Mystery of the Traveling Numbers: a sum of numbers appears on a tissue paper
9 The Spirit Mathematician: another method
14 The Numbers on the Arm: another way to reveal
14 Rapid Banking: check and dollar bill transpose

Lesson 9

1 The Principles of Card Effects
1 The Rising Card Escape: selected card rises through the closed case
3 - The False Shuffle
3 - Double Card Lift
6 Sealed Card Mystery: two cards from deck match suit and value of one of three selections
9 - The Slip Change
11 - The Slit Corner Envelope
11 A Psychological Impossibility: 2nd selection becomes the first card selection
13 - Palming of a Card

Lesson 10

1 Confidence and Enthusiasm
2 Radiate Good Will and Pleasantness
2 Dignity - No Cheapness
2 Remember Always to Speak Distinctly
3 Appearance
3 Personality and Magnetism
3 Showmanship
5 Play Up Your Individuality
6 How to Present a Program
6 - Paraphernalia
6 - Arranging Your Audience
7 - Suggestions for Programs
8 - Your Opening Remarks
10 - See Other Magicians at Work

Lesson 11

1 The Penetrating Ring: a finger ring penetrates rubber bands on the fingers
4 The Jumping Rubber Band: jumps from fingers to fingers
6 Thumb Tie With Rubber Band: a thumb tie
10 The Japanese Thumb Tie: using cords
16 - To Make Japanese Cords for Tying

Lesson 12

1 Cards That Pass In the Night: cards from pocket to pocket
5 - The False Count
10 - If Other Numbers are Selected Instead
11 The Cards Up the Sleeve: cards transfer one at a time from one hand to the pocket
13 - Misdirection Palming
13 - Pocket Concealment
19 - Emergency Method
19 Cards Up the Sleeve - The Shoulder Method: a variation
22 - Pivot Card Vanish

Lesson 13

1 Review
4 Lesson 13
5 The Regular Pass: for cards
6 The Card Stab: selection is found by stabbing a knife in the deck
12 The X-Ray Knife: another card stab
15 The Magnetic Knife: yet another approach

Lesson 14

1 Introduction
2 The Force: Introduction
2 - The Jog
3 - In Case of Emergency
4 Producing a Card From a Whole Orange: with matching corner
7 - The Thumb Palm
10 The Card and the Banana: comedy effect with a letter from the Devil
16 The Bewitched Banana: a peeled banana is found split in number of sections matching a selection

Lesson 15

1 Introduction
1 Guide to Card Positions: card terminology for understanding sleights
3 Various Principles of Palming and Shifts
3 - Right Angle Slip Up Palm
3 - Oblique Slip Up Palm
3 - Right Angle Kick-In Palm
4 Bottom to Top Shifts
4 - Oblique Slip Up Palm Shift
4 - Index Finger Shift
5 - Thumb-Little Finger Shift
5 The Conjurer's Touch: performer instantly produced value and suit cards matching selection
8 A Mysterious Discovery: magician guides spectator's hand to two cards that indicate number of cards chosen and selected card
10 Marvello (T. Nelson Down): two selections transpose with indifferent cards in an envelope
15 Cards, Envelope, and Hat: paper with selected card named vanishes, and card is found in a hat

Lesson 16

1 Tack It: selected card sticks when pack thrown at a board
4 New Era Version of Card Through Handkerchief
7 Three Cards Through the Handkerchief: one at a time
10 Rising Cards Through Handkerchief

Lesson 17

1 Snap-It: a hat is given a snap and card selection jumps out
3 Flash Card Production: from a tambourine made from embroidery hoops
5 - Back Hand Palm
6 Mystery of the Glass House: selection in envelope transposes with card in glass

Lesson 18

1 Rising Cards: introduction
1 Cardini's Rising Cards: 5 cards rise one at a time, the last two together
5 The Rising Cards and Card Case: selections rise from deck in the case
9 Rising Cards From Glass Tumbler: using IT
13 - Suggestions

Lesson 19

1 The Enchanted Cards and Envelopes: cards rise from an envelope
5 Bewitched Rising Cards and Envelope: another version
7 Mysterious Bookmarks or Rising Cards from Book
9 A Book and a Card: impromptu card rise from a book
12 Rising Cards Through Hat: using IT, cards seem to penetrate a felt hat
13 Rising Cards Out of a Hat: another approach

Lesson 20

1 How to Please Your Audience
2 Keeping Up With the Times
4 Making an Impression
5 Maintain a Healthy Attitude Toward Magic
6 The Vanishing Wand: solid wands vanishes in a paper
9 King Solomon's Marriage Bands: approach to Afghan Bands paper cutting
11 Arrangement of Programs
12 I Want to Hear From You

Lesson 21

1 Sleight of Hand With Coins
2 Palming Used in Coin Sleights
2 - Front Flat Palm
2 - Pressure Palm
2 - Front Edge Palm
2 - Front Thumb Palm
2 - Back Thumb Palm
3 - Invisible Thumb Palm
3 - Finger Palm
3 - Curled Finger Tip Palm
3 - Curled Finger Tip Palm
3 - Front Finger Palm
3 - Back Finger Palm
3 - Front Finger Clip
3 - Back Finger Clip
3 - Closed Finger Palm
4 Holds Used in Coin Sleights
4 - Finger Tip Clip
4 - Two Finger Balance
4 - Thumb-Fingertip Horizontal Hold
4 - Thumb-Fingertip Vertical Hold
4 - Production Clip
5 - Pinch Clip
5 - Flat Finger Position
5 - Fist Horizontal and Fist Vertical Holds
5 Manipulation Methods for Vanishing a Coin
5 - Front Thumb Palm Vanish
6 - Top Pocket Vanish
6 - Front Flat Palm Vanish
7 - Front Finger Palm Vanish
7 - Thumb Grip Vanish
8 - Finger Palm Vanish
8 - Lift Up Vanish
8 - Invisible Thumb Vanish
9 - Le Tourniquet Vanish
9 - Pick Up Vanish
9 - Front and Back Finger Palming
11 - Back Finger Clip Vanish
12 To Get Rid of Coin After Vanishing It In Hand
12 The Elusive Change-Over Palm
13 The Thumb Change-Over

Lesson 22

1 The Homing Coins: two coins vanish and join the others in the hat
6 Invisible Money Transit: another version
10 The Coin in the Magical Envelopes: coin is found nested in envelopes twice, then package reverts back to original

Lesson 23

1 The Miser's Dream: multiplication of coins
7 The Coin, Envelope, and Handkerchief: coin vanishes from envelope to be found in a knot in a handkerchief
10 How to Vanish a Coin by Wrapping It In a Piece of Paper: the coin fold
12 The Passe Coins and Glasses: coins pass one at a time from one glass to another
16 The Passe Coins from Hand to Hand: four coins pass one at a time to the other hand
20 The Phantom Coin: two effects using a shell

Lesson 24

1 Humpty Dumpty Outdone: egg is broken in a handkerchief yet pulled out whole
6 The Egg Bag: a full egg bag routine
7 - Handkerchief: making an object vanishing handkerchief
7 - Egg Bag: how to construct
8 - Body Load
9 - How to Perform

Lesson 25

1 Review Lessons 13 to 24
3 I Am Saving You Money
4 Effect With Rabbits
4 The Modern Rabbit Box Production: with special apparatus
6 - How to Construct the Apparatus
7 - Secret and Patter
9 The Sucker Rabbit Box Vanish: spectator's think they know where the rabbit is but are proven wrong
10 - Special Rabbit Box: how to make it
10 - Secret and Patter
12 Milady's Hat Box Rabbit Vanish: Although it says vanish, this is a production using a cardboard box
15 The Unique Box Rabbit Vanish: vanishes from take-apart box

Lesson 26

1 Simplicity is the Key-Note of the Tarbell System of Magic
2 The Cut and Restored Ribbon: using TT
5 A Card and Ribbon Mystery: selected card becomes impaled on a ribbon
8 The Ghostly Ribbon - A Mysterious Cut (Ellis Stanyon): a ribbon is cut through and envelope but is undamaged
10 A Spirit Communication: a sort-of slate and number trick using card-boards
15 A Wandering Ribbon: ribbon vanishes from Pink envelope to be found in sealed blue envelope; uses a TT

Lesson 27

1 Famous Needle Trick: needles and thread are swallowed and pulled out strung
5 A Thimble Act: a thimble routine
6 - Paraphernalia: 16 thimbles, one special thimble, holders, and a glass tumbler
6 - Secret and Patter
7 - Preliminary Special Practice With Thimbles
7 -- Thumb Palming a Thimble
8 -- Back and Front Hand Palming With Thimble
9 -- Production of Thimble
10 -- Change Over Palm
11 -- Slow Thimble Vanish in Hand
12 -- Second Finger Hide-Away
13 -- Production of Thimble From Empty Left Palm
13 -- Pull Away Thimble Vanish
13 -- Production From Thumb Palm
14 -- Throw-Away Vanish
14 -- Two-In-One Color Change
15 -- Change Back to Original Color
16 -- Thumb Down Vanish
17 -- Transfer Color Change
18 -- Another Good Manipulative Move
19 -- Head Vanish
19 -- Mouth Vanish
21 -- Thimble Jump From Hand to Hand
21 -- Side Swing Jump Over
24 - Trouser Leg Production
24 - Hat Production
25 - Outline of Thimble Act
26 Miser's Dream With Thimbles
28 Some Interesting Thimble Vanishes
28 - Thumb Tip Vanish
28 - Phantom Thimble Vanish
29 - Small Paper Bag Vanish

Lesson 28

1 Silks
1 The Egg, The Glass, and the Handkerchief: egg and handkerchief transpose in a glass
6 The Wandering Handkerchief: Handkerchief passes from pocket to pocket, and more
11 The Silk and the Flame: silk produced from candle, candle vanishes, silk reappears, etc.
12 - How to Construct the Apparatus
13 - The Handkerchief Pull
16 The Candle, The Silk, and the Paper Tube: another version
17 - How to Construct Apparatus
18 The Educated Knot: knot in silk unties itself, uses IT

Lesson 29

1 Divisions of Modern Magic
1 Unlimited Opportunities in Magic
2 Specialization
2 Presentation
2 Creating of Effects
3 Experiments of Super-Mentality
4 The Chess Knight's Tour: a chess knight hits every square on the board and returns to original
8 A Mind Reading Act: Magician determines what was written on paper, using an assistant
12 The Yogi's Prediction: prediction on card matches number, city, day of week, color from the audience
14 The X-Ray Cards: magician determines card inserted into his half of the deck
17 Presenting the Mind Reading Act: with some cold reading tips
21 - Types of General Questions
22 Telepathic Pictures: magician matches a drawing

Lesson 30

1 Making Money With Magic
1 Be a Master
1 Sell Yourself
2 Be a Successful Showman
2 Make Your Magic Fit Your Audience
3 Make Money for Others
3 How to Get Started
4 Where to Start
4 What to Charge
5 What to Charge for a Full Evening's Show
5 How to Get Bookings
6 Advertising and Publicity
7 Window Cards
7 Folders for Mailing and Handing Out
8 For Your Printer
9 Business Cards
9 Business Stationary
9 Newspaper Advertising and Publicity
11 Arranging an Evening's Program
12 - Number of Acts
12 - Grouping of Effects
13 - Framing the Act
13 - Names of Effects for Programs
14 - Amount of Paraphernalia
14 - Use of Assistants
14 - Use of Music
15 Now, For Your Program Suggestions
15 Program No. 1
17 Program No. 2
19 Staging Your Program
20 Arrangement of Stage Setting
21 Wand From Pocketbook
22 Cigar From Pocketbook
23 Wand From Card Case
24 Silk Production From Hat
25 Chinese Production Box
27 A Rabbit Traveling Bag
27 De-Luxe Silk Production From Hat
29 Production of Rabbit From Silks
30 Chinese Box Vanish for Rabbit
31 Other Rabbit Bags

Lesson 31

1 Fundamentals In a Mind Reading Act
2 A Modern Crystal Gazing Act
6 Rapid Mental Transference: magician duplicates spectator's written number
10 A Good One Man Mind Reading Act: billet reading
15 Distant Mental Communication: distant assistant can determine objects placed on a table
17 Blindfold Card Reading: Magician pulls out selected cards from deck while blindfolded
21 A Mystic Discovery: magician names two card selections by two spectators; making the Devil's Deck

Lesson 32

1 Your Relation to Other Magicians
2 Ethics at a Magic Performance
3 Silk Handkerchief Magic
4 Mystic Knots
4 The Pull-Away Knot: a vanishing knot
5 The Dissolving Single Knot
6 The Speedy Single Knot: Instant know in a handkerchief
7 The Fade-Away Double Knot: two handkerchiefs tied in a double know are instantly untied
8 Quick Release Double Knot: real double knot converts to a slip knot
9 Leg Tie and Release With Handkerchief
10 The Magical Bow Knot (G.W. Hunter): instant bow knot in a handkerchief, which then dissolves
11 Chair Tie and Release With Bow Knot
11 Repeat Handkerchief Vanish: with comedy, adaptation of Oswald Williams routine
15 An Eggs-Tra-ordinay Eggs-Planation: sucker handkerchief and egg routine
20 A Sucker Handkerchief Vanish: impromptu
22 A One-Man Handkerchief Vanish: spectator is fooled while audience sees the trick; then everyone is fooled
25 The Sympathetic Silks: three silks tied, others become tied. Three are untied, and others are untied as well
27 - Another Counting Version
28 - Using a Chair Display for Counting Silks
28 - Varying the Effect
29 Elusive Silks: silk routine using a change bag
29 - How to Handle a Changing Bag
33 - A Good Comedy Ending

Lesson 33

1 Cigarette Magic
1 Cigarette Manipulation
1 The Push-In Vanish
2 The Pick-Up Vanish
3 The Pivot Vanish
3 Front and Back Hand Palm
4 The Throwing Vanish
5 The Pull-Away Vanish
6 To Vanish Cigarette Up the Nose
6 To Produce Cigarette From Ear
6 To Swallow a Cigarette
7 Vanish and Production of Paul Fuchs
8 The Multiplying Cigarette
9 The Change-Over Palm
10 The Burning Cigarette and Silk Handkerchief
11 The Phantom Cigarette: a real cigarette appears
13 The Vanishing Cigarette
14 The Vanishing Pencil: using a cigarette pull
14 The Dollar Bill In the Cigarette: serial numbers match
17 Catching Cigarettes In the Air: miser's dream with cigarettes
19 An Odd Cigarette Vanish: cigarettes moved from one box to another but vanish
20 Cardini's Floating Cigarette: cigarette rises and falls in a glass tube
22 To Produce Lighted Cigarette From Box

Lesson 34

1 Twelve Impromptu Effects With Cards
1 A Baffling Discovery: of five cards, last one removed from pocket is the selection
3 Royal Card Discovery: magician names bottom card of chosen packet
5 Birds of a Feather: magician and spectator's selections come together in the deck
7 The Thoughtful Joker: Joker helps magician discover two selections
9 Car Appearance At Selected Number
11 The Change-About Card: magician fails to cause selection to come to top of deck, but one of the cards turns into the selection
13 Find the Burglar: the King's find the selection
15 Thought Location: card counted to is found in magician's pocket
17 Another Method for Card In the Pocket
18 The Mystic Card Clock Dial: selection is found at missing clock dial arrangement
20 Location of Cards in a Hat Shuffle: magician pulls selections out of a hat
21 Selected Cards From Spectator's Pocket: spectator removes three selections from his pocket

Lesson 35

1 Sleight of Hand With Cards
1 Back and Front Hand Palming
4 To Produce Card
4 To Produce Cards In a Fan
5 Simplified Back and Front Palm
5 Production of Cards One at a Time From Back of Hand
6 Production of Cards One at a Time From Front of Hand
7 To Vanish Cards One at a Time and Produce Them Again
9 Color Changes With Cards
9 - The Phantom Pip: Three changes to Two and Back again
11 - Back Hand Color Change (Paul Fuchs)
12 - O pen Finger Color Change
13 - Slap Change: card changes with a slap of the hand
14 - Push Up Color Change
15 - Thumb Steal Color Change!
15 - Double Card Change: two cards change
16 - Slip Up Color Change
16 - Top Card Change: four methods
19 Bottom Dealing
20 Dealing Seconds
20 Modern Card Change
21 Single Hand Card Change
22 The Ribbon Drop: a card flourish
23 The Cascade: flourish
23 The One-Handed Cut

Lesson 36

1 More Card Magic
1 Production of Cards From the Mouth
2 Cascade Production from Boy's Nose
2 Easy Methods for Forcing Cards
3 - The Mathematical Force
4 - Forcing Bottom Card
5 - Force Behind Performer's Back
6 - The Circus Trick: a "think-stop" card trick using a force
7 - The Riffle Force: spectator is to think of a card as they cards are riffled; uses a short card
8 - Riffle Force With Unprepared Cards
9 - Forcing One of Four Cards on Table: three methods
10 - Forcing One of Four Cards by Using Deck
11 S- lip of Paper Force: card force using billets
11 False Counting
11 - The Slip Over False Count: count fewer cards as many
12 - The Put Back False Count: count off fewer cards off the deck than apparent
13 - The Pick Up False Count: count more cards than you actually do
13 - The Palm False Count: another method
14 Four Ace Effects
14 - The Wandering Aces: Four Aces assemble to a single packet
16 - Slippery Aces (Stanley Collins): another version
19 - Mystic Aces: another version
20 Rising Cards Through The Air
21 - Method 1: cards soar out of a glass into the hand; uses a reel
24 - Method 2: no mechanical apparatus needed; uses IT
25 Levitation of a Card: last card remains suspended in the air
27 Card Fountains: All cards fly out of a glass except the selection
29 - Method 2

Lesson 37

1 Oriental Magic
1 Chinese Color-Changing Coins: gold to silver to various colors
7 Chink-A-Chink: small weights assemble together
9 The Phantom Knot: a knot vanishes from a clothesline
11 The Mystic Knots: knots appear in a clothesline
13 To Untie The Knots Magically
14 Chefalo's Knot: double knot disappears on command
15 Mysterious Japanese Tie: two girls escape from a tape tie
17 The Chinese Burning Tapes: burnt and restored
20 Hindu Cut and Restored Turban: long cloth turban
23 Review: lessons 25 to 37

Lesson 38

1 Oriental Magic: continued
1 Jap-O-Tie: Tarbell version of Japanese Thumb Tie
3 The Mystic Smoke: clouds of smoke emerge from a pitcher
5 The Chinese Sticks: end of cords mysteriously rise and fall
10 The Climbing Balls: balls climb up rope contraption
12 The Disappearing Grain: grain vanishes from a can
13 The Hindu Jar of Grain: another vanish
14 The Productive Japanese Lantern: silks produced

Lesson 39

1 More Handkerchief Magic
1 The Handkerchief Ball
3 - To Produce Silk
3 - To Vanish Three Silks at Once
3 The Soup Plate and Handkerchiefs: handkerchiefs vanish and are found under a plate
7 Two Soup Plates and Handkerchiefs: uses two plates and no newspaper
8 The Twentieth Century Silks or The ittle Glass House by the Sea: vanished silk is found tied between two silks in a glass
12 - Another Comedy Version
12 Tarbell's Color Changing Handkerchief: changes color as it passes through the hand
14 Double Handkerchief Color Change
16 The Dyeing Handkerchiefs: handkerchiefs change color as they pass through a tube
21 Variations:
21 - The Chair Method
22 - Chinese Girl Assistant Method
22 - An Easy Get-Away
22 - The Pocket Method
24 - Further Suggestions
25 The Birth of Old Glory: silks to flag

Lesson 40

1 Character Analysis As Related to Magic: on character and on reading character
2 The Three Temperaments
2 - The Vital Temperament
2 - The Will Temperament
3 - The Mental Temperament
4 Character Unfoldment
4 Heredity and Environment Unfold Character
4 Necessity Develops Character
5 Stages of Unfoldment
6 The Four Sentiments
6 - The Commercial Sentiment - Vital
7 - The Protective or Economic Sentiment - Will
7 - The Evolution Sentiment - Mental
8 - The Individual Sentiment - Combination
8 How to Locate the Temperamental and Sentimental Development of the Face
11 The Commercialist
12 The Economist or Protectionist
13 The Evolutionist
14 Keynotes
14 Types of Salesmen
14 - The High-Pressure Salesman
16 - The Persuasive Salesman
17 Additional Principles and Effects in Handkerchief Magic
18 Blending of the Colors: another silks to flag effect
20 - Vesting
21 The Mystic Ribbons: tissues begin to burn and are tossed toward audience where they turn into ribbons and then into a large silk
24 The Penetrating Pocket Knife: handkerchief held by spectators at four corners, and a pocket-knife is pushed through it without harm to the silk
26 - Variations
26 The Indestructible Handkerchief: handkerchief in a frame is thrust through with a knife, yet is unharmed

Lesson 41

1 Billiard Ball Manipulation
2 The Routine With Billiard Balls
2 Adam and Eve: four balls appear and then vanish one at a time; uses standard multiplying balls set
13 Rainbow Billiard Balls: balls appear and then change colors and at the end are proven solid - uses white ball & shell, and yellow, green and red balls
14 - To Show Ball and Shell as Two Solid Balls
15 - Thumb Twist Method
17 A Mysterious Ball Transposition: red and green balls transpose in glasses, covered by handkerchiefs
19 Cups and Balls: for three paper coffee cups and sponge balls

Lesson 42

1 The Clean Cut Color Changing Handkerchief: using normal silks and a special apparatus
5 THe Vice Versa Color Changing Handkerchiefs (Arthur M. Pope): impromptu two silk color change
7 Handkerchief to Billiard Ball: using a special ball
8 The Elusive Rainbow (Bert Douglas): humorous 20th Century Silk presentation with surprise finish
11 Spot the Red: another version
12 Watch the Lemon (Bert Douglas): Lemon is to transfer to a tube, but only the pulp does
16 The Magic Chocolates (Bert Douglas): candy vanishes from jar and is found in a box
18 - Notes: another approach
19 Popping Corn in a Hat: kernels placed in a borrowed hat and heated with candle produce popcorn
23 Nursing Bottle From the Hat: comedy addition to above

Lesson 43

1 Coat and Hat Productions
1 Comedy Egg Production: so many eggs are produced from a hat that the spectator can't hold them all
7 A Master Hat Production: using the hat from above
7 Rabbit Productions
8 Rabbit Pockets
8 - Rabbit Coat Pocket
9 - Bat Wing Pocket
9 - Rabbit Vest Pocket
9 Suggestions for Handling Rabbit
10 An Unexpected Rabbit Production: hat is to vanish but instead produces a rabbit
12 Rapid Production of Rabbit From Hat
12 Novel Production of Rabbit From Hat
13 Easy Method for Rabbit From Hat Production
13 Silks and the Rabbit
14 Rabbit Production from Paper Ribbon
14 Rabbit Production from Gentleman's Coat
18 A Chicken Produced from Gentleman's Coat
19 Production of a Bottle of Milk or Liquor From Gentleman's Hip Pocket
19 Changing Rabbit to a Box of Candy: using special table
23 Sausages from Boy's Coat: spring sausages
24 General Hat Productions

Lesson 44

1 Chemical and Mechanical Magic
1 A Novel Transmission of Smoke (Ellis Stanyon): smoke blown toward a glass makes water get milky
3 Wine and Water: water poured into different glasses produces multiple liquids
6 Mechanical Magic
7 The Wandering Glass and Bottle: Bottle and glass transpose under cylinders
12 Comedy Version of Wandering Glass and Bottle: using an additional gimmick
14 Bottle, Bottle, Where's the Bottle?: spectator's can't find the bottle under one of three tubes
18 A Magical Transformation: confetti to candy in a vase, and then streams of ribbons; uses gimmicked vase
21 A Cooking Lesson: using a dove pan
23 The Welsh Rabbit: using a Welsh Rarebit pan

Lesson 45

1 Spiritualistic Magic
1 Fake Mediums Prey on Public
1 Physical Phenomena Exposed
2 Serious Investigation Made
3 Spiritualism and Magic
4 Modern Spiritualistic Magic
5 The Living and the Dead: magician names living or dead from slips of paper drawn from hat
7 - Method 2: magician can call out name before unfolding strip
9 - Method 3: names are written on cards and sealed in envelopes
10 - Method 4: using slips of paper and the one ahead principle
11 - Method 5: slips are burned and yet magician names dead people
13 - Method 6: variation of method 5
13 - Method 7: method with an assistant
14 Spirit Photography: selected card becomes photographed on a blank photo paper
17 - Method 2
17 The Psychic Paper: balled-up cigarette paper gets number written on it and in appropriate color as selected by spectator
20 Spirit Slate Writing
20 Double Slate Writing
20 - Method 1: Answer to question is found written on a tied slate; using flap slate
23 - Method 2: no flap method
24 Single Slate Writing
24 - Method 1: message appears on single slate, using a flap
25 - Method 2: a washed slate gets a message
25 - Method 3: un-gimmicked slate
26 A Parlor Séance
26 Pencil Rapping: using a pencil seemingly held stationary to produce knocks
27 The Touch of Mysterious Fingers: actions happened at table though hands are held
29 Gysel's Method (Robert Gysel): some more approaches to the above

Lesson 46

1 More Spiritualistic Magic
1 The Dark Séance At the Table: effect happen at a table even though performer's hands and feet are touching
6 The Dark Circle: performed seated in a circle away from a table
8 Gysel's Mysterious Lights (Robert Gysel): floating lights appear
9 Dr. Bridge's Thought Projection (Dr. Milton A. Bridges): spectator names number sealed in an envelope
11 The Siberian Chain Escape: magician instantly escapes from a chain
13 - To Bind a Spectator: so he can't escape
13 The Cabinet Séance: good for stage
18 Another Good Tie: although hands are tied behind back, magician is still free
19 The Throw-Away Coat Tie: coat is instantly removed and replaced behind a screen even though hands are tied

Lesson 47

1 Chinese Linking Rings
2 Mr. Eugene Laurant's Chinese Linking Rings: Uses a set of eleven rings, standard 8 set plus two extra singles and one extra key
23 Herman Weber's Emergency Routine: uses two singles and a set of two, no key

Lesson 48

1 More Oriental Magic
1 Tarbell's Mysterious Firecrackers: colorful firecrackers change colors, good for children's shows
5 Kodak's Balloon and Silks: silks vanish and appear when a balloon is popped
6 Ching-A-Ling Chinese Lantern Production: production of lanterns, etc. from a folding Chinese lantern
10 The Hindu Mango Tree Growth: seed grows to a mango tree
14 Tarbell's Hindu Plant Growth: another version
18 Comedy Flower Growth: use throughout your show

Lesson 49

1 Specialty Chinese Magic
2 Production of a Large Bowl of Water
7 Production of a Stack of Four Bowls of Water
11 Chinese Production of the Four Bowls
12 Production of a Child
12 Modern Production of Bowl of Water on Table: adapted to modern dress, uses a special table
14 The Vanishing Bowl of Water: using special bowl and tray
17 Chinese Production of Doves: from an empty bowl
19 The Mysterious Self-Filling Lota: bowl keeps refilling even when emptied
21 Ching Ling Foo's Magic Water Can: can be shown empty or can pour out liquid
22 Mystery of the Paper Ball, Egg, Frog and Baby Chicken: a ball is supposed to transfer under another bowl, but changes to an egg, then a frog and finally a chick
25 Review: Lessons 38 to 49

Lesson 50

1 The Tarbell Rope Mystery
2 Method A: 7 foot rope is tied in a loop, cut in the middle, restored, and can be handed out
3 - About the New Gimmicks
4 - How to Sew on Snap Fasteners: not necessary with new gimmicks
11 Method B: starting with a straight rope
13 Method C: appears to start with a brand new package of clothesline
14 Method D: another version
17 Method E: seems that the spectator's do all the work
18 Method F: simple method requiring no gimmicks

Lesson 51

1 Illusions
2 Simplicity is the Watchword
2 The Law of Growth
3 The Mystery of King Tut: assistant wrapped in blanket transposes with audience member; for stage
9 Who and Which: assistant is tied in a sack but transposes with performer
13 - First Variation
13 - Second Variation
14 Who and Which By Simple Method: no spcial scree needed and only two people needed

Lesson 52

1 Building Illusions
2 Black Art Illusions
2 Apparatus: Black Curtain, Screen, Cloth, etc.
6 The Elusive Hindu: Another performer & Assistant transposition
8 A Daughter of the Sun: Assistant vanishes under an altar
11 The Mystery of the Girl in the Trunk: two assistants transpose between a trunk and a screen
14 The Phantom Flight: assistant vanishes from behind screen

Lesson 53

1 Escape and Substitution Illusions
1 The Substitution Trunk Mystery: almost instant transposition of assistant with performer in a trunk
9 The Canvas Box Mystery: another magician/assistant transposition in a canvas frame
13 The Packing Box Escape: magician escapes from curtained, examined box
18 The Paper Bag Escape: performer escapes from paper bag with ties still intact
20 The Bonbon Paper Bag Escape: another version

Lesson 54

1 The Black Art Table
2 My Society Special Table: portable
4 How to Operate Black Art Wells
4 To Vanish a Billiard Ball or Similar Small Object
4 To Vanish an Orange or Larger Article
5 To Vanish a Glass Tumbler
5 To Indetectably Change One Glass for Another
6 The Color Changing Silks
6 Hat Productions
7 The Card Slot
7 The Treasure Chest: a production box
9 The Chinese Pigeon Production: from a stage easel
11 Thayer's Super-Vanish of Doves: with special table and box

Lesson 55

1 The Egyptian Mummy - The Rebirth of a Princess: assistant appears in a mummy case
7 The Mystery of the Dancing Girls: six assistants appear out of an empty cabinet
10 The Doll House Illusion: a real person comes out of a doll house

Lesson 56

1 The Human Sword Stabbing Illusion: general article
3 The Sword Box: swords are thrust through a box, yet the assistant inside is unharmed
6 The Penetrative Steel Bars: similar effect with assistant standing in the box
11 Sawing a Woman in Half: sawing in a box

Lesson 57

1 The Chinaman, The Ghost and the Cat - a Chinese Fantasy: a pantomime story & illusion for stage
15 The Mystery of the Three Ghosts: another stage story & illusion

Lesson 58

1 The Phantom of the Circus: another full pantomime illusion/act for stage

Lesson 59

1 Making the Box Office Pay
6 The Changing World
6 Your Place in Magic
10 Directing Your Show
12 Club Entertaining
14 The Educational Field
15 Chautauqua and Lyceum
15 Various Other Entertainment Places
16 The Vaudeville Field

Lesson 60

1 Advertising and Publicity
2 Making Magic Pay Its Way
3 The Folder: with samples
8 The Small Folder
8 Your Letterhead
10 Writing Letters
10 Types of Letterheads: with samples
12 Your Business Card: with samples
14 Window Cards
15 Examples of Window Cards
19 Mailing Cards
19 Window Displays
20 Posters: with examples
20 Photographs: with examples
27 Newspaper Publicity: with examples
29 Newspaper Ads: with samples
34 Advertising Sense