J. Dazley Theobald: The Amateur Magician
Theobald, J. Dazley: The Amateur Magician
The Science & Art of Conjuring & Magic
©1880 (circa) J. Theobald & Co., London
Hardcover, 31 pages
Theobald: The Amateur Magician
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Comments: Provides brief descriptions of the effect - usually enough to perform or figure it out, but not a lot of detail.

Contents (from book):

5 Preface

7 Introductory
7 Discourses of Magicians In General - and the Mystic Art, for and against

10 Chapter II
10 the Broken Watch Restored, or The Time-Keeper that Went Fast
11 The Chameleon Rose: white rose changes to red
12 The Wonderful Rods: magician knows which rod put in a tube
12 The Mystic Dancers: figures move under a glass

13 Chapter III
13 The Mystic Family: a borrowed coin turns into a small figurine in a vase
14 The Mysterious Watch Box: a watch vanishes from a box and is found in a loaf of bread

14 Chapter IV
14 The Magic Corks: six corks multiply to ten
15 The Dissolving Pile of Halfpence: the cap and pence, or stack of coins
15 The Magic Handkerchief Case: a production tube
16 The Mysterious Handkerchief of the Bewitched Candle: burnt handkerchief is restored and a candle vanishes
17 The Finger Through the Hat: with a fake finger
17 The Disappearing Cigars: in a clever box
18 The Black Cup: a special cup for coin vanishes

18 Chapter V
18 The Gold Fish and Bowl of Ink: bowl of ink becomes a bowl of goldfish
19 The Glass Vase and Rose: rose appears in an empty vase
19 Bottle of Wine Produced from a Box of Bran: an apparatus production
20 The Seed Barrel: barrel filled with seed becomes immediately empty
20 The Magic Card Box: a trick card box briefly described

21 Chapter VI
21 The Magi's Wand: stays suspended on the hand
21 The Vanishing Card: playing card transforms to a rose
22 The Enchanted Coffer: trick box seems to transfer coins from hand to inside of box
22 The Magic Reticules: production of multiple boxes from a hat
23 The Enchanted Flower Pedestal: box of rice changes to sweets, then roses
23 The Magic Hammer or Mysterious Disappearance: Hammer, cup and ball
24 The Great Egg Trick: quick description of the basic Egg Bag
24 The Dissolving Pack of Cards: deck of cards change to bran in a case - brief description of apparatus

25 Chapter VII
25 The Glass of Bran: glass of bran changes to nuts
25 The Magician's Omelet: borrowed rings dropped into an omelet, the omelet vanishes and birds appear with rings on ribbons
26 The Inexhaustible Box: description of a production box
27 The Feast of Lanterns: using the above box

28 Chapter VIII
28 A Thorough Exposure of so-called Spiritualism and Spirit Manifestations