Theobald J. Dazley: Magic and Its Mysteries
Theobald, J. Dazley: Magic And Its Mysteries
©1880 J. Dazley Theobald, Frederick Warne & Co., London
Hardcover, 144 pages
Dazley: Magic and Its Mysteries
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iii Preface

7 Chapter I
7 Brief But All-Important Hints: on being a magician
12 Conjuring Tables
13 Conjuring Dress
13 Conjuring Wands
14 Palming: for coin
14 The Pass: for coin

16 Chapter II
16 The Magic Halfpenny Box: coin vanishes in a box - uses shimmed coin
18 The Magic Marble Pedestal: a marble vase that does not use a shell
19 The Mystic Money-Box: coin vanishes from a gimmicked box
20 Magic Tele-graph Box: coin passes into a box
21 The Barber’s Pole: paper eaten is removed as a stream, and then a barber pole
22 The Marvellous Shower of Sweets: shower of sweets produced from handkerchief
24 The Wizard’s Egg and Mystic Bag: The Egg Bag
26 The Great Nose and Twine Trick: the nose is pierced with an awl and string pulled back and forth
29 The Magic Funnel: water pours from elbow through a funnel into a glass
31 The Mysterious Glass of Ink: glass of ink changes to water

33 Chapter III
33 The Changing and Burning Card Box
33 - For Two Boxes: two card boxes used for a card trick
35 - The Single Box: an alternative
36 The Mystic Bran Glass: glass of bran changes to sweets
37 The Mysterious Counter Pedestal: three counters placed in a vase multiply into a dozen
38 Mouchoir du Diable, or The Demon Handkerchief:a vanishing handkerchief
40 The Dissolving Pile of Halfpence: a metal mechanical trick
41 The Magic Dissolving Pack of Cards: a pack of cards placed in a case changes to sweets
43 The Wonderful Rattle Box: a coin is rattled in a box but vanishes
46 The Mysterious Candle and Bewitched Handkerchief: handkerchief is burned, and candle changes to handkerchief
49 The Enchanted Card and Rose: playing card to rose
51 The Mystic Family: stack of coins placed in a container change to a figurine

53 Chapter IV
53 Forcing Packs of Cards: a special forcing deck described
55 The Biseauté Pack of Cards: what we now refer to as the Svengali deck
56 Magic Spring Balls for Producing from an Empty Hat
57 Magic Spring Babies: similar spring characters for productions
58 The Mystic Fruit-Knife: borrowed coin is vanished and found in a fruit using a special knife
60 The Magic Birth of Flowers: an empty vase becomes filled with flowers
62 The Magic Flowers and Mysterious Bottle: wine is poured from a bottle, the bottle covered with a cylinder, and a vase of flowers appears
64 The Magic Millet Bell and Bushel of Seed: seed vanishes from bushel and is found under a bell, and a silver coin is left behind
66 The Magic Hammer and Ball: ball passes and repasses through a wood table - the Hammer, Cup and ball
68 The Mystic Sweet Wand: throws a shower of sweets
69 The Mystic Money Plate: the money plate described
70 The Goblets and Hat Trick: 50-100 tin goblet production

72 Chapter V
72 The Mysterious Glass Casket: a production casket described
73 The Magic Canister: handkerchief vanishes in a special vase and gloves are found instead
75 The Great Sack Trick: a sack escape described
77 The Dissolving Flag and Candle: a flag silk is vanished, and then a candle vanishes and becomes the silk flag
79 The Dissolving Egg and Handkerchief: a handkerchief and egg are show, the hands rubbed together and both vanish
81 The Mysterious Bran Bottle: wine is poured from a bottle, the bottle covered, and only bran is found
82 The Passe-Passe Bottle: bottles and glasses get mixed and change places
85 The Inexhaustible Bottle: four or five different kinds of wine poured from a single bottle
87 The Mysterious Ladle of Fire: a card can change in the ladle, or a card can be burnt and restored
89 The Mysterious Watch Mortar: watch is destroyed in a mortar and restored
94 The Mysterious Card Table: card is burnt on a pedestal, a cover placed over, and the card is restored

96 Chapter VI
96 The Magic Handkerchief and Bottle: a handkerchief is soiled with wine and restored clean
100 The Great Cannon-Ball Trick: production from a borrowed hat
102 The Magic Fish Bowls: production from a shawl
104 The Davenport Cabinet: items can be secretly removed when placed in this cabinet
107 The Jumping Card Box: chosen cards jump out of a box
109 The Magic Dove and Wine Bottle: dove flies out of a broken wine bottle
110 The Magic Lyre and Rising Cards: chosen cards rise one at a time from a Lyre
112 The Marvellous Chinese Lantern Illumination: production of lighted Chinese lanterns from a borrowed hat
114 The Cages of Enchantment: production of small cages from a hat
115 The Demon Cover: cup that can produce or vanish objects that it covers
117 The Mysterious Watch Box: borrowed watch vanishes from this locked box

120 Chapter VII
120 The Magic Bundle of Wood: a production item
122 The Candle and Mysterious Ribbons: the wick is pulled from a candle - resulting in yards of ribbon
124 The Mysterious Flower Garden: multiple flowers produced from a hat
126 The Magician’s Wonderful Drawer Box: the drawer box described, which can vanish or produce items
128 The Mechanical Chest of Drawers: Four cards are placed in the top drawer but one each is found in the lower drawers
130 The Inexhaustible Box: items can be continually removed from a box shown empty
133 The Magic Decanters and Mystic Pyramids: sherry and port are combined and separated again
135 The Magic Handkerchief Case: handkerchief placed inside turns into sweets
137 The Magic Omelete: eggs are burnt in a pan, covered, and change to doves; the dove pan described

139 Chapter VIII
139 Parting Advice: making up a programme, arranging performance, etc.