Thompson, J.G.: Magic To Delight
1970 Louis Tannen, Tannen Publishers
Softcover, perfect-bound, 6x9", 124 pages
Thompson: Magic to Delight
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Comments: Illustrations by R.L. Gustafson, Nelson Hahne, Ed Mishell. Lots of tricks, ideas, notes, and thoughts on magic packed into 124 pages with line drawings and photos throughout. Articles range from a short one paragraph idea for curing dry hands to full four page effects. Most assume some familiarity with card magic. Magic to Delight is laid out in two sections.


vii Introduction (John Braun): Some material from M-U-M and Linking Ring 1967-1968
viii Preface (J.G. Thompson Jr.): September 1st, 1969
11 Pop Up Lift Lift: double lift
11 Bo's Brother, Neat Peep: learning the name of a card
13 Any Number From the Top: positioning a card some number from the top
13 The Enforcer: a force
15 Show-Off: fancy deck cut
15 Cross Cut: another fancy cut
18 The Master Key: retaining the bottom key during a cut
18 Short Order: chosen card is sandwiched between 2 others face up
19 Underhanded: location card trick, must be seated opposite the spectator
20 Oh Yeah!: a variation of a simple key card location
21 I Have Your Number, Sir!: Card found at any number chosen by spectator
22 Just Color Me Derv: Ace of Spades trades places with spectator's selection
23 Like Attracts, Man!: A do as I do with 4 cards each
23 Topsy of the Turvy Clan: use of the Herrmann Pass
24 A is Four Aces: a Four Ace effect suitable for neophytes
28 Out of the Twi-Flight Zone: spectator locates his own selections
30 The Ultimate: a seemingly impossible finding of the spectator's card (Ted Annemann)
31 Smoker Joker: a joke about small cards...
31 The Traveling Joker Again: an Ambitious Card routine with improvements by Ned Rutledge
34 De Code, Ed! (Ouch!): a card prediction written in code is found to be correct when deciphered
34 Colorific, Cerebrum Comber: an opener wherein the selected card has a unique back color, which transfers to another card, then vanishes ***
35 Oh, Well!: a clever comedy presentation with a custom roughed deck (and how to make it)
37 Come-backer: The Queen keeps coming back amongst four 8 of Clubs
39 Home Sweet Home: tip on keeping cards in photo or credit card holders
39 Skinflint Mint: a miser's dream approach with two coins
40 Here and There: Silver coin vanishes, then transposes with a copper coin (no gimmicks)
41 What Coins?: An invisible coin turns visible, then two more coins appear but vanish, and the original coin turns from a Franklin half to a Kennedy.
43 Stretch Socks: Okito Box routine - half dollar penetrates handkerchief into glass when covered by box; moves into a one-by-one coin through the box & hand Okito box routine, then ends with a coin to ball of yarn. Uses expanded shell.
46 Tela-Coin Plus: a story to accompany the commercial effect
46 Whatever Happened to Bob Somerfeld?: a mentalist effect where a shape drawn previously matches one named by a spectator
47 In Stitches: Idea for using a Scotch Purse design for a newspaper headline prediction
48 One More Message: a single message reading; magician duplicates the message written on a business card
48 Loser's Bonus: a few suggestions for filling the "losers" envelopes during a Bank Night routine
48 A Wolf at the Keyhole: combination of the commercial Key-R-Rect with Bank Nite Routine
49 Rough Writer: idea for a Living and Dead mentalist effect
50 "Let's Make a Deal": Magician get's the $1000 envelope among 5
51 The Thought Catcher: Spectator chooses a category (such as 'color'), which is written on a card and sealed in an envelope. 5 other spectators each write a color, except one who leaves his card blank. The cards are sealed. Envelopes are mixed and returned, and the magician announces the category, locates the blank card without opening the envelopes, and returns the other cards to the spectators who wrote them.
53 Notes To You - All!: Piano player plays the tune whispered in magician's ear. Approach is pretty limited!
54 Peekaboo!: Mentalist method to transmit any of 64 designs to the receiver; with applications
58 What's In a Name?: Use your name as the magic word for name recognition
58 Dry Hands?: Product called Sortkwik
58 Have a Ball!: Use roll-on deodorant balls
58 Venetian Mysteries: Venetian blind used to instantly reveal a card
59 Red Eagle: Using a specific pencil that writes red to look blue, and an accompanying idea
59 Flap Flap: a mini Flap Slate routine
60 Mark I: Routine for the commercial Swindle Pips by Roydon's Magic & Satan's Colors by B&K Enterprises (neither currently available, I believe)
62 Mr. Finnegan: A ring (1.5 inches or so) and string You Do As I Do routine
65 Double Ring Ceremony, II: Full routine featuring: rope, Ellis Ring, and balls and a tube. Starts with knot magic with rope and silk and moves into some ring and rope effects. References other works for some of the effects, however, so a full explanation of all the effects is not provided here.
69 Run With It: a collection of quick ideas
70 Sweet Williams: ideas for doing money magic, with references to Phoenix, The New Phoenix, and Hugard's Magic Monthly
70 What's Cooking?: Ideas for a Magic Chef routine
71 Whiskey Rebellion: ideas for a "drinking" routine
71 Spectator - Magician: allowing the spectator to do the magic, without knowing how
72 20/20: ideas for spectator performed card tricks
73 Slate Tete-a-tete: another Flap Slate routine, with references to routines in The Jinx, Phoenix, Pentagram, etc.
74 Phoenix: using flash paper in a torn and restored paper
74 Tut, tut!: Idea for the toy that doesn't allow the mummy to be put back in its casket
75 Topper Load: a quick hat load
75 A Lota Cow Juice: Combine a Lota with Milk and a Improved Milk Pitcher for a running gag
75 Just For You: a clever follow up for spectator selection using a ping pong ball
76 Off We Go...(Jack Chanin): ring (bracelet size) off ring routine
78 Ring-a-ring-ring: Red ring (bracelet sized) strung on rope, rope draped in hat with ends out. Yellow ring also dropped in the hat. When pulled out, the yellow ring is on the rope, the red ring is off.
80 One Night of Mystery: high level description of an International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) stage show with a spooky scene

Part II: Part two consists of new ideas and approaches for existing commercial magic tricks. Since this book was written in the late 1960's, many of these effects are not available, or it is unclear what the "current" version might be from an old name. It could be fun tracking down old magic catalogs from this period and linking the old effects to their current (if any) versions. Also, there are several effects in this section that do work for effects existing today.

83 Foreword: intro by J.G. Thompson, Jr.
83 Out of the Mouths Of: Bill Nord's Skull and Chain holds the selected card.
84 Marlotic: combination of Roydon's Hypnotic and Will DeSeive's Marla card effects
85 Three-decker: Thompson's Super-Strip Deck, how to make it and a routine
86 Simon's Ware: two effects using Bill Simon's card control from his Effective Card Magic: The Inexpensive Spread; A Stab in the Pack
87 Phantastic: a variation on an effect by Royden's Magic Co., explained well enough you could build it yourself using cards, shims, and magnets
90 Some More Thoughts Penetrate: some further thoughts based on Dai Vernon's Penetration of Thought from The Dai Vernon Book of Magic.
94 Never Trust An Ace: Thompson's full tricky Ace routine, formerly called Circus Aces
100 On the Spot: routine with Everett Lyda and Ormond McGill's On The Spot, a 12 card effect featuring colored dots
102 Sixteen to Six: a nice routine for the locking Dime & Penny
103 I'll Be D----d!: a nice routine for Dental Dam, coins, and a paddle
104 A Good 5cent Pass: a coin through the handkerchief effect using Marconick's Coin Thru
106 Driver's Test: with Conrad H. Haden's Traffic-Lite color changing checker
107 ...Of Many Colors: a doctor's office visit using Gene Gordon's Quintupaddle paddle effect
108 ...Before Your Eyes: for Royden's Spooky Spots
109 Sticks-n-stones Will Break: routine for a 3 stick version of Jumping Gems (paddle effect)
109 Crosses Across: a quick business card effect based on Carlyle's Cards (Phoenix No. 196) and Christopher's Double Cross (Tarbell Course In Magic Vol 3)
110 The Extraordinary Puzzle Ring: a approach to using a puzzle ring that falls apart when removed and is almost impossible to put back together
111 Glorpy Is Here!: suggestions for Glorpy, using an Imp Bottle and/or Prayer Vase
113 Safety Pin - up, II: Safety pin magic; see Thompson's Safety Pin-up from his Top Secrets of Magic; also references other safety pin routines such as Piff, Paff, Pouf from Greater Magic
117 Them There Looney Balls: routine for Al D. Sevia's version of the cups & balls, Lunaballs. Likely adaptable to standard cups
119 Amaz-u, Bub?: E.J. Moore's Amaz-U for billet magic
121 Wand-a-blok Like New, Man: Mark Jacob's Wand-A Blok handling
123 So It Has: nice distraction for a rabbit vanish
123 So Long: New handling for part of Paul Young's The Professor's Nightmare, or Equally Unequal ropes. Gives handling for the portion to cause the similar ropes to change back to their original lengths