Thompson, J.G.: Top Secrets of Magic
1956 Tannen Magic, Inc.
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 27 pages.
Top Secrets of
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Comment: "Routined Mystification with Small Objects." I've found all the books I've read of J.G. Thompson's to be highly entertaining, and full of good practical magic and a good sense of humor. This volume includes a 3 Shell Game and an extensive chapter on the Cups & Balls. Recommended.


vii Introduction by Harry Blackstone
ix Preface by J.G. Thompson, Jr.

13 Chapter 1: Pasteboard Presto
13 Challenge Blindfold Card Routine: Oscar Weigle. Impromptu 4 revelations
16 Once in 635,013,559,600: J. Russel Duck: Wherein a man is hustled at a game of Bridge
20 Unabridged: J. Russel Duck: A bridge deal
22 The Traveling Joker (J.B. Bobo): The lone black card in a stack of 26 reds jumps about (ambitious card)
26 Sleight Intended: A check list of card sleights for the novice and expert, recommended after 33 years of selecting and rejecting. Each listing provides a reference, some include descriptions of how to perform the sleight.
26 Controls: Hindu shuffles (4 types), Slap Location, Kelly Bottom Placement, Simon Card Control, Vernon Multiple Card Pass, Hermann Turnover Pass, Moore Hocus Pocus Pass, Histed Pocket Pass
26 Changes: Glide, double lift, card exchange, Curry turnover change, slip change, Elliot's card change, Lamonte cut change, Daley switch, Color Changes (3 types), E.J. Color Change, Morgan Flip Switch (described).
28 Forces: Classic, Holt Rocking Chair, Bee Perfect Professional, Searles So Simple (described), Butler Fan Force (described)
31 Miscellaneous: False Shuffle: overhand and blind riffle shuffle, False cuts straight and fancy, Reversing a Card Clyde Cary, Peeks: bottom, top, Bottom Up, Solution for Lost Card, Biddle Vanish, Palm (briefly described)

32 Chapter 2: Peas and Cues: A shell game routine about grandpa getting swindled

37 Chapter 3: Two Minds Get Together: multiple predictions using a stack of white blank business cards

44 Chapter 4: Strike One: manipulative magic using paper match books (nice!)

56 Chapter 5: Spheroid Skulduggery: One in the hand, two in the pocket using small balls and a small skull (other objects could be substituted)

64 Chapter 6: Safety PinUp: linking safety pins. A full routine with some gimmicked and regular safety pins (and how to gimmick them)

73 Chapter 7: Double Ring Ceremony: lengthy routine using the Jardine Ring, a rope, ball, tube and more.

83 Chapter 8: Tarot Telepathy: Card divination using a stooge

89 Chapter 9: Hoiman, The Spirick: A "spirit" buzzer routine. Would need vamping up in today's electronic market

93 Chapter 10: Cups & Balls: Three routines. One using gimmicked paper cups and minimal sleights, one using standard cups, and some ending moves for the Benson Bowl routine

108 Chapter 11: Strictly One Sided: paddle routines
108 Jumping Gems: using Ken Allen's commercial paddles
110 Mystery Paddle: using a commercial Edward O. Drane & Co. paddle set with coins
115 Thompson's Magic Maker: use of a paddle as a "wand"

117 Chapter 12: The Real Top Secrets: An essay for beginning magician on creating and developing magic routines, includes "Presto", a coins through the table routine.