Thompson, J.G.: The Miracle Makers
1975 J.G. Thompson, Jr.; Lloyd E. Jones Magic Unlimited; Lee Jacobs Prod
Hardcover, w/dj, 306 pages
ISBN 0-915926-11-3
J.G. Thompson The Miracle Makers
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Comments: Illustrated by Ned Rutledge, Harry G. Franke. "Some Boulevards to Entertainment". I really like J.G. Thompson's style of writing and would recommend any of his books for that reason alone. In addition, there are lots of great effects in here. J.G. Thompson provides lots of credits and references for many of the classics in magic. In several effects in this book, the full method is not described and the reader is references to other write-ups available in the 1970's. Not a beginner's book, but most of the material is quite accessible by the average magician. Lots of clear B&W photographs.


ix Preface (J.G. Thompson, Jr.): seems to be a farewell statement; possibly this was J.G.'s last book?
xi Introduction (Karl Fulves): 29 Aug 1974

1 Chapter 1
1 A-See-Du-See: An AH and 2H change places, then turn to Spades (Double/Triple lifts; glide)
3 The Shadow Nose: A spectator "stabs the deck" with a card, right at the selection! Uses a clever card shooting action.
6 The Aces' Dozen (Lin J. Searles): An Ace Assembly (Secret Addition, double lift, Invisible Reverse)
10 The MK Turning Aces (Mrs. Bianca Lopez): A "Twisting the Aces" type routine; Aces turn face up one at a time, then change back colors (8 cards and Thumb Break Count)
16 Those Gemini Boys - A and B) (John Hamilton): Performer never touches the deck. 2 spectators select and bury cards in the deck, then they deal to their selections at the same time (one face up and other face down). Both arrive at selections at the same time.
18 Miss Match?: Uses matchboxes that have printed on them miniature cards (different on each side, but shown as the same). Card is selected, and matchbox is "changed" to match the card.
20 Think (William Woodfield): Performed seated. A simple but daring method to have two spectators pick the only two blue backed cards in a red backed deck (deck switch)
23 Saga of Old "Red" Baloo (S. Leo Horowitz and Alton C. Sharpe): Red deck is riffle shuffled and spectator says "stop" (say at 9H). Blue deck spread to reveal 9H reversed in deck, with a Red Back, and original 9H is found to be only card with a Blue back.
29 Way Out Fission: A 5 card "Monte" type effect using one double facer in a packet of 5 cards. (Glide, Elmsley Count, Modified Elmsley Count)
31 Dotternot: A tip on how Fox Lake / Aviator Cards can be used as one way backs
32 Double Discovery (Annemann): A one-way deck "flash" discovery
33 The Really Do, Daisies, i.e. (Ed Marlo): an approach to marking cards
35 Well...Not Really: a section on flourishy card shuffling
36 Part 1: in really mixing a deck
39 Part 2: apparently mixing the deck
44 Head 'em off at the Pass: a quickie card trick using the Herrmann Turnover Pass
47 Bottoms Down: deck is cut but bottom card is retained
49 Dom Slick, Wot? Bring bottom card to top while cutting (Dom Cervas)

51 Chapter 2: On gimmicked decks. lots of credits, magazine and book references. Entire chapter written as one article (but broken up below)
53 Mental Video: from Linking Ring Dec 48
55 Red and Blue Futurama (Jinx No. 61): Writing on the cards
56 The Future Deck (Jack Vosburgh): more writing on cards and the use of a Si Stebbins Stack
59 V Double U W Deck: another Svengali Variation
59 Peek Deck (Dr. Franklin V Taylor and Bruce Elliot): How to construct the deck and a few variations & ideas
61 Telomatic Deck: discussion of this deck as marketed by Stuart Robson. An interesting essay on tracking down the "author" of an effect
64 Svengali Deck: more on this deck, some variations, tips, and info on Lu Brent. Includes Gerald Kosky's The Perfect Prediction, E.L. Whitford's End Stripper Svengali, and more.
69 A Red and Blue Note: magician determines value of selected card, and the selection is the only red card in a blue deck.
72 Rough and Smooth Principle (Ralph W. Hull, Robert Houdin): Lots of references, includes Ultra Wave Deck (described and tips); Nu Idea Forcing Deck (Hull); and more
76 Da Deck (Double Action Deck): with ambitious card routine
78 Super Strip Deck: and how to make one
79 14-15 Force Deck (Charles T. Jordon): how to modify to a 14 always force
81 Mental Utopia: spell any card
82 Bravissimo: a variation of Fred Mosteller's Spell Card Trick
84 The Prize Winner (Bill McCaffrey): Missing card found in a hat, with variations
89 Rutledge Index (Ned Rutledge): card index and its use
90 Prediction Supreme (Edward H. Hopkinson): produce named, missing card instantly; with variations
93 Saturday Spectacular: ultimate tricked out effect - blue backed stacked deck, red-back stacked deck, Telomatic Deck, Reverse Svengali, Ultra Wave, Spectrum Pack (all previously described)

99 Chapter Three
99 The Cards and Pellets: Mentalism effect with lots of history and variations
110 Some Early Original Routines: Routines Numbers One through Four
114 Some Modern Methods
122 Some Summary
123 Some After-Thoughts

125 Chapter Four
125 Unenfolded: a coin fold
129 Finger Tips: a tip on easing the first two coin steals in Ross Bertram's Passing the Half-Bucks in Stars of Magic
131 Half Wet: coin production with the aid of a glass tumbler (almost impromptu)
133 Budd-Ha-Ha-Papers: Some ideas on the Buddha Papers and an idea using a locking shell coin
135 Infinitesimal Card Trick: gimmicking a miniature deck of cards and a mini-crystal ball alternate ending
140 Moo-La-La: Lippincott coin box routine - coin penetrates box and falls into glass
144 Half Desilvered: half dollar and English Penny transpose (uses C/S and shell)
147 The Wonderful Ones: four quarters are produced from a single (uses 1 magnetic quarter, 1 steel shim quarter, 2 regular quarters)
151 Half Back: a routine using a lever-action coin (quarter shell)
157 Haf-to-Go: Half dollar thru playing card into a glass (uses mag & steel core halves and 2 cards, one gimmicked)
160 Ultra Blast: a clever routine using Blasted, Jr. (Tannen's); C/S coin with shell, pill bottle, Johnson Mag C/S, and regular copper
162 Care and Feeding of Truck Coins (Sheldon M. Atterbury): Care of your magic coins. Storing; cleaning; repairing of shells, inserts, and folders; feeding
167 Skoal! On the Okito Box and references to Bey and Ganson. Photos are of the older style 1/2 and 1/2 box.
168 Down In Front: Inserting a card between the coin and the box
170 Thompson Turnover Toss: a move to open the "tricked" box but showing it as normal
170 Outside In: secretly placing the coin into the box
173 Case Number 1: use of a mag coin for an effective penetration
174 The Magna Coin Box: J.G. Thompson Jr's routine for this Johnson product; consists of a Boston Box with lid and several gimmicked coins
180 The Magna Coin Box: An Appendix
185 Quarter Session: Milt Kort's O-Korto collection: German/Boston/Okito/Too-Small box
188 Lightweight Champ: some tips and uses for a magnetic Okito box by Johnson Products
192 Senserama: routining for Johnson Products' Quarterama Box

197 Chapter Five
197 The Other Side: a comedy three-sided sign
200 A Gilhoolie: an opening routine featuring silks. Not fully detailed; references Top Secrets of Magic
204 Felt Fine: tip on using stick-on felt or Johnson & Johnson Heavy Black Plaster
204 In My Cups: modifying a Scope bottle cap to make a small Chop Cup
205 A Presentation for Bell of Bombay: a Chop Cup routine originally designed for the ornamental brass cup and ball set sold by Penguin Magic Co (of the 60's-70's) but adaptable for other Chop Cups
207 Hip Bones: an idea on using rounded dice
208 A Small Tribute: Harry Blackstone and why fire engines are red
209 Mental Block, Buster: solving Parker Brothers, Inc.'s Instant Insanity puzzle (still available!)
211 Triplets: a tip for the effect "A Thimble Full or Salt"
211 The Difference Between a Begonia and a Double Begonia: a poem
212 TV or Not TV: tearing papers helps the magician find the "selected" paper
213 Die Trying: an interesting die (dice) prediction
215 Presence of Mind: Idea for mentalist routine. Guest (audience) guesses what's in the gift box
216 Magic Hip (Michael Bailey): Magic Square effect
218 Transparent Thoughts: Mentalist routine taking advantage of a felt-tipped pen's tendency to bleed-through
220 Once Over Lightly: Mentalist determines what is written on a note sealed in an envelope
222 Two Edded: Mental effect using an (Ed) Mellon Quantimental Stand and an Ed Marlo effect from ESP Handbook
226 The Spirit Ring: a straightforward Ring on Wand effect using an un-gimmicked ring and wand
228 An Eye for a Camel: Jardine Ellis (Dunan Lorne Campbell) Ring on String effect
232 Shellis: A Quick paced ring (Ellis type) through the table with two cardboard cards
235 Some Reel Magic with William: a bill to bill-tube reel vanisher set-up
236 Terrific Traffic Checker: routine for Conrad H. Haden's Traffic-Lite Color Changing Chip
237 Rupert, the Rambling Robot: card prediction using a wind up robot and a mini-deck of cards
240 Cuttin' Up: a cut and restored rope and "pull" gimmick
242 Bizy Piz: a clever use of nesting pill bottles to produce a silk
245 And You Too: A card stand spells messages using randomly selected lexicon cards
246 R.I.P.: Comedy card to display during your performance when something goes wrong (and right!)
248 The Golden Fleece: a small ball routine using 1/2 inch balls; 4 of one color and 2 of another, along with a small bottle (like an IMP bottle) around a Genii patter

257 Section II Mental Echo (Dr. Stanley Jaks and J.G. Thompson, Jr.): a full mentalist routine based on the props used in Syl Reilly's Brain Echo and held secret for 20 years. A form of a Book Test.
266 Patter for the Brain Echo presentation: summarized

269 Section III Footprints: J.G. Thompson signature pieces
271 An Unexpected Visitor Vanishes: coin routine using Enardoe's Mystery Paddle and a penny shell
275 Before the Presses Roll! Newspaper headline prediction
281 He Did It! News story of Fred Kolb's successful use of the Newspaper Prediction
282 The Enchanted Crystal Casket: three cards rise while the deck is encased in a remote, locked crystal casket. How to build it and full presentation
290 Presto: Four coins through the table, with no gimmicks. Performed seated with full details.
304 Moonlight Madness: an idea for improving a mentalist's "light" rig