Tong, Dan: Dan Tong's Cabaret
©1999 Dan Tong, TDC Productions, FL
Softcover, saddle-stitched,  5.5x8.5", 14 pages
Dan Tong:
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Rrath


Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers): 

1 Torn & Restored Newspaper
2 Weigle's Three To One
3 The Malini Egg Bag
4 C & R Rope
5 Pentagon Test
6 The Bill In The Can
7 The Fourth Eye
8 Two Card Revelation
9 Rise
10 Lejun
11 Astral Encore: magician names hidden card using a special deck
12 Linking Rings: uses a Key ring, single, set of 2, and 1 oversize ring
13 Linking Paper Rings
14 White's Epic