Tong, Danny: The Close Up Magic of Danny Tong
1979 by Magic Art Book Co.
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 30 pages
Close Up Magic
              of Danny Tong
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Comment:  This book is more like lecture notes as the illustrations don't provide details of the effects, the descriptions are concise, and some moves are assumed to be known by the magician. With that understanding, there is some good magic here. Typewritten pages. Illustrated by Mike Tucci.


1 Coins to Glass: uses just 4 half dollars and a stemmed glass
3 Coin Switcheroo: Copper / Silver transposition performed seated
5 Copper Silver Brass: Uses one copper, one silver, one brass, and one copper / silver coin
7 Another Copper Silver Brass: using just copper, silver, and brass coins: the silver coin is removed from the left hand which contains all three coins, but the silver and the copper and brass coins change placed
8 Milliken's Transpo: two halves and two quarters transpose. Uses just one extra half dollar
9 Net Ball: small balls pass from hand to hand. References the Vernon Book of Magic and The Linking Ring June 1957 for a description of moves.
13 Nut & Bolt: the nut penetrates the table twice, then is found screwed onto the bolt (somewhat vaguely described)
14 Cup And Balls: Uses one cup (not a Chop Cup), four balls, and a wand. Performed seated. Three balls vanish one by one and are all found in the cup in three different phases. This is more of a Net Ball routine using a cup to hold the balls rather than a cup and ball routine, though, as there are no cup penetrations performed.
16 Color Change: a deck color change
17 Mental Scales (Rutledge/Thompson): Spectator cuts off a portion of the deck, counts down some number of cards, and remembers the selection. Magician spreads the cards and removes a portion, which is found to have the same number as counted by the spectator, and the magician also reveals the selection.
18 Tax Collectors: The Four Kings collect the selected cards. Uses the Tilt.
19 Ace Assembly: The four Aces assemble in one pile
20 Jap Aces: Four Aces turn into four kings, which are dealt to the table, the last King clearly shown. The Kings then turn back into Aces.
21 Bonus Section
22 Further Than That (Stuart Judah): a spelling card trick that results in a Royal Spade Flush
23 M.M. Miracle (Ned Rutledge, from Card Party): Spectator's selection is placed face up in a packet, but vanishes and appears face up on the Magician's packet
24 I'm An X-Ray (Ned Rutledge, again from Card Party): Spectator places a mark on the back of one card, magician finds it while the cards are face up.
26 Vanishing Water (Roy Walton, from Ibidem #34): a red/black arrangement turns to one half all black, and the other half four Aces
28 Countdown (Roy Walton): prediction cards match the number of cards found in three packets
30 Bill Antics (Dan Tong After Tenkai): A couple of "figures" are shown with two folded bills, then one bill transfers magically to the other hand