Tong, Dan: Restaurant & Table Magic
©1970 (1st) Dan Tong, Florida
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 18 pages
Restaurant &
              Table Magic
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Restaurant &
              Table Magic
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Comments: Note: there is a revised edition, so be sure the version you are getting has the contents you are looking for. I believe the revised edition adds: The Big Table, Card on Ribbon, Two Card Revelation, $1,000,000 Mystery, and Addenda.


1 Card to Wallet: three routine outlines, assumes the reader knows the basics
1 - Routine #1
1 - Routine #2 No Palm Method
1 - Routine #3 No Palm, No Top Change Method
2 Coin Assembly: using four half dollars and one Chinatown Half, with a Jumbo Coin climax
4 Sponge Balls: for three sponge balls, assumes some familiarity with sponge ball moves
5 Ring on Stick: using a stick, a ring, and a duplicate
7 Chop Cup: routine with standard Chop Cup and two large loads
8 Homing Ring: finger ring is magically removed from a nut and bolt
10 Bills & Bowl: A Benson Bowl style effect with wadded bills, a Chopstick, and a small bowl
11 The Big Table: ideas for performing at a larger table
12 Card on Ribbon: selection becomes impaled on a needle and ribbon
12 Two Card Revelation: a trick for your double-faced card
13 $1,000,000 Mystery (U.F. Grant): torn $10 bills from two spectators appear in a sealed envelope
14 Tips & Ideas: on sponge balls for restaurant work
16 Addenda: updates to Chop Cup, Homing Ring, Card to Wallet, and Buffalo'd