Tremaine, Jon: The Amazing Book of Magic & Card Tricks
2000 Salamander Books, Ltd;
Hardcover, w/dj, 9.75x11", 221 pages
ISBN 0-7607-1743-5

2000 Barnes & Noble Books

Tremaine: The
              Amazing Book of Magic & Card Tricks
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Comments: Photography by Neil Sutherland. This is a large format adult beginners magic book. There are lots of very clear color photos throughout that show necessary moves. In fact, the emphasis is on the pictures more than the text. The Card magic section is the strongest, in my opinion. I was a bit disappointed that some of the classics were not referred to by their common name, such as "Clippo". Purchased at local Barnes & Noble book store on the "discount" rack, and well recommended at the price.


7 Introduction
8 Part One: Basic Handling Skills

10 Card Handling: intro
10 The Language of the Card Magician
10 Overhand Shuffle
11 Cutting
11 Card Spread
12 Overhand False Shuffle
16 Overhand Shuffle Practice routine
16 Palming
17 The Glide
18 The Double Lift

20 Forcing
20 Force 1: X-ing the Deck
21 Force 2: Slip Cut Force
22 Force 3: Hanky Panky Force (with aid of handkerchief)
24 Force 4: Cross Hand Force (behind back)

26 Part Two: Selected Card Tricks
28 Acrobatic Aces: Four Aces vanish from deck and appear in spectator's pocket
34 Ambitious Card Trick: Selection keeps rising to top of deck
40 Here Today Gone Tomorrow: One card is held while the selection is found to reverse itself in the deck. When checked, however, the selection has transposed with the card held by the spectator.
44 Cards Across: Three cards jump from one spectator's packet to anothers
52 The Pimpernel Queen: an approach to the Find the Lady / three card Monte effect, with paper clip and vanishing card
58 Change of Identity: two cards transpose between two spectators
64 The Phoenix Card Trick: a torn and restored card trick using a wallet (ungimmicked)
68 The Ghostly Card: selection penetrates the handkerchief that covers the entire deck
72 Cleopatra's Needle: a needle and thread penetrate a paper enclosed deck, to impale the selection
76 The Gobsmacker Card Trick: name of selected card is found on a paper in your shoe
78 The See-Through Card Trick: Card through the window
80 Times Four: Four Aces instantly transpose with four Queens

86 Part Three: Self-Working Card Tricks
88 The Dream Card: spectator finds magician's card without knowing how
90 Out of this World: Spectator manages to separate reds from blacks while dealing face down
98 Time Gentlemen Please: A card prediction using a clock face
102 The Impossible Card Trick: locator card location
106 The Circus Card Trick: After a seeming mistake, the selection is found
108 The Fabulous Four: spectator handles the cards and finds the Four Aces
112 A Mathematical Certainty: magician names the cards the spectator holds in his pocket
114 7-Up!: Spectator finds the four sevens in a magical manner
118 Too Hot to Handle: selection instantly becomes reversed in the deck
120 Do As I Do: magician and spectator each select same card from two decks

122 Part Four: Money Magic
124 Coin Magic: intro
124 Voodoo Coin Vanish: during a transfer
125 Palming a Coin
126 The Coin Fold: paper fold to vanish a coin
128 The Sitting Down Coin Vanish: lapping
130 Brass Neck and Elbow: a coin rubbed into the elbow vanishes then reappears
132 How Could You Stoop So Low?: a coin dropped on the floor vanishes
134 The Bold Coin Vanish: a coin taken from a handful of change vanishes
136 Penetration: a coin penetrates a coaster into a clear glass
138 Heads You Lose!: a coin vanishes from the spectator's hand, and then falls from the sky into her hand
140 In Pocket: coin vanish from a handkerchief
142 The Magic Pen: a coin vanishes and appears in the fist with the aid of a magic pen
144 Snappy Coin Trick: coin is dropped down sleeve and pulled out through the cloth at the elbow. Teaches the "Snap Vanish"
146 Gone!: a coin is placed under a tumbler and wrapped in napkin. Both the coin and glass vanish
150 Money to Burn: a bill is burned in a envelope, but restored from the ashes

155 Part Five: Safety Pin Magic
156 Spooky Matches: two safety pins are magically unlinked
157 Hanky Panky: a safety pin attached to a handkerchief is magically removed
158 A Ripping Yarn!: a safety pin is run along a handkerchief without harm
160 Drop Out: Two closed safety pins are dropped to the table and instantly open
161 Pin In a Spin: a matchstick penetrates the metal bar of a safety pin

162 Part Six: Matchbox Magic
164 Sounds Easy: a three shell game with matchboxes
168 The Acrobatic Matchbox: a matchbox opens by itself on the back of your hand. Includes 6 different "moves"
174 The Walking Dead: a match is removed from a book and lit, then vanishes and reappears in the matchbook, but burnt!

178 Part Seven: Rope Magic
180 The Knot That is Not!: a knot vanishes from the middle of a loop of rope
182 The Snip: a cut and restored rope
188 How Long Is a Piece of Rope?: Three different lengths of rope are shown, the they become the same length, and then back to different again
194 Ring Off: a finger ring is knotted on a string yet is removed under a handkerchief while the spectator holds the ends of the string
196 Mint Off: a candy mint is magically removed from a string even though the ends of the string are held by a spectator

198 Part Eight: Magic Miscellany
200 The Haunted Key: a large "skeleton key" turns over in the hand of the magician
202 Short and Sweet!: a wrapped sugar cube penetrates your hand into your coffee cup
204 Over the Top: Chink-A-Chink with bottle caps
208 Pencil Pusher: an instant pencil vanish
210 Superman!: three foil balls vanish, are reproduced, and vanish again
216 Fade-Away Pen: a pen instantly vanishes from under a handkerchief
218 Mightier Than the Sword: cut and restored newspaper clipping (Clippo)

220 Final Afterthoughts: tips like don't overdo it, tricks will go wrong, etc.
220 Magic Clubs and Societies: short listing
221 Magic Magazines: just Abracadabra, Magic, and Genii
221 Magic Suppliers: just Magic Inc., Magic Center, Stevens Magic Emporium, Louis Tannen Inc., and Jeff Busby Magic Inc.