Trickshop: Benson Bowl Routine
2005 Inc.
eBook (PDF), 13 pages
Trickshop: Benson Bowl Routine
Image from Magicref

Comments: Trickshop ( provides instantly available PDF format downloads of quite a few effects. They recently had a good sale, so I decided to check out a few for quality and content. Overall, I was pleased with the offerings. This routine for the Benson Bowl Routine includes many clear color photographs. It is a straight-forward adaptation of the classic Roy Benson routine made famous by Don Alan, with no new extras or modifications. The instruction is clear, though brief. The Benson Bowl routine can be found in several published books including Bruce Elliot's Classic Secrets of Magic; Don Alan's routine in Racherbaumer's In a Class By Himself, and Roy Benson's in By Starlight. This product provides an easy to obtain, inexpensive way to purchase just this routine.


3 Background: mentions Bruce Elliot's publishing of this effect in Phoenix and Don Alan's presentation
4 An Overview of Roy Benson's Routine
5 Properties: selecting your materials - Bowl, Wand, Balls, Surface, Final Load
6 The Benson Sponge Move: the main sleight used for the routine
8 Turning the Bowl Up and Down: how to handle the bowl
9 Set Up: routine is performed seated
9 Performance: Includes some recommended patter and tips
11 Option One: Roy Benson's sponge ball in the spectator's hand finish
12 Option Two: Don Alan's final load ending with sponge ball interlude