Tuffs, J. Elsden: Teach Yourself Magic
©1956 Emerson Books, Inc., NY
Hardcover, w/dj 5.25x7.5", 182 pages

©1957 English University Press, London (Conjuring)

©1975 Third printing, Emerson Books
Teach Yourself
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Teach Yourself
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Comments: Nice introductory text. These two different titles seem to have the same contents.


vii Preface

1 Part One

1 Chapter I The Origin and Entertainment Value of Conjuring

6 Chapter II Some Simple Miscellaneous Effects
6 Woo Lung's Bead: tubular bead magically removed from string
8 The Cut and Restored Rope: or string
9 The Vanishing Pencil: under handkerchief
10 The Broken and Restored Match-Stick: in handkerchief
12 Wandering Ring: simple ring off string trick

14 Chapter III Easy Card Tricks
15 Reversing in the Pack Two Chosen Cards
17 Finding a Chosen Card by Thought Reading
18 - Second Method: without looking at the bottom card
19 - Gimmick Method
20 Revealing the Card
20 - Rising Card
20 - By Dealing
21 - By Selection
21 Forcing a Card
21 - Forcing the Bottom Card: behind the back method
22 - Forcing the Bottom Card: by step method
24 - Forcing the Top Card
25 Using Prepared Cards and Packs

28 Chapter IV Paper Conjuring
29 Afghan Bands
29 Perpetual Pellets
32 Torn and Restored Newspaper
33 The Burn and Restored Dollar Bill: in envelope
35 Mentalism
35 - Two to One Prediction
36 - X-Ray Eyes
38 The Mat: paper fold and cut
39 The Tree: another paper fold and cut
39 The Ladder: from paper

41 Chapter V Arranging a Small Show
45 Afterthoughts
46 Programme Card

47 Part Two

47 Chapter VI More Advanced Card Tricks and Sleights
47 The Riffle
47 The Pass
49 The Injog
50 The Double Lift and Turn Over
51 To Palm the Top Card
52 The Magnetic Cards Trick
54 The Magical Detective
55 Find the Jack

58 Chapter VII Card Fanning

66 Chapter VIII Manipulating Coins, Balls, etc.
66 The French Drop
67 Classic Coin Palm
68 The Finger Palm
69 Miser's Dream
69 The Vanishing Coin in Glass of Water
71 The Throw-Up Vanish
71 The Vanishing Billiard Ball
72 The Multiplying Billiard Ball
73 Catching Balls From the Air

76 Chapter IX Thimble and Cigarette Tricks
76 Jumping Thimble
77 The Disappearing Thimble
78 The Thumb Palm
79 Cigarette Tricks
80 Lighted Cigarette Through Handkerchief
81 Cigarette Production
82 Vanishing Cigarette
83 Final Note

84 Chapter X Silk Handkerchief Tricks
84 Silk Vanishing by Means of Palming
85 Silk Vanishing by Means of Pull
87 The Vanishing Silk and Candle
88 One Handed Knot
89 Sympathetic Silks
90 Silk to Egg

92 Chapter XI Vanishing and Producing
92 The Servante
93 The Well
94 Confetti to Silks
95 The Flip Over Box
96 Hat Production
97 Chinese Inexhaustible Box
98 Spring Goods
99 Rubber Goods
99 Feather Flowers
100 Solid Goods

101 Part Three

101 Chapter XII Misdirecting The Audience
102 Die In the Hat

106 Chapter XIII The Spectator's Idea of "Magic"

110 Chapter XIV Using an Assistant
110 Mental Telepathy
111 Rabbit From Hat

114 Chapter XV The Stage Show

122 Chapter XVI Some Effective Apparatus
122 Mirror Vase
122 Changing Bag
122 Production Box
123 Dove Pan
123 Lighted Candle
124 Wine To Water
124 Disappearing Milk in Jug
125 Flower Basket
125 Giant Cards
125 Rising Wand

127 Apparatus You Can Make
127 Ghost Tubes
129 Collapsible Table
130 Four Legged Type
132 Utility Stand
135 Production Box
136 Mirror Vase
137 Card Stand

139 Part Four

139 Chapter XVIII Pocket and Close Up Tricks
140 Penny and Nickel Turnabout
141 Nut-shells and Pea Trick: very basic approach to cups and balls
142 Changing Dice
143 The Cricket Bat Trick: paddle trick
145 Vanishing Matches
145 Catch Those Crooks: a packet trick with custom cards

149 Chapter XIX Entertaining Children

155 Chapter XX Some Children's Effects
155 The Egg on Wand
156 Changing Silks
157 Three Hungry Mice: Jumbo card trick
160 Wolves and Sheep: stage trick
163 Disappearing Knot Tube: knots vanish as pushed through a tube
165 The Egg Bag: basic working described, no routine
165 The Linking Rings: two quick routines briefly described
168 Paper Tearing Trick: Ballerinas, Giraffe, Bulldog

171 Chapter XXI The Little Things that Matter
173 Becoming a Semi-Professional

177 Joining a Magical Society

179 Index