Victor, Edward: Further Magic of the Hands
1946 Max Holden, NY
Hardcover, no dj, 113 pages

Published in the U.K. by L. Davenport & Co.
Victor: Further
              Magic of the Hands
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Comment: The third in a series of three books on manipulative magic. The series covers cards, coins, silks, billiard balls, thimbles, cigars & cigarettes, and more. While some of the effects are dated, much of the material is still usable. Line drawings are used throughout, Illustrations by the Author.


vii Preface (Douglas Craggs, Vice President of the Magic Circle, London)
ix Author's Foreword

1 Chapter I "Sleights" & "Aids" In Card Work
2 An Invisible Palm
4 The "Diagonal-Palm Shift" As an Aid to the "Rising Card Trick": selected cards rise from a fan
8 A Useful Envelope for the "Card in Cigarette Effect": a card is torn and the remains except for one corner are placed in an envelope. The card is found in a borrowed cigarette and the card, with matching missing piece, is found inside. The envelope is found to contain only the missing tobacco. Describes construction of special envelope
12 Switching a Pack: a deck switch described using a table and a handkerchief

15 Chapter II: Some Fresh Card Effects
16 The Haunted Pack: three selected cards push themselves out of the deck while held still in the magician's hand. A version that can be used with any deck
19 A Miracle Burnt and Restored Card: two boards are examined. A card is signed, and a corner torn and handed to the spectator. The rest of the card is burned, the initial being seen. The ashes are placed on one board, with the other board placed on top. The card is found restored, with initials, and the missing corner matches
23 The Awkward Ace: impromptu. an ambitious card type routine, at the climax the Ace disappears and ends up in the pocket
29 Another "Do As I Do" Effect: magician and spectator each select the same card from two packs
31 A New Pocket to Pocket Effect: two initialed cards transpose in the magician's pockets
34 Veneri's Card Trick: a mathematical card trick requiring a bit of memorization

37 Chapter III: On Coins
38 A New Single-Handed Coin Production: using a back finger clip
40 A Further Changing Coin Effect: a borrowed half dollar (not too likely today) is stroked and changes into an English Penny, then back. Uses sleeving
42 An Impromptu Coin Transposition: two borrowed and marked coins transpose under a handkerchief

47 Chapter IV On Ropes
48 The "E.V." Stretching Rope: good intro to "cut and restored rope". a short length of rope is stretched

53 Chapter V On Billiard Balls
54 A New Billiard Ball Holder and Its Uses: for use with a tail coat
56 A "Drop-Vanish" Sequence: two balls are held in one hand and one is taken. One ball vanishes
58 A Production Routine for Seven Solid Billiard Balls: references some of the moves in the earlier Magic of the Hands volumes
62 A "Quick" Colour Change

65 Chapter VI On Cigars and Cigarettes
66 A Useful Cigarette Vanish and Recovery: a close-quarters, slow move
68 The Rising and Falling Cigarette: a cigarette rises in a test tube, similar to Dushek's Wunderbar
71 A Novel Cigar Production: a cigar production using cardboard cigars

75 Chapter VII G.W. Hunter's Card Tricks
76 No. 1 "Four of a Kind": four of a kind appear after several dealings
79 No. 2 "The Sense of Weight": the number of pips on a card equal the number of cards secretly dealt by a spectator (stack)
81 No. 3 "The Three Prophecies": Spectator 1 selects a number 1-12, spectator 2 writes a card, the magician writes a third prediction. All come true.
84 No. 4 "A Mental Impression": four cards "impressed" on the minds of spectators are dealt from the deck
87 No. 5 "A Nap Hand": a problem in the "Nap" card game
88 No. 6 "Spelling Bee": "one of Hunter's best"; thirteen cards are dealt, the value of one is selected and dealt, and that card appears
91 No. 7 "Think of a Card": magician determines how many cards down a selection is

95 Chapter VIII Miscellaneous Effects
96 An Impromptu Handkerchief and Thimble Routine: a thimble penetrates the handkerchief and jumps finger to finger
100 "Spiritualistic" Visiting Card Mystery: two business cards are shown bland and banded together. When opened, they reveal the names of selected cards. Includes a good move for showing both sides of a card blank, a force for one of six cards, and a force for a series of names
105 "Multiple Palming": to be "presented as a feat of palming"; a billiard ball is vanished, then a handkerchief, then a thimble, and then a card taken. The card turns into a billiard ball, which changes into a thimble, which changes into a handkerchief. From the folds of the handkerchief are produced the thimble, ball, and card. No extra apparatus is needed
108 A "Mental" Dice Effect: a demonstration of memory. A Die is thrown by several audience members, the magician remembering the roll of each
109 The "Ghost" Mail (Albert Verity): spectator takes six slips of paper, selects a card, write the card on one slip, writes his name on the next, then writes 4 random cards to the remaining slips. These are "mailed" to the magician, who off-stage sends a letter back, naming the selected card

112 Conclusion: with letter of praise by E.G. Brown
113 Ad for Magic of the Hands and More Magic of the Hands