Victor, Edward: More Magic of the Hands
1938 (circa) L. Davenport & Co., U.K.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 133 pages

1942 Max Holden in the USA
Also by Louis Tannen, Inc., NY
Victor: More Magic of the Hands Parts 1-2
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More Magic of
              the Hands
Louis Tannen Edition
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Comment: The second in a series of three books on manipulative magic (Magic of the Hands, More Magic of the Hands, and Further Magic of the Hands). The series covers cards, coins, silks, billiard balls, thimbles, cigars & cigarettes, and more. More Magic of the Hands was originally printed in two parts as seen above. There is no date in this volume, but an advertisement at the end for the original "Magic of the Hands" has many quotes all dated in 1937, so 1938 is simply a guess.

Contents (from Tannen Edition book):

1 Table of Contents
2 Author's Foreword

3 Chapter I: Further Card Sleights and Their Uses
3 The "Pass" Again: two handed pass keeping bottom portion intact
4 The Kings and Tens: transposition of Kings and Tens using above
5 The E.V. Semi-Circular Colour Change
7 A Color Change Card Effect: a card instantly changes to the selection
9 Method of Reversing the Bottom Card
11 A Move for the "Rising Cards" (Sleight of Hand Method)
12 "Face to Face" Pack Effects: Deck is cut in half and two packets are placed face to face, then right themselves. Two methods provided
17 A "Fan" Card Change: a single card change
19 A "Quick" Reversed Card Trick: a chosen card reverses itself twice (uses above change)
21 A False "Riffle Shuffle"

26 Chapter II: More Card Problems
26 The Cards and Handkerchief Effect: four cards penetrate a handkerchief
31 The Four Mental Cards: four cards are taken from the deck and one selected. They are replaced and mixed in the deck. The chosen card is stated, and the magician immediately removes it from the deck
35 The Sense of Touch: a glimpse with an appropriate card effect described
38 The Magnetized Cards (Sleight of Hand Method): an interesting stunt in which half the deck can appear to be mysteriously adhered to the palm in a fanned out condition

44 Chapter III: A Restored Tape and Ring Effect
44 A Restored Tape and Ring Effect. Introducing a Novel Principle: a length of ribbon or tape has a spectator's ring tied to the bottom. It is cut in the middle, and the ends are tied. The spectator pulls his ring, and the ribbon is restored. The ring must be untied to be removed.

54 Chapter IV: The Chinese rings
54 The Chinese Rings. Author's Original Method of Presentation. Each ring is examined early, the "key" not being used until later in the routine. Two, three, four, then five rings are linked and examined. They are then taken back and several are unlinked. A ring is released from a handkerchief, rings are re-linked, and finally all are linked to a single ring.Uses a set of 9 rings: the basic 8 ring set plus an additional single ring. Also uses a shallow tray, and a 1 yard square silk.
57 Move 1: Linking Two Rings
58 Move 2: Linking Three Rings
60 Move 3: Unlinking Three Rings
64 Move 4: Matter Through Matter
66 Move 5: "Do As I Do"
67 Move 6: Linking Five Rings
68 Move 7: The Traveling Ring
69 Move 8: A Bunch of Keys

71 Chapter V: Handkerchief Section
71 Dying By Wireless (presented at St. George's Hall, London): a white silk is changed to various colors by use of a "wireless" electronic box. Finally, a rainbow silk is dyed. Explains an electrical device that would be much easier to build today than in the 1930's!

82 Chapter VI: Billiard Ball Section
82 An Effective Vanish and Recover
84 A Comedy Ball Move: a gimmicked ball allows for a rapid re-appearance. Includes a routine for the production of four billiard balls
87 A "Passe-Passe" Billiard Ball Effect: an approach to the color billiard ball transposition using a silk and a candlestick holder

91 Chapter VII: Cigar Section
92 Production of Cigars from a Purse: gimmicked purse
94 Series of Sleights and Moves for the Production of Four Cigars: a discussion of wooden cigars
94 Move 1: Production of the First Cigar
97 Move 2: Production of the Second Cigar
98 Move 3: Production of the Third Cigar
99 Move 4: Production of the Fourth Cigar
99 Patter

104 Chapter VIII: Miscellaneous Section
104 A Vanishing Glove Effect: an opener. The first glove is merely touched and it vanishes. The 2nd is removed, tossed up, and vanishes.
107 The "Pop" Thimble Vanish: deceives the ear as well
108 An Original Coin Production: a Miser's Dream effect; coins are produced at the extreme fingertips
112 The "Rainbow" Penknife: a color changing knife routine. White knife changes to blue, then back. It vanishes, and is removed from the pocket. It is wrapped in red tissue, where it turns red. It is changed back to white. It is wrapped again, but now vanishes, again to be removed from the pocket. The white knife now turns green. It is stroked with a white handkerchief where it becomes white again, and can be examined. Requires 1 regular knife, three gimmicked knives, red tissue paper, a handkerchief, and a special holder is described.
122 A "Matter-Thro'-Matter" Penknife Effect: a knife penetrates a handkerchief, the handkerchief is unharmed
127 An Impromptu Knife and Salt Trick: a simple dinner table trick utilizing the paddle move with a butter knife
129 The Flying Salt: salt is poured into the left hand, where it proceeds to pass into the right
131 A Word on Tables: use only a few tables, and some tips
133 Ad for Magic of the Hands!