Votaw, Bob: Simply Magic
1994 Bob Votaw

Comment: Not sure if this is still available anywhere. Bob used to run a magic website, but I think it has gone away...

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 I don't take chances: 52 in 1 prediction fails, card was Joker!
2 You Blue Too Hard: card selected and shown face up. Spec blows on card and back turns to blue.
3 Faded Eight: 3 of diamonds predicted as 8. Rub 8 and spots fade to a 3!
4 Sealed With a Kiss: CSB w/Candy Kiss ending
5 Hand to Hand Express: 4 coins across
6 Sloppy But Effective: Card selected & returned. Cards mixed facup and down. Deck spread: only reversed card is the slected card.
7 Flipped out: Card to wallet triple prediction with top change.
8 Dream On: Magician's signed card appears on back of spectator's signed card
9 Zip It Up: Ambitious Card with card to wallet ending
10 Strung Out: ring and shoestring routine.
11 Cracker jack: Burnt bill in cracker jack box (idea: ring flight with crackerjack engagement!)