Wass, Verrall: Astound Your Audience Volume II Simplicity Swindles
©1936 Verrall Wass Publications, London
Hardcover, w/dj, 93 pages
Wass: Astound
              Your Audience Volume 2 Simplicity Swindles
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Comments:The second (and last) in the Astound Your Audience series.


11 Where Are To-Morrow's Magical Masters?: What makes a master
15 Ramses' Wine and Water: chemical trick
17 Flags of Most Nations: chemical trick where champagne poured into three glasses takes on color of the chosen one of 17 flags
20 Up or Down?: a puzzle with scissors you perform in your hands
23 Three From Five: 5 balls in one tube and 2 in another transpose with some comedy
28 The Leopard's Spots: a platform effect you can build
33 Pot-Pourri: pot-pourri poured into a box vanishes and a larger item produced (for platform or stage)
38 Wool Gathering: coin is found in the center of a chosen ball of wool or yarn
41 Dyed in the Wool: two methods where balls of wool change color sympathetic to a colored cover over a tube
45 Chameleon Lucifers: colored matches change colors in match-boxes
48 The Photographic Album: a blank photo album becomes filled with pictures (different method than "magic coloring book"
52 Vanity Bag: general description of an Egg Bag style presentation for the female magician, using a purse and a compact
53 Underground: a subway-based, flapped message routine
58 Pail Go!: routine based on a beach pail, a spade, and a bag
62 Butterfly Wings: butterfly wings change a blank picture into a picture of an owl, complete with a pocket-watch that had previously been destroyed and vanished (apparatus you'd need to build)
66 Candle Conception: note or bill is sealed and burnt, one of three candles are chosen, and broken in half to reveal the note
70 Billboard: stage billboard gets the words of a smaller chosen poster (requires assistant)
74 Jam: another tubes and box trick for the stage
78 On Parade: stage or platform effect with celluloid soldiers
82 Shifting Sands: sand castles change color, or one may change into a bathing suit!
87 Bath Salts: more tubes and covers for changing bath-salts
93 Magical Trade Union Wanted?: thoughts on whether a trade union for magicians is warranted