Webb, Gregg: Best of Feen-X Magazine Volume 2
ŠJan 2001 - Dec 2001
e-Book in PDF format
Gregg Webb:
              Feenx 2
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Comments: Gregg Webb's Feen-X Magazine is now available as part of the e-Book collection: The Book That Doesn't Exist, available on CD-ROM in PDF format. The collection includes Feen-X Volumes 1 & 2 (issues 1-24), The Book That Doesn't Exist, and The Society of Sleight of Hand Artists. This is a great collection of material.


6 Issue 13 - Metal-ism (Mind Over Matter)
6 Metal-ism: A Spoon Bending Effect
9 Bluff In Depth: Combining Bluff Shift with Depth Illusion (A Card Utility Move)
10 Hit and Run: 4 Coins Across with False Count and an Odd Coin
12 The Womb: Credits for Bound and Gagged (issue 10), Thoughts on TV Mentalism

15 Issue 14 - Chanin's Disarrange
15 Chanin's Disarrange: Jack Chanin's Handling of the Bluff Shift
17 It's Alive!: Living and Dead Test with Billets (Invisible Thread)
19 The Odd Coin: Change-O Presto (Presto Change-O with 2 Coins)
20 The Nagual: Thoughts on Magic Exposure, Misc. Books
22 Addendum to Change-O Presto: Additional Handlings

23 Issue 15 - Special Jack Chanin Issue
24 The Odd Coin: A Look at the Chanin Production
25 Gregg Webb's Work on the Chanin Production
26 Mental Thoughts: Chanin's Use of Daub With Cards
27 The Grapevine: Bro. John Hamman, Jerry Andrus, David Roth
27 The Library: Continuing List of Books
27 The Nagual: Notes on Jack Chanin, the Person

29 Issue 16 - 9 Card Think
29 9 Card Think: Gregg Webb Variation of Jim Steinmeyer's 9 Card Problem
31 Double Bop Pseudo HPC: Coins Across
32 String & Pencil Living and Dead Test
35 The Library: New and Old Books
35 The Grapevine: Ricky Jay's B'Way Show
35 Snappy Comebacks: A New Section
35 The Nagual: Genii Magazine, Books

36 Issue 17 - Interest
36 Matrix with Interest: Coins and Cards
37 Streamlined Even Farther: Cards and a Coin
39 Vernon Meets Hobson: Variations on the Vernon 5 Card Psychological Force
39 The Library: Books
40 Snappy Comebacks
40 The Nagual: Techniques for Layman, TV Entertainers

41 Issue 18 - Tri-Matrix Plus Special Issue
41 Tri-Matrix: Matrix with Self-Contained Load of Large Coins
46 The Grapevine: B'Way
46 Kudos: Max Mavin / Phil Goldstein in March 2001 Genii
47 The Spin Room: Variations on Effects Seen in Genii Magazine
47 The Library: Hereclitus
47 The Nagual: Monte on TV, Playing Marks

48 Issue 19 - New Format
48 Not A Kicker: Using Matrix to Set Up for a Second Routine (Cards and Coins)
49 Mental Thoughts with Cards: Q H Thang (Strong and Spooky)
51 New Opening for the Three Ball Trick: Alternate Opening for Ball Routines
53 Kudos: Meir Yedid & Jerry Andrus
53 Scoop: Meir Yedid & Herb Zarrow
53 The Library: Hannibal and Memory Systems
53 Snappy Comebacks
53 The Nagual: Spies Like Me (A Story)

55 Issue 20 - Bi-Polar HPC
55 Bi-Polar HPC: A Trick with Two Groups of Differing Color Coins
56 If Annemann Knew the Zarro Shuffle: A Spelling Trick With Cards (Mentalism)
58 Rubber Band Thingee: A Rubber Band Gimmick
59 The Nagual: Misc. Thoughts About Videos
59 Grapevine: TV Magic
60 Library: The Effect of TV Mentalism

61 Issue 21 - Step-by-Step
62 Step-by-Step: Restoration of a Torn Card
63 Bat: A Utility Bag & Mat
63 Take 3: An Ungaffed HCP Transpo with 6 Coins
64 The Nagual: Thoughts about TV Magic
65 New Products

66 Issue 22 - Stigmata
66 Stigmata: Methods for Achieving the Effect
67 What Is the Sound of One Coin Clapping? An Okito Coin Box Routine
68 Ever Advancing Get-Ready: A Utility Move for Cards
69 The Nagual: Thoughts on Videos vs. Books

70 Issue 23 - Return to Palm Magnet
70 Poor Man's Raven Revisited: Tricks With a Palm Magnet
71 Booked: Coin to Predicted Book Page
72 Deluxe Color Change as a Vanish: Uses in Card Tricks

75 Issue 24 - Christmas/Final Issue
75 Mental Departure: Thought of Card Between the Palms
77 Announcing the Book That Doesn't Exist