Weber, Michael: LifeSavers
1991 Michael Weber, Pub. Kaufman & Company, USA
Hardcover, 165 pages
Life Savers
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Comments: Illustrated by Greg Manwaring. Photographed and Edited by Richard Kaufman. Michael Weber's collection of techniques and routines that can be performed with ordinary materials indigenous to particular locations. These routines can be quickly improvised in a variety of locations (the office, restaurants, bars, friends' homes, or just out on the town).

Contents: (source- book ToC)

9 Improvised vs. Impromptu: An introduction by way of definition

12 The Expert at the Dinner Table:
12 You're Uri: spoon bending with smoke
15 Coffee Machine: you've poured in sugar and cream and stirred it, then all is restored!
19 Hiding McBride: the timing of impromptu magic and a spoon splitting effect
21 A Man for All Seasonings: a salt shaker is made from paper, and you even get salt from it
25 Tear for Two (Ray Kosby): torn and restored sugar packs
26 Hot Production Item: spoon penetrates dinner napkin
29 Off the Deep End: a finger ring placed on a spoon penetrates off the large end
31 Change of Seasons: A shell game with salt and pepper shakers covered with paper napkins. The spectator is always wrong, and at the end, the two shakers blend into one that is half salt/half pepper!
35 Sub-Strategy: a liquid filled glass melts away under a cloth napkin.

38 Object Lessons:
38 Swatch This: You set a time on your watch and then borrow someone's Swatch watch. The stem of the watch is pulled out and handed to someone upside down. The stem is then spun to set a random time and then pushed in. Both watches are set to the same time.
39 The One-Two Punch: Two tickets are shown. Holes are audibly punched in each. One hole is then slid to the other, leaving one ticket with two holes, the other with none.
44 Moxie: The shell game using match boxes.
46 Thoughts of Tom Jacobsen: An odd sock moves from one group to another.
47 Down With Safety: A safety pin inserted through a button hole is slid magically to the next hole.
49 An End to Pindemonium: A linking safety pins routine.
54 Knot the Truth: A knot tied in a rubber band reveals the selected of three matchbooks.
56 Knocked for a Loop: The belt loop on someone's jeans is pulled off and restored.
58 Offhand Penetration: A rubber band penetrates a spectator's wrist.

64 Little or Nothing:
64 Working Without a Grant: A folded $1 and $20 bill mysteriously change places
67 5 Cent Ring on Stick: A borrowed ring appears on a pen.
69 Q-tip: The Q counting prediction using a watch and band.
71 Powers of Dimness: A spectator closes her eyes and you put two fingers on her eyelids. An ashtray held by the spectator magically becomes lighter!
73 Penny Candy (Eric Maurin): an improved copper/silver routine
75 The Laying on of Hands: objects chosen by the spectator are predicted
77 Crosswords: The Magician predicts thought of words using a crossword puzzle
80 Directory Assistants: An impromptu telephone prediction of a chosen card

84 By One's Own Devices:
84 Satan's Serviette: Improvised Devil's Handkerchief w/coin effect
86 United Divinations: Use of above type device as a force bag
88 Improvised Pulls: Band Together, Hole-der, Looper, Pen Ultimate
91 The Wrigley Device: vanish/production utility
92 Flame Thrower: simple hand held flash for outdoor night-time use

96 On Location:
96 Undercover Transposition: A mysterious borrowed dollar/match book transposition.
102 To Feed Many: Food is eaten from twelve bowls, but the total always remains the same.
106 The Cap in the Bottle: A bottle cap enters a bottle, which may be given out as a souvenir.
110 Sight of Hand: The magician is able to read in the dark.
111 Dispensed Deception: A ring is vanished, and a dime appears. You buy a gumball bubble and inside is the ring.
115 Appealing Illusion: The torn cover of a magazine reveals what is underneath
117 Just the Fax: a multi-answer prediction produced by FAX.
121 The Ship in the Bottle: A dime penetrates the bottom of a bottle.
125 20th Century Ten: Two one dollar bills are stapled together and placed in spectator's pocket. A ten dollar bill is borrowed and part of the serial number noted. A single staple is attached to the ten, which is then folded. The folded bill is put under the napkin. The ten disappears and is found stapled between the ones.

130 Special Effects:
130 A better Mousetrap: An index card is made into a mousetrap, and the spectator's hand placed through it. The hand magically is released from the trap. The effect is explained, but this time the spectator's entire body passes through the trap.
139 Stretching It: Two rubber bands link and unlink.
156 Four Dollars in Change: A borrowed, marked $5 bill is folded into a ring and placed on the spectator's finger. A dollar is now folded into a five dollar bill, and the ring has changed into the one!