J. Whittaker Burke: Guerilla Magic
Whittaker, J. Burke: Guerilla Magic
©2021 J. Burke Whittaker
eBook, 28 pages
J. Burke Whittaker: Guerilla Magic
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Comments: "A guide to the use of guerilla advertising for the basis of street performing anywhere any time..."
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Contents (from book):

1 Guerilla Magic: introduction
2 The Opening
3 Coins Across: using shell or Slippery Sam
4 - The Three Coin Grip
7 - Second Count Sequence
8 - Utility Switch
10 - Vanish Number One
11 - History
11 Coins To Glass: overview
12 These Three Jerks: professor's nightmare routine outlined
13 The Stupid Prediction: gag with an egg bag
13 One to a Hundred in Sixty Seconds: a bill switch routine
17 The Egg Bag: full routine with a lemon
21 3 Purse Guessing Game: bills and Becker Coin Purses
23 The Professors Nightmare: another version
24 The Tin Production: producing the bill from One to a Hundred
25 How I Use the Hat
28 Guerilla Magic Conclusion