Willmarth, Phil (editor): Trevor Lewis: ESOLC (That's Close Up)
1981 Lewis and Willmarth, Published by Standridge Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 98 pages
ESOLC That's Close UP
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Comments: Photographs by Anne Willmarth, Illustrations by Marshall Philyaw.
A great little book of close up magic. Cards, Coins, Benson Bowl, Sponges and more.
Highly Recommended.


3 Introduction by Phil Willmarth

5 Chapter One: Focus on Cards
7 It's In the Bag: Card is selected and returned. Deck is wrapped in plastic food bag. Selected card penetrates the bag.
9 Trevor's Technique: Double Riffle Control: 2 card control
10 Card Shark Two: Card is selected and returned. Card case represents a shark and runs toward the helpless swimmer deck. The deck is riffled and the selected card pops out, well, half the card pops out, in a jagged piece. The other half is found in the shark (card case)
12 The Mine Detector: selected card found by a mine detector (made from wood and bang wand). When card is turned over, it's back now has magician's name and phone number ("mine" in more ways than one!)
14 Reflections: A card is peeked by a spectator and revealed. Shows how to make a special peek deck that can be shuffled.
17 Coin Selector: coin vanishes and locates the selected card
18 Monte Plus: nice in the hands Monte using standard cards and bent corner ruse
21 Monte Plus Twist: As above, but key card is held horizontal (how can you miss?)
23 Monte Plus Elmsley: can use as an intro to others
24 Trevor's Technique: A Zarrow Zwindle. Poker hand idea

25 Chapter Two: Double Focus on Cards
27 Add On Plus: Alternative to Braue Add On move
29 Le Carte Lewis: Three cards are peeked. Magician removes three cards and fans them to each spectator, each denying their card is there. Suddenly the selections appear!
31 Trevor's Swivel Force Swindle: a force
32 Three Cards Across: Two spectators are each given 10 cards. Three cards travel from one to the other
34 The Five Card Mental Trick: variation of Dai Vernon's 5 Card Mental Force
35 The Trevor Lewis Second Deal: In 4 Lessons
40 Fake Middle Deal: simulation of the middle deal using seconds
40 Spectator Finds a Card: three approaches to have a second spectator find the first spectator's selection

43 Chapter Three: No Focus At All
45 The Para-Die Prediction: Card with pictures of 2 dice are shown, each adding up to a different total. Spectator selects one, and it matches a prediction.
47 The Perfect Match! Two dice are shaken in a large matchbox. End total is predicted.
48 May I have the Envelope Please? Envelope utility
49 Borrowed Bill Burning Bright: application of envelope utility
51 Tervor's Benson Bowl Routine: with bowl, 4 sponges, and toy plastic dinner roll. Three sponge balls appear beneath the bowl. The balls travel from hand to bowl, and eventually the roll is discovered.

55 Chapter Four: Focus on Coins
57 Trevor's Coins In Tumbler: Four coins to cup routine. No gimmicks.
60 Coins Through the What Else: (Table!). No gimmicks
62 Me-Too Matrix: sympathetic coins/four coin assembly. No gimmicks.
65 Hole Card: After several comedic false starts, a coin is pushed through a too small hole in a card

67 Chapter Five: Focus on Comedy
69 Coincidnce: strips of paper are torn and eliminated until only one remains. It matches the number of cigarettes in a jar.
70 The Blazing Match Box (book): gimmick to light matches
71 The Matchless Prediction: Book of matches is shown with some already burnt. Two cards are selected. The 7 card selected matches the 7 burnt heads! The 8...doesn't match anything. Suddenly the book of matches catches on fire, the fifteen matches matching the 7+8 card combo.
71 The Fetsch Force: use for above trick.
72 A Little Light Humor: match gag
73 Watch! Coin tossed hand to hand turns into a watch
73 Blow Die: Die is "blown" up
74 The Razor Blade Trick: Stack of blades string themselves. Lots of squeemish comedy!
77 Broken and Restored Spectacles: borrowed
79 The Sharpshooter: a hole is shot in a die at the selected number
81 A Punny Puzzle: crossword gag

83 Chapter Six: Focus on Dealer Effects
85 Flog - A Sponge Ball Routine: A full sponge ball routine based on golf with comedy patter. Splitting a ball, in the spectator's hand, and a "FORE (4)" finish
89 Die and Domino Divination: Dominoes used to match a die selection (commercial Die Divination trick)
91 Tamariz Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits: comedy bit using the Apple cards
93 The Brema Nut: Good nut off string routine using a spring-close ring box. References Ray Grismer Ring off String move but does not explain it.
95 Commercial Chop Cup routine: A quick, straightforward non-insulting routine with double end load. Good.
97 Tip from Trevor: restaurant/hotel tip
98 Table of Contents