Wilson, Mark: The Chop Cup Book
1979 Mark Wilson Productions
Hardcover, no dj, 100 pages
              Wilson: The Chop Cup Book
Image courtesy eBay Seller Imagi-Inc

Comments: Illustrated. Co-edited by Earl Nelson and Alan Wakeling.


i Preface (Bruce Cervon)
1 Introduction
3 The Cup
7 The Simplex Routine
17 A Simplex Variation
27 The Final Load
33 The Multiplication Cup: seemingly endless balls emerge from cups, leading to climax
49 Ball Vanish Method One
53 Ball Vanish Method Two
59 One Cup Three Balls
73 The Nelson Chop Cup Routine (Earl Nelson): performed standing, with minimization of cup slamming to dislodge the ball
89 The Pseudo Cup (Alan Wakeling): does not require a chop cup