Wilson, Mark: Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
1975, 1988 Mark Wilson, Ottenheimer Publishers, Inc., for Courage Books
Hardcover, w/dj, 472 pages
              Complete Course in Magic 75
1975 Original Comb-Bound Edition
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Mark Wilson
              Complete Course in Magic
1988 Hardcover Edition
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Comments: Co-author Walter Gibson; contributors Don Wayne, Larry Anderson Fr. Jim Blantz, Earl Nelson, Tom O'Lenick, Peter Pit, David Roth, Brick Tilley, Alan Wakeling, U.F. Grant. Thoroughly illustrated. Each effect describes the effect, the secret and preparation, the method of presentation, and comments and suggestions. Plenty of text to accompany illustrations. Note that this is the full size, full length version. A small book and several condensed versions have been published, as well as a video course version. Highly recommended for beginner/intermediate magician.


7 Introduction
8 Mark Wilson: biography with many B&W photos
13 Walter Gibson: biography
14 U.F. Grant and Larry Anderson: credits
15 Practice Makes Perfect: short essay
15 Misdirection: short essay

17 Card Magic
19 Card Definitions: Terms such as Face, Spot Card, Deuce, One Way Deck, etc., including the Magic Loop (cellophane sticky tape made in a loop to form a double sided tape)
23 Card Handling Techniques: short essay
24 The Riffle Shuffle
24 The Table Shuffle
26 Dealing the Cards (with Reverse)
26 The Card Count - Retain Order
27 The Card Count - Reverse Order
28 Spreading or Running the Pack in Your Hands
30 Self Working Card Tricks
31 Automatic Card Discovery: selected card reverses itself in the pack
32 Super Automatic Card Discovery: another method
32 The Fantastic Five: combines face up card with "indicator card" and four Ace revelation
34 Turn Over Card: Spectator cuts cards, peeks at card, completes the cut and gives deck to magician. Magician determines card (key card)
36 Double Turnover: Deck is split, spectator selects card and places it in magician's half, magician places card in spectator's half. Deck is put back together, and both selections appear face up.
38 The Double X Mystery: Two spectators. One (behind his back) marks the face of a card with an X, the other (behind his back) marks the back of a card. First spectator finds his card. Second spectator looks for his card, but can't find it. First spectator turns over his card to find another X!
39 Super Anytime Double X Mystery: tips for introducing a card later
40 The Signed Card in Wallet: a clever prediction effect. Signed card does not end up in wallet, but wallet contains correct prediction. Use with any large enough wallet.
42 The Torn and Restored Card: Card is signed and torn and placed in handkerchief to be held by spectator. Card vanishes from handkerchief except for one corner. Deck is riffled, and card jumps out, missing one corner that matches selection.
44 You Do As I Do: Magician and Spectator both shuffle decks, exchange them, select a card and return them, exchange decks again and finds "duplicate" of selected card. They both match!
46 The Hindu Shuffle: and how to use it
48 The Hindu Glimpse
49 The Hindu Key Card Location
50 Spell A Name: Card is selected and returned. Spectator spells name and reveals card
51 Spell A Card: in case you don't know the spectator's name
51 Spell A Card Outdone: added complication to add to spelling mystery
52 The Hindu Flash Force: force using Hindu shuffle
53 The Hindu Color Change: A red backed pack is Hindu shuffled face up, flashing the backs on occasion. Suddenly the pack turns blue
55 The Color Changing Decks (Two Deck Version): Similar to above, Red deck and blue deck shuffled and placed near their respective boxes. One card removed from each and placed on the other deck causes the entire decks to transpose.
56 Hindu Shuffle Bottom Stock Control: maintaining the bottom cards
57 A False Cut: a quick, simple false cut
58 Hindu Shuffle Pick Up Control: control card from middle to top
59 The Hindu Aces: Aces inserted in to various parts of the deck during a Hindu shuffle appear at the top
60 Reverse Order Count Trick: a counting revelation
62 Overhand Shuffle:
63 The Overhand Reverse Shuffle
63 Overhand InJog Control: card control
64 The Card Case Escape: Selected card is mixed in deck and deck placed in case. Performer is able to instantly remove card from case
66 Overhand Shuffle Glimpse
66 Shuffle Control with Key Card
67 Overhand Shuffle Control: Top Card to Bottom
67 The Transferred Thought: a second spectator is always able to discern the selected card of another spectator
69 The Overhand Slip Shuffle: bottom card control
70 The Card Through the Handkerchief
72 The Card Through the Handkerchief: Face up Method
72 Overhand Shuffle Card Control: Bottom Card to Top
72 Overhand Shuffle Controlling Bottom Card to Top Second Method
73 Overhand In-Jog Top Card Control
73 The Magnetized Card: a card rises with just a finger on top
74 Overhand In-Jog Control - Placing a Card at a Specific Location in the Deck
75 A Surprise Appearance: a selected card is supposed to appear at the top of the deck. After three failures, the card pops up.
76 Forcing A Card
76 The Slip Force - First Method
77 The Slip Force - Second Method
78 10-20 Count Force: self working
79 The Rollover Force: cards turned over and over in deck. Force card is first face down card
80 The Count Force
82 Roll Any Number: Force one of four piles using dice
83 The Double Lift
83 The Little Finger Break
84 The Double Lift
85 The Elevator Card: Top card placed in center of deck and rises back to top
86 Riffle Revelation: Selected card is lost in deck. Spectator inserts a card into deck, but fails to find his card. Inserted card turns out to be selected
88 Snap-It! Card is snapped on top of deck and changes into another card
89 Color Changing Aces No. 1: Four Aces shown. Two reds dealt to table, transpose with blacks
91 Reversed Card in Deck: Selected card lost in deck. Top? Bottom? both no. Turns face up!
92 Sandwiched Aces: Card is sandwiched between two blacks, becomes between two reds
95 Double Thought Projection: Cards are shown face up, Spectator says any card. This card is shown to have a blue back: in a red deck! The Blue backed card is placed back in the Blue deck, which is then spread face down to reveal one red card: the duplicate selected card!
96 A Clever Combination: Red and Blue decks transpose
97 The Glide
99 The Glide: Alternate Method
99 Color Changing Aces No. 2 (Double Lift and Glide)
101 Oil and Water: Six card red & black separation (Glide)
102 Do As I Do Oil and Water: as above, with spectator participation
102 Birds of a Feather: Follow the Leader, card pairs transpose (Glide)
105 Double Backed Card
105 The Stubborn Card: Spectator places face down card in face up deck. Deck is turned over to show card has reversed itself
106 Satan Behind You: Deck is split, Spectator and Magician each taking card behind their back. Magician placed his card on top. Spectator takes entire deck behind back, turns magician's card over and inserts it in middle: right next to selection!
108 The Perfect Card Force: uses double backer
109 Two Card Force: Indicator card is inserted face down in face up deck. Deck turned face down and spread until face up card is found. Two adjacent cards match a double prediction
110 Insto-Transpo: Spectator's and Magician's signed cards change places
112 The Perfect Card Location: Spectator's choice appears beneath reversed card
114 You Can't Do As I Do (Five Cards): Spectator and Magician each flip 5 cards in various ways. Magician's packet always ends up all face down, Spectator's always has one face up
115 Double Faced Card
116 Two Card Monte
117 New Card Monte: two cards transpose
119 Forced Cards Reverse: Two cards are selected and returned. Deck is immediately spread face up, and one card is face down; one of the selections. Card is returned to deck, which is immediately spread face down. One card is face up: the other selection.
121 Impossible Prediction: Deck split into two piles, spectator chooses top card of either. Matches single prediction in envelope.
123 Four Card Assembly: Four Aces dealt face up, three indifferent cards dealt face down on each pile. Spectator selects one pile, others are returned to deck. Three Aces vanish from deck, and are found in the Ace pile
125 Short Card: how to make
126 How to Riffle The Short Card to Top
126 Short Card to Bottom: 3 Methods
127 The Short Card as a Locator
128 The Surprise Discovery Using the Short Card as a Locator
129 A Weighty Problem Using the Short Card as a Locator
129 Quick Riffle Location
129 Short Card Force
131 The Mystic Countdown: Spectator counts card, turns over one anytime. Rest of deck placed on top, magician cuts deck, uses top card to flip over second: the selection
132 Cutting the Aces: Four aces are found at you shuffle the deck
133 Giant Cards
134 The Bigger Card Trick: First try at determining card is a 3, nope, it's bigger..to reveal Giant card
135 Sympathetic Card: Cards are dealt and dropped off a giant card. When spectator says stop, the card matches the Giant card
138 The Applause Card: Surprise ending: words "Thank You" cascade from selected card
139 Double Applause Card: as above, but two messages
140 A Giant Mistake - First Version: Sucker revelation: What appears to be a 7 of Spades has only 5 spots
141 A Giant Mistake - Second Version: another version
141 A Giant Mystery: Jumbo card is revealed between two pieces of previously empty cardboard, a duplicate of the selected card
143 Special Card Tricks
144 Self Reversing Pack: Cards mixed face down and face up straighten themselves out
145 Self Reversing Pack - Outdone: as above, but a selected card is left face up in center
146 Grant's Superior Card Trick: sucker trick in which audience is shown how to do trick but cards don't appear where they should
148 Flourishes
149 One Hand Cut - Basic Method
150 One Hand Cut - First Variation
151 One Hand Cut - Second Variation
151 The One Hand Cut - Second Method
153 Spreading the Cards - Ribbon Spread
154 Ribbon Spread Turnover
155 Reverse Turnover
155 Turnover Control
156 Turnover Pickup: picking up the deck at the end
156 Pressure Fan
157 Closing the Fan - Two Hand Method
158 Closing the Fan - One Hand Method
158 The One Hand Fan
159 Springing the Cards
160 Arm Spread Catch
161 The Waterfall
162 Throwing a Card
163 Boomerang Card: throwing so it comes back
164 Genii Cards: The Out to Lunch Principle
164 The Genii of the Lamp: A stack of cards is shown, held together by a rubber band. The card shows a picture of a lamp with a cloud
coming out of it. The Spectator is asked to initial the lamp and the card is removed from the stack. A Genii appears in the cloud!
166 The Genii's Number: Genie predicts a number
167 The Genii Predicts: Genii predicts a selected card
168 The Sandwiched Genii: Genii card placed into deck, between two predicted cards
170 The Genii Saves the Day: Magician seemingly writes wrong prediction on card, but it turns out to be correct.
171 Genii's Library: Genii card correctly picks a word selected by riffling a paperback book

175 Money Magic
177 The Coin Fold: vanish a coin in a folded paper
178 Coin Through Handkerchief
180 Coin Through Handkerchief - Second Method
181 Magically Multiply Your Money: A Nickel shown in hand, both otherwise cleanly empty, turns into two half dollars (narrow angle)
183 Four Coin Assembly: standard card and coin matrix
185 Sleights With Coins
186 The French Drop
187 The Finger Palm Vanish
189 The Pinch or Drop Vanish
190 The Classic Palm
191 The Coin-Vanishing Handkerchief: A coin felt to the last minute to be under a handkerchief vanishes as the handkerchief is pulled away
193 The Coin-Vanishing Handkerchief - Second Variation: a rubber band is added
193 Grant's Super Coin-Vanishing Handkerchief: Hidden coin can be removed
194 Super Dooper Versatile Vanisher: making a Devil's hank
195 Coin Through Leg
196 Challenge Coin Vanish: Coin vanishes from fold in trousers
197 Coin A Go Go: Pencil coin vanish and restoration
200 Continuous Coins: Miser's Dream producing coins from a handkerchief
202 Copper Silver Penetration: A Half dollar is wrapped in a handkerchief and held by the spectator. An English Penny is shown and vanished. The handkerchief is slapped, and the English Penny is heard to penetrate the handkerchief.
204 The Shrinking Coin: A coin is drawn through a finger ring by a handkerchief
206 Coins Across: 6 coins placed in 2 rows on table travel from hand to hand
209 Lapping - Pull Off Method
209 The Coin in the Ball of Wool: Marked coin is vanished and appears in a ball of wool
212 Expanded Shell Half Dollar
213 Two Halves and Two Quarters: Two halves are shown and slid together, wherein one half turns into two quarters (shell)
214 Two Halves and a "Half" Dollar: As above, but half turns into half a torn dollar bill
216 Coins Through the Table: Four coins (shell)
218 Coins Through the Table Fourth Penetration - Alternate Method (David Roth)
219 The Coin Roll: flourish
221 The Roll Down: flourish. Stack of four coins are "rolled" between each finger
222 Money Magic: Bills
222 Roll the Bills: Puzzle in which a One placed on top of a Five are rolled and the Five is on top
223 Bills From Nowhere - First Version: produce a quantity of bills from nowhere (opener)
224 Bills From Nowhere - Version No. 2: as above, but uses single bill as misdirection
225 The Torn and Restored Dollar Bill: One bill is actually torn!
227 Inflation (Peter Pit): A Clippo variation with dollar bills
228 The Six Bill Repeat: using gimmicked bills
230 The Bill in Lemon: A bill, whose serial number has been noted, vanishes and appears inside one of three lemons

235 Rope Magic
237 Rope Preparation: How to core and fix the ends
237 Cut and Restored Rope - First Method. Single rope, actually cut
239 Cut and Restored Rope - Second Method: as above
241 Comedy Cut and Restored Rope: Cut rope is dropped in bag and pulled out; it has restored itself with three knots. The knots then pop off
242 The Triple Rope Trick: The Rainbow Ropes
244 Triple Rope - Multiple Do As I Do Knot: As above, with audience participation
245 Triple Rope Times Two: as above
245 Double Restoration: advanced version of Cut and Restored rope utilizing a single rope and two cuts
247 Cut and Restored String: a clean close up cut and restored string
249 Threading the Needle: rope end is threaded through a loop without letting go of the rope
251 One Hand Knot: by tossing the rope into the air
251 The Melting Knot: knot slowly tightens, then vanishes
252 Shoelace Rope Tie: bow knot dissolves
254 The Rigid Rope: A rope remains rigid, and then is coiled up
256 Equal Unequal Ropes (Gen Grant): One spec holds long and short rope tied together, other spec holds equal ropes tied together. When untied, the ropes switch
258 The Great Coat Escape: Two ropes penetrate spectator's body when looped through coat
260 Rope and Coat Release: similar to above, no spectator
262 Ring Off Rope: finger ring, no duplicates
263 Impossible Rope Escape (Don Wayne): Instant and comedic release from tied ropes

267 Silk & Handkerchief Magic
269 Hypnotized Handkerchief: A handkerchief becomes rigid and moves about (no threads)|
270 Fatima, The Dancer: A handkerchief "puppet" dancer (impromptu)
272 Dissolving Knot: A knot tied in a silk dissolves
273 The Knot Through the Arm: a silk tied around the arm is pulled through it.
274 Handkerchief Through Handkerchief: Two handkerchiefs are tied together and pulled apart
275 The Penetrating Handkerchief: A silk is placed in a glass, and another silk is used to cover the glass with a rubber band. Yet, the silk in the glass is pulled through the bottom.
277 The Magical Production of a Handkerchief: teaches handkerchief fold
279 The Vanish of the Handkerchief: Ball or Body pull
281 The Universal Vanisher: how to make
282 The Serpentine Silk: A silk unties itself (IT)
283 The Serpentine Silk - Second Version: as above
284 The Phantom: a handkerchief comes alive on the table, then is shown empty (no threads)
285 The Broken and Restored Match: in handkerchief
286 Eggs From Nowhere: An empty handkerchief is shown, folded, and an egg appears inside it. This is repeated many times until the basket is full. One egg is taken from the basket and broken to show it is real. The basket is picked up and thrown toward the audience: the eggs are confetti
289 The Vanishing Glass: similar to Glass Through Table, uses black well
289 The Vanishing Glass - Impromptu Version: glass through the table

293 Impromptu Magic
295 The Jumping Rubber Band: band hops from fingers to fingers
295 Reverse Jumping Rubber Band: as above
296 The Double Jumping Rubber Band - Version 1: bands cross
297 The Double Jumping Rubber Band - Second Version: as above
298 The Challenge Jumping Rubber Band: performed with another band over all fingers
298 Linking Paper Clips: on dollar bill
300 Linking Paper Clips With Rubber Band: as above, become linked on rubber band too
301 Bag Tag Escape: A paper tag is removed from a string without damage
302 Lifesavers (TM) On the Loose! A life saver is strung on a string, and several more lifesavers are suspended over the one. Under a handkerchief, all the Lifesavers are removed!
303 Cords of Fantasia: Two rings are strung to a pencil, but the string is pulled right through
305 The Sucker Torn and Restored Napkin
307 Ring on Wand: a ring vanishes from a handkerchief and appears on a pencil pushed through a paper bag and held by a second spectator
309 The Jumping Match: a match "jumps" in the fingertips
309 The Flying Match: A match is burnt from a pack, and reappears back in the pack
311 Dots Magic (The Paddle Move): with a butter knife and self-adhesive dots
314 Dots Magic - Impromptu Version: using moist paper dots
314 Glass Through the Table: similar to the Vanishing Glass above

317 Mental Magic
319 Three Way Test: Performer predicts: amount of change in spectator's pocket, which object will be chosen, and which figure of three is chosen (one ahead principle with magician's choice on the last)
322 The Magazine Test: spectator marks an X in a magazine behind his back. Marked word matches prediction
323 The Curious Coincidence: Performer and Spectator pull out matching cards four times in a row
325 Million to One: Red spot cards and red back cards are laid in a row, face up and face down. Spectator calls number from one to ten, that card is turned over and is found to be only blue card (can't be repeated)
326 They Gypsy Mindreader (Psychometry): Performer matches envelopes with spectator who handled it.
327 The Center Tear: message is torn and burnt, yet magician determines message
329 The Center Tear "Standing" Variation: as above
329 Spectrum Prediction: a color chip pulled from a handkerchief is predicted
331 Spectrum Prediction - "Number" Variation: using numbers 1-8
332 Ping Pong Prestidigitation: Comedy effect: spectator one pulls a colored ping pong ball from a bag. A second spectator is always able to pull the same color.
334 The Envelope Stand: Spectator is always able to find envelope with the dollar bill
335 The Envelope Stand - "Bank Night" Variation: As above, but four spectators are wrong, only the magician's is correct

337 Betchas
339 The Impossible Penetration: Two rolled up bills penetrate each other
339 The Impossible Knot: Magician rope gets a knot while spectator's doesn't
341 The "Do It Yourself" Knot: As above, magician hands rope to spectator to make the knot
341 Turned Up Glasses: Spectator can't duplicate turnover results
343 Rubber Band Release: rubber band drops from connected fingertips
344 Knot in Handkerchief: Can you make a knot without letting go of ends?

345 Make At Home Magic
347 Vase of Allah: Chinese Vase suspends from rope
348 The Afghan Bands: One double loop, one large loop
350 The Utility Cone: vanish a silk in a paper cone
352 The Sorcerer's Stamp Book (Svengali Book): Like Magic Coloring Book
353 The Comedy Cut and Restored Paper (Clippo)
355 The Magic Card Frame: Duplicate card of selection appears in previously empty card frame
357 The Double Walled Bag: how to make
358 The Double Walled Bag: Vanish of small object
359 The Double Walled Bag: Transformation of two objects
360 The Sun and Moon: a "Mismade Flag" effect. Torn red and white papers are restored, except center circles are the wrong colors. They are then completely restored
362 The Cut and Restored Necktie: Comedy routine using a stooge and the Double Walled Bag
363 Wine Glass Production: Opener
365 The Take Apart Vanish: Animal is placed in wooden box, box is taken apart piece by piece
367 Confetti to Candy - First Version: Cup dipped in bowl of confetti is covered with handkerchief and becomes filled with candy
369 Confetti to Candy - Second Version: As above, but uses clear front box instead of bowl
370 Confetti to Candy - Third Version: Same effect, different version
371 Thank You Banner - First Version: Blank Banner is shaken and displays Thank You
372 Thank You Banner - Second Version: As above
373 Thank You Banner - Third Version: As Above, rhinestone letters
374 Vanishing A Bowl of Water: Bowl on a tray is filled with water, covered with cloth and removed from the tray. The bowl vanished from beneath the cloth
375 The Bunny Box: As above, but vanishes a box with an animal
376 Production Box: box is shown empty yet dove or other small object removed
378 The Square Circle: how to build
379 The Allakazam Hat: a version of the Square Circle
381 The Allakazam Hat - A Variation: another move
382 Magic Table: How to build a folding table
384 The Black Art Well: how to construct
385 Mechanical Magic (new section, not chapter)
385 The Dove Pan: flaming paper to dove explained
386 The Foo Can: Vanishing a reappearing water in vase explained
388 The Lota Bowl: inexhaustible water bowl explained

391 Sponge Ball Magic
393 Sponge Sorcery: an excellent multi-phase sponge ball routine shows off many sponge ball moves and use of the spectator

403 Billiard Ball Magic
405 The Classic Palm Using a Ball
405 The Classic Palm Vanish
407 The French Drop Using a Ball
408 Fist Vanish
409 Change Over Palm
411 The Finger Roll Flourish
412 The Mark Wilson Billiard Ball Routine: full routine using a multiplying billiard ball set

423 Cups and Balls
425 Cups and Balls: Full multi-phase routine. First phase needs no sleights, three phases incorporate some more advanced moves, and final phase results in a lemon under each cup

435 Magical Illusions
437 The Arabian Tent Illusion: A tent is constructed from cardboard sheets and an assistant appears inside!
441 The Haunted House: as above
446 The Victory Cartons Illusion (Gen Grant): Two cardboard boxes shown, and folded flat and lifted. They are put together, and a third assistant appears inside
449 The Mystery of the Magical Mummy: A male to female transformation inside a bedsheet
452 The Mystery of the Magical Mummy - Second Version
453 The Curious Cabinet Caper: A cabinet is shown and can be seen through. When the doors are closed, an assistant appears inside
457 Mummy's Casket: Similar to above, but presented as a transformation of a mummy with the assistant
460 Who's There: A single doorframe is shown with a door and a curtain. The magician makes his or her appearance!
462 Tip Over Trunk: A trunk is shown clearly empty, yet an assistant appears inside
464 The Farmer and the Witch (Gen Grant): A transformation under a witch and farmer costume
469 The Suspension Illusion: A board is suspend by saw horses. The assistant lies on the board, and the saw horses are removed. The assistant remains suspended!

471 Your Future in Magic: a short essay