Wyman, John: Wyman's Hand-book of Magic, Second Series
©1855 T.W. Strong, publisher, NY
Hardcover, 72 pages
Wyman's hand-book of
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John Wyman: Wyman's Hand-book of Magic, Second Series



5 Description of the Magician's Table
6 How to Make a Person Jump
6 The Invisible Chicken, or Enchanted Egg Bag (Wyman)
7 Scrap, or Blowing Book (Potter)
7 Gun Cotton - How Prepared
8 Sympathetic Inks
9 Apparatus for Writing in the Dark
9 Dancing Turkeys
10 The Self-Balanced Pail
11 Sympathetic Lamp
11 The Gas Candle
11 Ice Made in Red Hod Vessel
12 Magical Colours
12 The Magic Nosegay Blowing at the Word of Command
13 Theory of the Jew's Harp
14 Mons. Adrian's Great Trick of the Egyptian Fluids or Impossibilities Accomplished
15 The Divinating Perspective Glass
17 Herr Alexandre's Mode of Performing the Egg Bag Trick
17 Freezing With Liquid
17 Metallic Vegetation
18 To Take Impressions of Coins, Metals, &c.
18 To Pour Wine, Vinegar, And Water, Out of the Same Bottle
19 Enchanted Coin (Mons. Adrian)
20 Mysterious Coin, or How to Make Dollars Pass Through a Wine Glass, a China Plate, a Table, and Fall Into the Hand
21 Theophrastus Paracelsus; or the Pigeon Killed By the Thrust of a Sword Given to Its Shade or Image
22 Destruction of Two Fluid Bodies, and the Formation of One New Solid in Their Stead
22 Two Invisible Substances, Each Having a Pungent Smell, Converted Into One Visible Compound, Having No Smell
23 Destruction of Two Bodies, and the Formation of a New Body
23 Fire Works in Miniature
24 The Changeable Cards, or Gamblers Outwitted
28 The Inexhaustible Bottle
28 The Tin Tree
28 Blind Abbess and Her Nuns
29 Crystalization Upon Cinder
30 How to Eat Fire
30 The Miniature River on Fire
30 The Dancing Card
31 Wyman's Gun Trick
31 The Invisible Springs
32 The Vicar Puffed
33 Combustion in and Under Water - Will-o-the-Wisp
33 The Magician's Snow Ball (Faker of Ava)
34 The Astonishing Hindoo Miracle (Wm. Marshall, Faker of Ava)
36 To Kill a Bird and Restore it to Life Again
37 To Change Salt to Sugar
37 Turning a Glove Into a Bird, &c.
38 The Cards Named Discovered with the Eyes Blinded
38 The Mgic Ring
39 The Cards in the Opera Glass
39 The Burnt Writing Restored

40 Preface to the Second Sight Mystery
42 Notice
42 Clairvoyance Exposed or, The Second Sight Mystery
42 Lesson I
43 Lesson II
44 Lesson III
45 Lesson IV
50 Bell Questions
52 Bell Exercises
56 Conclusion

57 Exposure of the Card Tricks
57 Whist
58 Reflectors
59 The Long and Shorts
59 Sauter La Coupe
61 Convex and Concave Cards
61 Handling the Cards
62 Garreting
62 Slipping the Cards
62 Walking the Pegs
62 Pricked Cards
63 The Bridge
63 Skinning
64 Shuffling or Weaving
64 The Gradus, or Step
64 Slipping the Fives
64 Saddling the Cards
64 Dealing the Fives from the Bottom
65 The Telegraph

66 The Dice Board - Dice and Dice Boxes
67 Loaded Dice
68 Cogging, Now Called Securing
69 Scratched Dice
70 The Doctor Dice-Box
71 Unequal Dice
72 The Dangers of a Gaming Table