York, Scott: Original Handling and Presentation of The Color Changing Pocket Knives
And Fred Kaps' Final Color Changing Knife Routine
1998 FYEO Creations and Alan & Leigh Anderson
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5 x 11", 38 pages
Scott York:
              Color Changing Pocket Knives
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Comment: This is the instruction manual that came with sets of the excellent Scotty York color changing knives. Includes some B&W line drawings.


1 History: Matt Schulien, Jimmy "Sanders" knives, and Fred Kaps
2 The Knives: Came with a 4 knife set: 1 ivory, 1 black stag, one black/ivory, and one black/yellow (or red); describes the advantages of the design of these knives.
4 The Basic Display Position: Should be used consistently
5 The Basic Show Move: describes the basic move; Scotty feels it is important not to use many "flashy" moves in a color changing knife routine
6 Basic Color Change Move: through the fist
7 The Revolving Change: a second color change used once in the routine
8 Setting Up: where to place the knives and the other materials used in the routine (tropical fruit Lifesavers are used as well)
9 Performance & Presentation: starts off as a casual conversation. With audience participation. Ends with a pack of Lifesavers replacing the knives.
18 Alternate Ending: no Lifesavers
19 Final Thoughts: recommends Matt Schulien's book, Juan Tamariz Sonata, and Jose de la Torre's Ascanio's World of Knives
21 The Gypsy Switch for Pocket Knives: a detailed description of the Lifesaver and knife switch in the handkerchief

24 Fred Kaps' Unpublished Knife Routine
24 History: Fred's stay at Scotty York's
25 Set Up: uses three knife set: black, white, and black/white
25 Fred's Knife Moves: same as the basic move described above
25 The Routine: with patter, and the roll of mints exchange at the end

29 News Flash!!! Description of The Double Edge Knife Case
30 The "Double Edge" Handling of Scotty's Routine: As above, but using the knife case that allows you to obtain or dispose of a knife during your routine

35 Bonus Section! Al Cohen's Routine
35 History: shorter routine
35 Al's Master Move: variation on the basic move adapted from David Acer's "Keys to the Kingdom"; uses 2 or 3 knives in the display at once
36: The Routine: with patter